Well, here goes! This is my first more-than-2-chapter-fanfic for Tales of Symphonia.

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A/N: This fanfic is a Sheloyd. Get used to it. This story happened with the game's circumstances being manipulated by me.

Zelos never betrayed the party.

Kratos still helped the gang beat Mithos.

Sheena and Lloyd have confessed their love for each other.

Sheena, Lloyd, and Kratos all live at Dirk's house now.

Yuan/Renegades destroyed all Exspheres, however, Lloyd is still having difficulty letting go of his.

Raine and Genis have Presea and Zelos tag along with them on their journey to end half-elf discrimination.

And that's all for that. On with the story!


It had only been two days since Lloyd and his friends defeated Mithos Yggdrasill. Before they left to fight Mithos, they had camped at Dirk's for the night. During that time, Kratos, Lloyd's birth father had told Lloyd's adoptive father, Dirk to build an extension on the house for Sheena and himself. For as Sheena and Lloyd were in love and Kratos wanted to spend some time with his son as he has not had the chance to for 14 years.

However, Lloyd and Kratos had gone out for some training. Sheena, for some reason was sick and was bedridden. Lloyd was worried at first, but Kratos assured him Sheena would be okay. Dirk sent for a doctor from Iselia.

Lloyd and Kratos walked out to an empty plain. Lloyd was confused to as why he was called out here.

"Dad. Why are we out here?"

"Because Lloyd, I want to make sure you know how to use your angelic powers," said Kratos. "You are powerful, but there could always be someone who could be stronger. If you can call on your angelic powers, you will have the power necessary to defeat them."

"So, what's the easiest way to do it?" Lloyd asked.

"Just listen to the power that flows through you, and just bring it out."

Lloyd began to concentrate. A rainbow coloured glow began to surround him. After a few seconds, his large rainbow wings came out.

"Okay Dad, I did it!" said an excited Lloyd. "Can we go home now?"

Kratos sighed. "No not yet. I must teach you the angelic spell Judgment. Once you learn that attack, even your darkest foes will not stand a chance against you."

"Okay. Bring it on. I can do this!"


Dirk's house

Sheena was still fairly ill. But Dirk had a feeling it would pass. So he went to Iselia to get a doctor. He decided to walk, as Noishe would guard the house until Lloyd and Kratos got back from their necessary training.

He pondered about the discussion he and Kratos had before they left for the final battle. He wanted Dirk to build an extension on the house so he could live with his son that he hadn't spent any time with for the past 14 years.

After about 30 minutes of walking, he made it Iselia. Dirk was well known here as he had helped build most of the buildings here and had played a large role in reconstruction as well.

He found the doctor rather quickly. To convince the doctor that he was needed quickly, he paid him in advance. The doctor was more than happy to be paid in advance. He rushed out the door quicker than Dirk did.


"Whew. That's a little harder than I thought," said Lloyd panting.

"Hmm. At least you're not complaining of boredom," replied Kratos. "Well I think that will do for today. Let's go now, Dirk and Sheena are waiting for us."

As Lloyd and Kratos were walking home, Lloyd still couldn't wrap his head around why Sheena was sick. "Say Dad. Why do you think Sheena got sick right after we beat Mithos?"

"I'm not sure. Dirk said he would send for a doctor, so we shouldn't worry about it. She's in good hands. And if worse comes to worse, I can fly around to find Raine so she can heal Sheena."

This reassurance brought a smile to Lloyd's face. "Good. All our bases are covered."

"I guess you can put it that way."


"Are you sure?" asked Dirk.

"Yes I'm definitely sure," replied the doctor. "She's showing all the symptoms of it. So there is nothing to be worried about, for the time being at least."

"I see," said Dirk. "Thank you for your help."

As soon as he was sure the doctor was out of earshot, Dirk shouted.


And there you have the prologue for this fanfic. The next chapters will be longer I promise. Until then, be cool!