Chapter 8

Swinging his legs off the bed he sat up. The room was empty except for the bed, dust, and little trinkets of no use. Standing up the blonde haired boy walked towards the door. As he opened the door he noticed the eerily quiet air. Stilling for a moment he thought that it might be better to just stay in the room. Shaking his head to dispel the thought he moved on towards the living room. Finding an empty room he checked the rest of the house to find it also vacant. Worry creased at his forehead as he surveyed the empty house.

"Did those guys come back while I was out?" he questioned the air.

Shaking his head he moved over to the front entrance. Upon reaching the door he found a letter taped to it. Tilting his head a bit he reached for the letter and pulled it off the door. Finding it to be a simple letter he began reading.

"Dear ninja-san,

We have left to a safer place. We are afraid of what might happen if we stay here any longer. Do not worry about where we are hiding, and please do not look for us.

-Tsunami and Inari"

Stifling silence filled the already empty house. The blonde boy with dull blue eyes and a tinge of red quivered as he fisted the hand that held the letter.

"…What might happen…"whispered the boy.

Reaching a hand towards the door knob of the front entrance, he twisted the handled and opened the door. Taking a breath of the mist air he walked out of the house and headed towards the bridge. The letter held in his hand erupted into flames as he left the entrance. Tossing the burning letter onto the floor of the entrance the house caught fire. Turning towards the house he watched as the fire spread and light the house on fire.

"It's not fair…I just wanted someone to be there for me… Is that really too much to ask for?" the murmured sentence fell from chapped lips.

The house and its orange fire bounced off the glistening blue eyes. Turning back to make his way to the bridge, he walked away his face facing the murky sky.

"Naru-chan…" the wind whispered.

Faltering in his steps, Naruto stopped to turn back around. In the middle of the fire stood a girl. She held out a hand and reached towards him. Not being able to reach far enough tears started to slide down to her chin. She turned around to look behind her and in doing so, showed him the wound on her back. Blood slid down the once white bandages and net shirt. A kunai wound, his rational mind told him. The ribs shown through the gore, muscle covering the bones split in half. A kunai handle could be seen hanging out from in between two ribs.

"Stop it. Stop it," wide frightened blue eyes stared in front of him. Tears pooled in front of them. Not blinking, too shocked to do anything but stare. "No more. I…I …I don't want to remember. Stop it!" his skin started to sweat in remembrance to something best forgotten.

The girl turned back towards him not seeing the shadow slink up behind her. She once again tried to reach for something in front of her.

"Naru-chan! Don't move! I'll be right over there! Don't mo." the sentence stopped as the shadow yanked something out of the girl. The kunai, his mind whispered. The girl screamed out in indescribable pain as she leaned onto something in front of her. A door way appeared before the girl. Boards nailed into the building to block out the not welcomed. Walls appeared, one on each side of the door way. Fire licked up the wall turning it black in vengeance.

Naruto brought his arms up to wrap around his body. Shrinking into himself he felt the imaginary heat as it surrounded him. He dropped to kneel on the ground. Bringing his arms up to cover his face and hair as though to keep something dangerous away, he tucked himself into a ball. It hurts! It burns! Help me, his mind screamed as pain erupted in his arms.

"Naruto." a voice spoke.

"No. No!" Naruto furiously uttered as he curled into himself more.

"If you ever get lost in one of these black things, push. Imagine a large hand and push it away. Use that big hand and push away the image, then crush it into a tiny little ball. Don't forget this Naruto, ok?" spoke the voice again.

"Naruto-nii," croaked out Naruto. "Naruto-nii?"

Squeezing his eyes together he imagined a big hand. Imagining the burning house in front of him too, he brought the hand towards the house. Closing the hand around the house the hand disappeared. Staying still for a few minutes he gulped in air. Gathering up strength he hoisted himself up without looking at the still burning house. Turning away again he stumbled away. The whispered, "Naru-chan…", still fresh in his mind.


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