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Where are you now?

"I'm going to leave now" Sasuke said standing up to go. Before he left, the Hokage said "Don't do anything rash we are all worried about her" Sasuke didn't care, he couldn't believe it 'Why? Why Sakura? Why now?'

He walked slowly home. His home, their home. The cool winter air stung his cheeks and the falling snow suited his mood. Looking up at the sky for an answer noone else could provide he wished from the bottom of his heart that she was ok, he couldn't let someone close to him die, again. No, he wouldn't allow it. It was all his fault He knew, and yet...


Sasuke is lying on the floor in severe pain only semi-conscious. Itachi walked up to him and kicked him. Sasuke coughed up blood and muttered "bastard..." With as much hate as he could muster. Itachi just stared at him and said "if you ever let anyone get too close to you... I will kill them".

End flashback

Damn Itachi...Sakura will you ever forgive me for this? Damn it, I just wasn't strong enough...


kick,kick,kick, punch,punch,punch,kick,duck,kick,jump,punch, kick. A voice calling "Sasuke-kun" interrupted the silence of his rigid training and caused him to turn suddenly. "What?" he asked a little coldly. A beautiful girl whose hair was the color of pale cherry blossoms stood by a tree clutching a little basket of sugar cookies. "Um... my mom made these cookies and asked me to bring them to you, I'm sorry were you training?" she asked blushing. "I don't have time for that" he said turning back to what he was doing. The breeze blew her hair a little and with a sudden frown of determination she put the cookies down on a tree stump and went a little way away from him and the cookies. 'Now I can train in peace' he thought. Then he heard something fwip, swiff, he turned and saw Sakura also training.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Do you mind? Me training with you?" she asked.

End flashback

They were 15 then. Hm... Sakura, I will do something... I will get Itachi. What are you doing now, Sakura? Are you... He couldn't bring himself to finish his thought "Even aliveā€¦?"

Sasuke closed his eyes not wanting them to betray any emotion to anyone who might see him,but closing his eyes only brought back more memories.


Sakura was walking down the street, 20 years old now, going to go shopping. She looked around at the trees and houses. Suddenly Naruto walked up to her right in front of her face. "Aaaaahhh! Baka! Don't do that!" she yelled. "sa-"he began 'damn it think like a baka' Naruto thought "sakuraaaa-chan! I wanna ask you something." Naruto said very Naruto-like

"Wha-what? If it's about ramen, then no." She said slightly irritated. "Erm... I wanted to ask you what would you do if Sasuke you know asked you to -er...marry him?" He asked embarrassed. "Na-Naruto don't talk nonsense..." she said blushing like crazy and walked off. Naruto ran behind the trees and transformed back into Sasuke "I never want to do that again" he said aloud sighing "Hello, Sasuke-kun!' Ino said from right in front of him with a cheeky grin plastered on her face. "Er..."

End flashback

Luckily Ino had kept his secret.

Damn you Itachi...He better not have hurt Sasuke's...wife.