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AN: this story is completely AU so the facts aren't going to match up with the series

This at the moment is a One shot it might develop into something else but that won't happen until I finish "Koji's Son"

Optimus Prime had never seen anything like this. When Autobots died their bodies were broken down and used to create new Autobots. And there were to many deaths to have a ceremony for them.

Human practice of burying the dead and having elaborate ceremonies over the bodies was completely foreign to him. But here he and his troops stood in an American cemetery.

Koji had insisted that his parent be buried together. The late Mrs. Onishi had been buried in her native country.

Optimus looked at his human friend. The boy was sitting in the row closest to the coffin. His appearance had changed greatly in the week since he'd last come to the base. His bright eyes had become dim. His hair, which had been styled the same as his father's, looked like he'd taken a knife to it. He didn't have much fat left on him. Optimus had a feeling that Koji hadn't eaten any thing since he'd found out about his father's death.

His eyes unlike those of the people around him were dry and showed no sign of tears. T-Ai had told him that Koji hadn't cried when she told him. He'd just nodded and walked out.

In the week following Koji hadn't come to the base. Optimus was afraid that his friend hated him because he hadn't been able to keep his promise. He hadn't brought Dr. Onishi back to Koji safely. Now Optimus had a responsibility to Koji wasn't sure if the boy would accept it.

After the ceremony ended and the mourners finished giving Koji their condolences Optimus decided to approach the boy. The absence of Koji's stepmother encouraged Optimus. The mourners watched him with a mixture of fear, curiosity, and awe. Koji's eyes however never left the coffin. In that moment Optimus was almost sure that Koji would either refuse or just ignore him. Then Koji's eyes shifted finally toward him.

In the next second Koji was clinging to his leg sobbing. He reached down and gently rubbed the boy's back. He knew that his plan was what the boy needed.

Gen. Sparter waited patiently for the Autobot leader to arrive. He had been acting as liaison between the Autobots and the governments of the world. Since Dr. Onishi's death he'd been expecting a call or visit from the Bot but from what he heard Prime had already met and spoke with the dead man's son so he didn't need a meeting set up. So the general had no idea what Prime wanted to discuss.

Hearing the sound of an approaching vehicle the general turned to see a fire truck pulling up behind him. The truck transformed into Prime. "Hello General."

"Hello Prime."

"You're probably wondering why I asked you to meet with me today."

"It had crossed my mind."

"I need some advice about some of the legal proceedings of humans," Prime said.

"If you're wondering what is going to happen to the Onishi boy he'll either stay with his step-mother or be put into foster care."

"What about adoption?"

"He may eventually adopted. Why?"

"I'd like to adopt him."