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Paiges POV ( my apologies if you dont like this either. I might switch it back in the next few chapters)

I groan as I groggily open my eyes. What am I doing asleep again? And where am I? The last thing I remember is being in the car with Piper.. I swear if Prue is anywhere near me right now I will orb out.

"Hey pumpkin" I hear someone say. I dont know who because I have been unwilling to exert the energy to open my eyes.

"Prue if that is you I suggest you leave me alone right this second" I grumble

" No relax its Phoebe. Open you're eyes before you accuse me of being years older than I am."

I laugh slightly at this and sit up. Its pitch black in the room as well as outside, I notice as I open my eyes. " Woah what time is it?" I question " I wouldn't be able to tell it was you Pheebs even if I had opened my eyes"

" Its like 5 am. Do you want me to turn a light on or something?"

" Um yeah" I roll my eyes knowing Phoebe can't see me and wont bother me about my growing attitude problem.

I feel the bed spring up slightly and hear her walk to the light switch. Seconds later, the room is lit.

I rub my eyes " Ugh." I comment as I look around the room. Its not the guest room, or Pipers bedroom, but Phoebe's own room. " How did I get here?"

Phoebe shrugs. " You just kinda showed up and climbed in bed with me."

" Any clue why?"

" Nah" She says with a smirk

"You do so know!" I accuse

"Fine I do. You've caught me."

" Care to elaborate?"

I can tell she wants to play this stupid game some more but I give her a look and she sighs " You mumbled something about Piper and Leo and then kind of just passed out. "

" I have no recollection of this at all. Oh well" I sigh also.

Suddenly I hear stomping and footsteps along with Prue's voice. She must be looking to see if ive come home. Quickly I dive under the bed just as Prue walks in.

"Hey Pheebs. Have you seen Paige at all? Im not sure if she came home last night and they found her car empty so..."

I feel only a little guilty, before I remember what Prue said last night. I pinch Phoebe's leg, which is dangling off the edge of the bed to let her know what answer to give.

She squeals slightly, and I can imagine the look Prue's giving her right now. " No Prue I havent seen her, to be honest with you." Phoebe lies.

"Oh because Piper hasn't either, and at first I thought she was here because last night I heard her crying in the basement, but I checked everywhere and I have no clue where she is now." Prue says, the worry evident in her voice.

I can tell Phoebe wants to tell Prue that Im actually right here under her nose, but she doesn't have to because its awfully dusty under this bed and I let out a sneeze. Its so tiny, but I know Prue will have heard it.

I hear her knees hit the floor and the duvet cover is lifted. I expect outrageous anger, but instead there is just relief. " Paige" she says as if seeing me is the greatest thing that ever happened to her and then comes over to the other side of the bed and yanks me out, pulling me into a huge hug. I cant breath as it is usually when Prue hugs me. She kisses me agressively on the head and says " Im so glad your okay! You have no idea how bad you, all of you scared me."

" It wasn't their fault" I insist even though my voive is barely audible through the confines of her embrace.

Sudddenly, she pulls away and grabs my face in her hands. The height difference devestates me at this point. Before I know it, her hand slaps me across the cheek making a large thwack noise.

" Don't you ever, fucking ever do that to me again!" She screams loudly " Do you understand?"

I nod in shock. Prue hit me. I guess I deserved it though.

" Im sorry." I apologize as I subconciously rub my cheek

She looks a little regretful, and I can tell its because she hit me. She probably thinks shes screwed me up mentally more than I already was. The look quickly goes away and Im begginning to become acquainted with the real Prue.

" We have a lot to talk about" She announces and ushers me and Phoebe into the living room. Pipers already in there. I sit down in one of the many chairs and get ready for whats to come. This time I wont run away from the talk though. I might as well face it, Im going to have to eventually anyway.

Prue being the leader she is, begins of course. " Paige honey, first of all, Im sorry I hit you upstairs. Did I hurt you badly?" she asks inspecting my cheek

" No I deserved it" I admit " Im sorry I ran off like that"

" I can understand why you did it, but it doesnt make me any less dissappointed in you Im sorry to say."

What I want to say, is that Im dissappointed In Prue, but I'll keep to myself for the time being. Im just going to have to accept Prue being an authoritative figure in my life I guess. Piper and Pheebs did it, so ill have too also.

"But Paige, we have some really important things to discuss." Prue continues " The sooner you share with us what happened, the sooner we can talk about getting things back to the way they should be."

I notice Prue doesn't say getting things back to normal, and that makes me wonder whats going to happen to me. Well the sooner I spill, the sooner I get to know as Prue said. There is no negotiating in the Halliwell household, especially since Im the youngest and no one will listen to me anyway.

" Can I show you instead?" I ask, not really sure if even an option exists.

" Is that even possible?" Piper inquires taking the thoguht right out of my head

" I dont know is it?" Phoebe says and turns to look at Prue.

" Well we could write a spell..." Prue suggests

" Okay then. Lets get to it. I want this to be over with already" I say getting up to get some paper and a pen

" Paige," Prue says pushing me back down " You have to understand that its not going to be over for a very long time."

I don't want to hear this. As long as I can pretend that there is nothing wrong then I won't have to deal with it. Dealing with it is too embarassing anyway. and emotional. I'll wait until I get some alone time. Away from the sisters.

' Yeah I get it Prue Okay?" I say a little too forcefully " Lets just fill you guys in before we worry about me."

I can imagine the looks they are exchanging right now. Oh the second Im back to age 22, im so out of here.

A little while later, we are set with a spell that will make my sisters see as if they had been there what happened to me. I realize how risky this is, but at least when Im done they wont have any more questions to ask me, because they will have seen it all for themselves. They will be all over me though, but if I dont do this ill have to deal with the questions and the pity.

"On three guys" Prue times us so we'll say it in sync " One, two, three"

" A sisters plight of which we aren't aware

Take us back, bring us there,

So from her memories we may find,

What happened during that cruel time" We recite together. I laugh in my head at the poor quality of this spell. We aren't a poetic bunch, that for sure.

I watch my sisters slump onto the couch as though they have fallen asleep, just before I fall into the same trance, panicked because i'm going to have to relive the whole ordeal.

Its a detailed vision thats for sure. I see myself being hit as a toddler, dont really remember that much, but I can feel that I was scared, and desperately wanting my sisters to come get me. Especially Prue. Every day I spent there, I am now reliving. There I am being pelted with firballs, and beat up to a pulp. And oh look! Theres that time I was scavanging all around for food, looking for anything edible. Hmm maybe I wouldve let myself starve to death if I knew what was to come. How cute I was at 10, malnourished and absoloutely gross. Oh wait. This was the first time he raped me. I can't watch. But there is no choice, because I can't shut my eyes. I feel the horrible pain again, that I felt so many times after this point. I scream in tune with my past self , as the last few moments of the vision past all filled with the same torture. Its over quickly though and I shoot up from the trance. My sisters are already all back and I wonder how, until I realize, they fell into it before me.

I briskly brush the tears that have streamed across my face away and look at my sisters. Phoebe has tears in her eyes, poor girl, Prue looks angry, and Piper just sympathetic. Three very different reactions from my three very different sisters.

" Now you know" I say simply and wait for their words to fill the silence.

"Oh Paige, Im so sorry." Prue says coming over and enveloping me in a hug. "So incredibly sorry."

I trying to stay emotionless respond " Well, you can't change the past."

She pulls away to look at me " We can if you want"

I return her look with a quizzical one

"Well, I was just thinking of our options of where we can go from here. One of them would be to turn you back into a baby so you could redo childhood again, with us, and maybe forget what happened."

" No way. Theres no way Im going back to being a baby ever again. Besides, by the time I grew up you'd be old women. Wheres the sister fun in that?" I disagree, angry that such an idea is out in the open. If my sisters like it, then it could be what happens because they have the power of three and could gang up on me.

" We could do it in a few days like the demon did. And then we'll get you back to normal." I'm still not fond of this idea

" I don't think so. I have an idea of my own to be perfectly honest."

" Wanna tell us" Phoebe says her voice a little cracked because she had been crying this whole time. I try not to think about this either, because then ill feel guilty.

" Well I was thinking, you know it might be kind of fun to stay a teenager."

I expect my sisters to be skeptical of this, they obviously dont remmeber the stories of my rebellious teens

" And you know, like do my high school stuff all over again. Just senior year though. I dont want to turn my age back anymore. When thats done, I could just like hang out and chill with you guys, because I dont want to do college all over again. I mean if we wanted too we could like do a spell to redate my diplomas and stuff, couldn't we?"

" We'll see sweetie." Piper says because Prue's about to object " Continue"

"So, I could like just you know really enjoy myself because first time around things were a little shaky with my parents's deaths and my substance abuse, and all that. You remeber my stories dont you guys? But this time, I could go back and like be popular, not such a misfit. I would really really want to redo my teen years if I could. The only thing is, right now, Im not happy about the age difference between you guys and me. I mean Phoebe, who was only 3 years older than me before is now 7 years older than me, and thats just too much for my liking. We can't even be close this way. So maybe, we could turn you all back 5 years, like I was turned back so it won't be so odd if thats what we decide to do."

" I don't like this idea at all for the record." Prue interrupts

" Let me finish. And then, if only then, things are still not all okay I give you full permission to turn me back into an infant and do as you wish. "

" hmm It would be nice to gain five years on my life." Phoebe considers " Im in"

" Whatever you think is best for yourself honey. Whether Im 27 or 22, nothign will really change for me. ill still be owning the club and stuff, Phoebe will be in college, just like she was, but more among her own age group now, and Prue, well Prues gonna have to get her life on track again anyway now that shes back, so Im in also."

"Prue?" I say putting on my cutest look

" Uch. You are so spending less time with Phoebe, now that you've picked up on that look. I don't know Paige. The teenage years are kind of tricky. And I would be your legal guardian, as well as Pheebs and Piper if they want. Are you sure you're going to want to have to listen to us? We will be the bosses of you. Im warning you now, I ground alot. Right Pheebs?"

" Don't remind me."

" I don't care. I love you guys and trust you. Besides, getting five years extra with you guys is an amazing oppurtunity. Think of all the memories you can make. This is a once in ever chance. Its what I want. And as the baby of the family, I should always get what I want."

" Well aside from the fact that you better lose that mindset fast, because thats not how its going to work, ill say yes to your idea. I don't know if I ever made it clear to you guys, but I am here to stay. The elders think that we might have a whole new destiny in store, and Im willing to bet, this is the start of it. Im telling you right now though, one wrong move and you'll be back in diapers "

" Yay!" I say jumping on top of Prue and covering her with sloppy kisses, that I even know are disgusting. " Thank you Thank you. Thank you!"

" What about us?" Phoebe mock pouts

" Yeah what about them?" Prue says wiping her cheek in disdain

" Of course." I say " How could I forget?" I flounce on Phoebe and do the same to her as I did to Prue. She groans.

"You asked for it" Piper laughs

" Indeed" I agree as I add a few extra gross ones " And Pheebs?"


"You really gotta stop that whole pouting thing. Its my job now."

This time Phoebe laughs. "We'll share the job"

" Fine" I say putting my fake pout on.

" You guys are so cute" Prue comments scrunching her nose up at us.

" I know" I say pretending to be distressed

"Hey Paige? Don't I get any love from the baby?"

" If you want" I say going over to Piper, but I give her nice ones.

" Not fair" Prue complains.

" Im not complaining" Piper says moving over so I can sit next to her She pats my head. " Good sister"

I growl like a dog and bite her arm. She jumps up.

" Ow Paige! Are you crazy!" She exclaims rubbing her arm.

"Maybe I am." I laugh.

Soon we are all laughing, and its good to laugh for a change. Id take happy over depressed and in bed any day. Things can only get better from here. And as soon as we get everything in order, life should be pretty damn good.