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Chapter One- The Breaking of the Fellowship

Ginny spun on Ron. "You did what?" she cried. Ron glared at Hermione, who suddenly looked guilty.

"I told him you went out with Colin," Ron stated bluntly. Ginny looked so overcome with rage that perhaps she would explode and splatter little bits of herself over the room.

"Ron- why... why the bloody hell did you do that?" she asked through gritted teeth, restraining herself.

Ron looked down at her as if she were a child, a very stupid child. "He's no good for you, Ginny. I should know since he's in my year after all. Besides, I'm your older brother... I have a responsibilty, it's my business," he told her lightly.

Ginny reached up and grabbed her brother's shoulders, digging her nails into his clothing as if she could actually hurt him through the wool. "Listen, dearest brother... my relations are never, and will never, be any of your business," she said, spitting out each syllable with astounding clarity.

Ron smirked. "As impressed as I am with your sophistication, you're only 15 and I definitely still have a say," he said, his smirk turning into a sneer.

Without giving any thought to consequence, Ginny pulled back her arm and slapped Ron hard across the face. "That's for Dean!" she yelled. Before he could react, Ginny slapped him again just as fiercely. "And that's for me!" she shouted and then stormed towards the door. When she was in the door frame, she turned back to them and yelled, "You'll be sorry this time, Ron. I'll make you so sorry you ever meddled with me. Just remember whatever I do this year, you pushed me to it! You- you-" she searched for a gruesome enough word to use on her pigheaded brother and finally settled on, "-you giant FUCK!" Hermione and Harry both had to hold Ron back as Ginny disappeared up the stairs.

Before she reached her room she heard him bellow, "MOM'S GONNA HEAR ABOUT THIS!"

Ginny leaned back towards the stairs and yelled, "WELL BULLY FOR HER! MAYBE SHE'LL FEEL BAD ABOUT DROPPING YOU ON YOUR HEAD!"

"WHY YOU LITTLE-" his voice was cut off by a loud crash, a few bangs, and squeal that was most definitely Hermione.

Ginny slammed her door and locked it behind. After glaring at the doorknob for a few minutes, she lay down right on the hardwood floor. "Oh Gods, what was that..." she muttured, rubbing her face with her hands. She had upset Ron big time, though she would never say he didn't deserve it. In all honesty, he probably deserved worse. She had said she'd make him sorry and... perhaps she would. But how?

Ginny got up off the floor and started transferring the pile of junk on her bed into her school trunk. Just as she was snapping the latches shut, there came a banging at the door. "Go away Ron!" she yelled.

"No, it's Hermione," a voice replied from the other side of the door. Ginny sighed deeply and opened the door. Hermione stepped quickly into the room and shut the door behind her. "Ron will give me the silent treatment if he finds me in here," she breathed, giving the door a nervous glance.

"Yeah, he's such a woman," Ginny said, looking angry.

"Look, don't get angry at him about the whole Dean thing, Ginny," Hermione started. "He really is just looking out for you even if he is invading your privacy. He's going to blame me, you know... for telling you."

"Yes, thanks for that Hermione, but he would be kidding himself to think I wouldn't find it out on my own," Ginny tried to reassure her sort-of-friend person.

Hermione tugged at a tangled lock of her brown hair. "Well then, you're not.. well, you're not actually going to do anything drastic, are you?" she asked tentatively.

Ginny plopped herself down on the top of her trunk and proceeded to gaze thoughtfully out the window. "Too be honest, Hermione.. yes, yes I am," she replied lightly. "I don't care what reason Ron has for his behavior- it needs to stop. I mean, what if I really thought Dean was the one for me? Our relationship was going strong and I-"

Hermione's eyes went wide as she noticed Ginny hang her head. "Don't cry, Ginny.." she pleaded.

Ginny looked up at Hermione and glared. "I'm not crying! Gods, what sort if blubbering baby do you think I am?" she cried.

Hermione shrank back slightly and shook her head. "No, I just thought since Dean just dumped you over nothing that you-"

"Would want to run to my room and cry?" Ginny said sarcastically. "Tell me, Hermione, do you have any brothers?"

"No..." Hermione answered.

"Well, to jog your memory, I have six and they are ALL older," Ginny said icily. "I would not have lasted two minutes against them with those sort of sentiments. Would have been easy if I was a boy, I suppose. Most boys find me to be a cold-hearted bitch."

"Ginny--" Hermione tried.

"Well, it's time to go, right?" Ginny asked loudly, leaping up from her trunk.

Hermione looked hesitant. "Yes, yes it is.." she mumbled, opening the door and exiting.

Ginny threw a sock at the closed door. "What is wrong with me? Spilling my guts at Hermione, of all people," she scolded herself quietly. She shrugged in resignation, grabbed the handle of her trunk and proceeded to drag it from the room.

"Here, I'll help," Harry offered as he saw her pulling it down the stairs after her and then squeaking when it landed on her foot.

"No, I've got it," Fred interrupted, levitating the trunk and dashing madly down the stairs with it zooming recklessly after him.

"Ow!" Ginny heard Ron exclaim from the kitchen.

"Oh, poor Ron," Hermione mumbled as she moved past Ginny down the stairs. Harry and Ginny exchanged amused looks and then headed down as well.

"Tonks will be taking you," Arthur told them when they were all gathered together in the kitchen. "I must be going along to the office now, though. I'm sorry I won't be seeing you off this year. Molly will meet you at the station, however." He bustled forward and gave everyone a hug in turn. "Behave, little one," he whispered to Ginny. Ginny glared across the room at Ron, who had apparently already told on her.

"Sure, dad," she responded with a smile. He nodded, looked at them all one last time, and then apparated away.

"Par-tay!" George exclaimed and confetti burst out all over the room.

"George!" Hermione groaned, pulling some of the paper out of her tangled hair with difficulty. Ron reached over to help her, but she gave him a look that told him she didn't need any help- a look she often gave her two male friends.

"This is going to be a looong year for you, pumpkin pit," George told Ginny with a cheery grin.

"Oh shut up," Ginny grumbled.

"Ginny!" Lavender shrieked upon seeing the red-headed girl enter her compartment on the Hogwart's Express.

"Lavender!" Ginny squealed back, waving her arms about dramatically and then leaving the compartment. "I can't believe I almost did that to myself," she muttured as she closed the door behind her. It was her theory that Lavender wanted to get closer to Ron, and good way to do that would to be to get close to the family.

"Ginny!" someone else exclaimed and she turned around to see Colin charging down the aisle towards her.

"Hey Colin," she greeted him mildly.

"What's the deal with Dean? He nearly ripped my head off when I said hi to him in our compartment. I think I barely got out alive!" Colin said, eyeing Ginny curiously.

"It's not your fault, Colin. My bloody fuck of a brother just spread some lies of deceit around. I'll try to clear things up with Dean so he'll get off your case, okay?" Ginny replied.

"Erm, okay... But what exactly happened?" Colin inquired, still looking sickeningly curious.

"Different stuff," Ginny explained vaguely.

"Um, okay..." he said.

"Ginny!" a third person exclaimed and Ginny saw Ron waving at her from a compartment door. "Ginny, come sit in here with us!" He made a face that said "get in here and away from Colin". Ginny just waved back and pretended like she didn't understand.

"Well, see you around, Colin," she said to the blonde boy, patting his arm in farewell. No doubt Ron would decide she was flirting with Colin. Perfect. She glanced atRon quickly as she started down the aisle againand saw that he was only glaring at her. That's not the reaction she wanted. She wanted to make him so raging mad that he could barely speak. And not only that, she wanted to make it so that he couldn't do a thing about it. If she flirted her heart out with Colin, Ron could easily scare the poor kid away. Therefore, Colin was a waste of time.

Ginny ambled down the hall, trying to look casual as she peered into compartments. It was possible that she could get back together with Dean and that would probably piss Ron off to see that his malicious plotting was foiled. However, if Dean could be manipulated once, it could easily happen again. Ginny spotted Michael Corner chatting with some fourth years. Now that was an idea! She could go back to her ex-boyfriend... but no, that idea didn't seem to hold a lot of power. Besides, she was sure he was still clinging to Cho like the little wet blanket he was. She heard a loud Irish accent coming from another compartment and vaguely considered Seamus Finnegan as her prey. No way. Harry wouldn't like that. And while Harry never liked her the way she wanted him to, he was still a pretty decent friend. Ginny laughed out loud as a sudden idea jolted into her mind. She could date Harry! Maybe if she talked to him about her plan, he would go along with it? Ginny snorted at the impossibilty of it all. Harry was just too damn loyal and perfect.

After surveying dozens of compartments, Ginny was beginning to think her mission would be forfeit. And then... The moment she saw him striding down the aisle towards her, she knew it had to be him. It was as if an heavenly choir were singing and a full symphony was accompanying. It was as if golden light were spilling down on him, to highlight how perfect he was. He was surely an angel, a blessing sent to her in the form of a strong sixteen year old boy. Time seemed to slow down for Ginny and she watched him, mouth slightly open, as he seemed to glide through the air towards her. He was just so...

"Are you deaf, Weasley? I said move out of my way," he said, glaring venomously. Ginny only stared back, eyes wide. He studied her suspiciously for a moment and then tried again. "Deaf? Dumb? Perhaps you're just plain retarded?" he asked, sneering.

Ginny suddenly realized her was speaking to her and shook her head vigorously. "Wow..." she whispered, inspecting her hands as if she couldn't believe she existed.

"Ah, now that you've regained motor capabilty-"

"That was the freakiest thing that ever happened to me!" she suddenly said, still not looking at him. "Well, besides when- oh, not supposed to talk about that..."

"Excuse me? I would gladly leave you to converse with yourself if you could but step aside," he said sarcastically.

"Oh this is so perfect.." she continued, clapping her hands together cheerily.

He looked over his shoulder warily. "What are you up to, Weasle?" he asked in a suddenly sharper tone. Ginny looked up at him, seeming to register that she was living once again in reality. Her expression seemed to startle him ever so slightly, but Ginny didn't catch it and it passed without acknowledgement.

"Ginny!" someone called. Ginny looked back over her shoulder to see Ron a ways down the aisle, looking mildly pissed.

"Go with it," Ginny said.

Draco looked repulsed. "Are you speaking to me?" he asked as offensively as he could manage. Ron was approaching fast.

"Please go with it," Ginny whispered just as Ron was coming up behind her. She threw all caution to the wind and threw her arms around Draco's neck, hugging him fiercely. She looked up into his eyes and said, "See you later on, Malf- er, Draco." Ginny let go of him and stepped back, just before he would have surely pushed her away. He looked like he was using all his energy and willpower not to vomit right there in front of them. Ginny glanced sidelong at her brother and noted, to her pleasure, that he was almost purple in the face. Draco, once in control of his bile, seemed to notice this as well.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" a voice exploded from the depths of the train. Ron looked from Draco, to Ginny, and back again. Without saying anything, he dashed away.

When Ron was a safe distance away, Draco fixed angry eyes on Ginny. "Don't ever touch me again, blood traitor," he hissed. Ginny looked uneasy, but he quickly turned and stalked off.

"What the hell was that?" someone yelled and Ginny looked around until she spotted Dean in the doorway of his compartment. Without letting her respond, he stepped back in the little room and slammed the door. The shades flopped down a moment later.

Any chance Ginny still had with Dean had just jumped off the train.