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How will you?

Sasuke spent a sleepless night under the stars. When the first rays of light reached him, he decided to go on with his journey. As he trudged along the path through the forest, his mind wandered to the many things Sakura could be doing right now. He wondered why Itachi would take her. He had proven years ago that he was not interested in Sasuke, unless this is some strange biased plan to get to Naruto. 'Either way, when I see him, I'm not holding back. The next time anyone sees Itachi, he'll be dead.' He thought angrily.

Less than half an hour later, the sun had fully risen and Sasuke could hear the birds chirping in the trees bustling over their nests, while the squirrels played around his feet. He sighed and looked up at the sky, hoping Sakura was not hurt. She had gotten much stronger over the years but, who knows what the outcome would be if Sakura fought Itachi. Though the victory would probably belong to the latter, Sasuke refused to acknowledge this fact. Sakura… I'm coming for you… you have my word.

He broke into a run and zoomed through the trees, jumped up into the branches and jumped from branch to branch. He was quickly gaining speed, which gave him the nice feeling of escaping what he was doing what he had yet to face. He didn't want to stop. The wind whistled through his ears and his hair blew somewhat violently in the wind. His abrupt stop was brought on by the horrified scream from below him. He looked around but, before he could see anything he felt a strange chakra. His eyes widened, 'What is that demonic aura?' He wondered. 'Could it be…? Itachi?' He instantly headed in the direction he had heard the scream.

The sight that met his eyes disappointed him, somewhat. There was a terrified man whose arm was bleeding violently and Sasuke was not sure that it was still intact. There was a ferocious demon that had his claw pressed against the man's throat. He sighed, for an instant he had truly believed that it was Itachi, but it turns out there's only this pathetic demon. He sighed and jumped down from the tree branch he was standing on and at the same time he threw 3 kunais at the demon. They dug deep into the demon's arm and blood splattered all over the man's face. The demon shrieked and howled violently as he flailed around crushing trees and spilling blood everywhere. "Pathetic." Sasuke said and unsheathed a sword. He jumped in the air, brought the sword down hard on the demon's head splitting it evenly in two. The demon let out another high-pitched shriek and fell to the ground, finally dead.

Sasuke walked over to the man, squatted down and asked "Hey Oji-ji, are you alright?" the man was in too much pain to answer; His arm was covered in blood and was twisted in a painful shape. Sasuke put his hands one on top of the other and placed them lightly on the man's arm, "Try to relax, this won't hurt" A soft blue light was gently pulsing on the man's wound and his arm slowly twisted back into the proper shape. The man's face twisted in a painful expression for an instant and then he relaxed and slipped into unconsciousness. 'It's lucky for him Sakura taught me that Jutsu.' Sasuke mused thought fully. Sakura…


"Sasuke-kun!" A young girl's voice called.

'It's Sakura, is something wrong?'

"Whew. Sasuke-kun, I'm glad I caught up to you. While you and Naruto were gone on that mission, Tsunade-hime taught me this Jutsu. It's a healing technique that works amazingly! I thought I'd teach it to you in case you and Naruto go on another mission without me."

She smiled at him, hoping he wouldn't turn her down; it really was in his best interest. Sasuke stared at her, lost in thought. Remembering how different this conversation would have been a few years ago. So full of unnecessary weakness, rejection, and hurt.

Sakura, when did you change so much? You're so strong now, you have goals, and you try. You don't say 'I can't', you just try. How could you change so much, so fast?' Sasuke remembered all the times he asked her to do something, anything. She would always turn to him with a smile and say "I can't guarantee I'll make it Sasuke-kun, but I can guarantee I'll try." You don't care if you're left behind anymore, you fend for yourself. How is it that what I've been trying to make you do for years by ignoring you, happened so quickly by accepting you? Sakura, you will always be … mine. He smiled at the thought, Yes, my Sakura. Of course, Sasuke would rather do suicide than say any of this out loud but he decided he was safe in his thoughts.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura waved a hand in front of his face with a concerned expression. "Is something wrong?"

"No, Sakura listen, what are you planning to do now, what are your goals?" He asked her this on impulse, wanting an answer that proved he had changed her, that proved she wasn't weak anymore.

"Huh? That's a strange question." She replied. "Well, I'm trying to train for the upcoming chuunin exam. It's sort of disappointing that both you and Naruto passed and I didn't. Hey, I wonder how the 2nd exam will work this year. Since you and Naruto are both chuunins I don't think I can take it with you guys, what do you think?" She asked eager to hear his opinion, since this question had been on her mind for a while.

He hid a smile and answered coolly, "You really need to stop relying on us."

"WHAT!" She exclaimed. "That's not what I meant!" She was shocked.

"Whatever, anyway about that jutsu…" He continued.

"See!" She laughed pointing at him. "You're the one that depends on me!"

End Flashback

This reminded him that he had come here for a reason and didn't have any more time to waste on the man. He was about to turn away and leave when he realized that he may have saved the man for now, but if he left more demons would undoubtedly arrive lured by the scent of blood. He sighed knowing that Sakura would never forgive him if she knew he had left the man to die. He turned back to the man and decided to wait at least until the man woke up and was able to defend himself before leaving.

Sakura ran out of the room that was supposedly hers. 'There's got to be a way, this has to work.' She thought frantically. She ran down too many staircases to count and fled through numerous hallways and large rooms. Her hair flew behind her getting in her way every now and then but she didn't have time to care. This time around, she didn't admire the splendid furniture, curtains, and windows. The only thing on her mind was Sasuke and how she was going to escape. When she finally found the large double doors that led outside, she didn't slow her pace and opened the doors only as much as she needed to get outside. When she felt the cool air touch her face, she slowed down, knowing the next part of her task was extremely important.

She took slow steps forward, sweat trailing down her face, knowing just one screw-up could cost her, her life. When she felt even the smallest inkling of a violent chakra, she stopped abruptly. 'I have to estimate how powerful this barrier is or it will never work.' She thought forcing herself to go on.

She softly reached forward just a little bit slowly extending her arm till she was sure she would touch the barrier if she reached any closer then she felt the edge of the barrier and she was relieved that she didn't have to play with fate anymore. She memorized the spot where the edge of the barrier was and carved the surroundings into her mind. After she was sure she would not forget it, she knelt down and grabbed a twig that was lying on the floor next to her. She dug a little hole in the earth and using the stick checked to see if the barrier went underground as well. She figured Itachi would have to be a real idiot to make such a mistake, but it was worth a shot. Suddenly the stick was burned to a crisp right in her hand it had gone a little too close to the barrier. 'All right.' She thought and stood up, mentally preparing herself. 'Time to figure out just how tough this barrier is. She grabbed another stick and gently prodded the area to see where the barrier was. 'This would be so much easier if I could see the damn thing.' She thought frustrated. Suddenly, she tapped the barrier with the stick and was flung back violently. Her head smashed violently against the door with a sickening sound as if something had cracked and she fell to the floor unconscious.

After a while the man woke up and Sasuke felt relieved that he could finally leave. "Great, you should be able to take care of yourself now, I'm leaving." He stood up gratefully and was about to leave when the man called out desperately "Wait! Please, don't leave!" Sasuke was about to jump into a tree, but he turned around as he heard the man's plea. "I'm sorry, but I am old and I cannot defend myself from another demon. You have done so much for me, I apologize at my rudeness to ask for more but, please. I have a wife and two children, I wish to see their faces again. Please, I beg of you, could you please take me back to my village?" The man's desperation was evident in his voice, but Sasuke couldn't keep from saying "If you wanna go home that badly, go. You probably come from Kazeama Village, It's just over there, not too far, and you should be able to make it on your own." The man hung his head in shame but he admitted, "I am afraid I cannot. Before this demon arrived, I was attacked by some young ninjas who apparently thought it would be funny to pull pranks on an old man. They used some sort of ninjutsu and I can't move my legs, I'm pretty sure the medics at my hospital could help me, if only I could get there."

Sasuke was thoroughly irritated, what those shrimps did reminded him of Naruto, but he had no choice he had to help the man. He briefly registered that paralyzation jutsus aren't something most genins know and he wondered whether or not the kids had seriously intended to hurt the man. 'Either way, I might be able to get some information about Itachi over there.' He comforted himself. He lifted the man piggy-back style and muttered "Brace yourself." Before the man had time to reply with an exaggeratedly polite expression of gratitude, Sasuke was jumping through trees trying to get to the village as fast as possible. The man decided it was better not to open his mouth just in case he might lose his breakfast.

When Sakura woke up, the first thing she noticed was an intense pain in her head. The 2nd thing she noticed was that she was lying on the steps of the mansion and that her head was lying in a pool of blood. She sat up trying to remember what had happened, but instantly regretted it. Her head was throbbing violently and it was still bleeding. 'I guess I wasn't knocked out for too long' she thought, looking at the pile of blood on the floor and the blood splattered all over the front door.

After she regained some of her senses considering her whereabouts she crawled to the nearest bathroom she could remember seeing, and to her great relief there were bandages in the drawer. She carefully bandaged her head which helped ease the pressure. Then she looked in the mirror at her blood soaked hair. 'Guess that shower was pretty useless.' Suddenly, she remembered why she was outside in the first place. 'Right, I almost forgot.' She took a step cautiously, and feeling confident she could walk without collapsing began searching the mansion yet again. She opened doors and closed them, climbed stairways only to go down them again, and walked through hallways only to feel as if she had walked through them before. 'Knowing Itachi..." She thought as she tried yet another door. But this time, "Success!" she exclaimed out loud.

She was looking at a training room, full of everything a ninja might need to become stronger, and some things a ninja might only dream of. She smiled, happy that so far everything was going as planned. If she didn't have enough chakra to break the barrier yet, she was just going to have to make more. Now that she had calculated the barrier's capacity and strength, (at a price) she knew about how long it would take to break free. She only hoped it was enough.

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