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"Just one month left until this mayhem is over," Lloyd sighed as he strolled around the property with his wife.

"Sure Lloyd," Sheena replied with a hint of sarcasm. "One month until this mayhem is over, and then the next eighteen to twenty years of your life will be filled with double the trouble this has been."

"Hey that's not nice!" Lloyd shot back. "It's your issue too you know."

"Who knocked me up in the first place?" she fired back.

"Who seduced me?" Lloyd countered.

Sheena realized that this argument was going to go nowhere fast and neither of them was angry even to begin with. "So what are you going to do Lloyd?"

"Not much else to do today," said Lloyd. So I think I'll just do some training today. Otherwise Dad will banter on about how I shouldn't get lazy even in times of peace. He picked up his swords. "So you got any suggestions as to how I should train today?" he asked with his usual closed eyes smile.

Sheena was dumbstruck. Well this was Lloyd, who was not very intelligent. But he could still amaze someone with his intelligence… or his lack of it. But nonetheless she tried to think of something for her hubby to do. "Hey I know. I got a great idea. I'll be right back Lloyd." And with that she turned around and walked towards the house, humming a tune as she did.

'What could Sheena have in mind?' Lloyd wondered. Before he started his training, he proceeded to do some warm-up stretches. He remembered how Dirk used to tell him to do stretches before undergoing any sort of training or doing heavy manual labour. Lloyd kept this practice up even when he traveled with Kratos on the journey of regeneration. There was even one time where the group had to slow down for a week and a half because Lloyd sustained a minor groin pull and was unable to battle at his full potential.

As the red clad swordsman continued his stretches, he saw Sheena coming back with a some strange weapons in her hands. One looked like small knives which Zelos said were called 'kunai'. Another appeared to be some thin weapon in the shape of a four point star. Curious as to what his wife had in mind he inquired, "What do you have in mind Sheena?"

"You'll see," she answered. She pointed to a spot about ten metres away. "Stand over there and be on guard." Lloyd obediently paced over to where she told him to stand swords in hand ready to take on whatever Sheena was about to put him through.

"So… what are we doing?" Lloyd wondered.

"THINK FAST!" In an instant Lloyd saw what appeared to be a projectile flying straight at him. On impulse, Lloyd placed his swords in front of him in a desperate attempt to block whatever she just threw at him. He felt his offhand sword rattle briefly before he heard something hit the ground behind him.

Looking behind him about fifteen feet away, a throwing star was embedded partially in the earth. It came to him just then that Sheena had just thrown a ninja assassination weapon at him. "Hey… I didn't think I was that bad of a husband!" Lloyd stated sternly.

"This is your training," Sheena replied. "Since you don't have a shield like Zelos or Kratos, you'll have to rely on other means to protect yourself in combat. By using two swords, you have more attack potential, but you have less defensive potential."

"So this training is working on defense?"

"That's right Lloyd," Sheena said with a smile. "Wow you do catch on fast when training. Anyways, to defend yourself, you're gonna have to rely on your swords and your eye coordination. So I'm going to be throwing stuff at you. Train yourself to be able to knock away the weapons I throw or dodge them as best you can."

"Okay, bring it on!" Lloyd called out, assuming the best defensive stance he could against Sheena's distanced assault.

And for the next hour or so, Sheena would throw all sorts of weapons at Lloyd. Weapons that ranged from kunai knives, throwing stars and mana blasts. Lloyd would likely deflect the weapons thrown at him with either his forehand sword or his offhand sword in a motion that would either send the projectiles back towards Sheena or off to the sides. Other times when he doubted his coordination at the given time could deflect a weapon, he would dodge, duck, dip, dive and… oh what the hell, dodge.

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"Whew," panted Sheena putting a hand to her ever expanding belly. "These babies are saying it's time for a break." She made her way to a bench. "Say Lloyd, be a dear and get me a drink."

Not long after, Lloyd and Sheena treated themselves to some ice cold lemonade. On subject was their current training. "So was that sort of training something you did in Mizuho?" Lloyd wondered.

"Yeah, we were expected to be able to defend ourselves against enemies that sometimes would throw things at us," said Sheena. "It's rather part of our standard training."

"What did you use to defend yourself with? Swords?"

"Nope," she grinned. "Try blocking all those with just a ninja-ken instead."


"Oh sorry, I meant the short sword I would use from time to time during our journey," Sheena restated. "In Mizuho we call that ninja-ken."

"So what other training do you do in Mizuho?" Lloyd asked, curious to learn about training.

"Hmm, what can I tell you that wouldn't expose the secrets," she sighed. "Hmm… well simply put, we do training similar to what you're used to. I can't specifically tell you anything, but basically our training involves training up close like those martial arts moves you've seen me do, with and without my ninja-ken. There are also the guardian arts and the kunai and throwing stars. Basically that's really all I can tell you."

"Maybe we should go to Mizuho someday," Lloyd figured. "Knowing all that stuff would be fun to learn."

"In that case I hope you're ready to dedicate many years of devoted training then," giggled Sheena. "Because you Lloyd Irving Aurion would have to train day in and day out. And it would be very different from what you're used to and you would be worked a lot harder than Kratos was pushing you back in the day."

"On second thought, I'll stick to Kratos Aurion 101," Lloyd conceded. He got up and picked his swords up. "Kratos working me like a dog is enough as it is." They could hear Noishe bark as if he was insulted by the remark.

"So much for that enthusiasm that you seem to lose so fast." She stood back up. "I guess you want to have another go with your training." She picked up her collection of projectiles. "But this time we'll do things a little differently. Instead of ten metres away, we'll work from nine metres away. Just don't get hit now Lloyd." She kissed him on the cheek. "If you get worried or nervous, just say stop and I'll stop throwing."

"Bring it on!" Lloyd walked away from Sheena the required distance and took his stance. "Pretend I'm Zelos or something."

"Then you may want to stand at least twenty meters back," Sheena retorted with a sharp glare. "I may be eight months pregnant, but I can still really throw them as if I never had a baby bump." She took her stance. "So you may want to take that back."

"O-okay I take it back," Lloyd cowered. "I'm not Zelos. In fact, I can't be compared to someone as low as he is."

"You sure?" Sheena asked in a teasing manner. "Who got me pregnant might I ask?"

"Whatever. Start throwing already!" Lloyd readied himself. "Angry or not, I can handle anything."

And with that, Sheena resumed her attacks, throwing her various assortment of ninja weaponry at Lloyd. Since Sheena was slightly closer than she was previously, it was more difficult than it was before for Lloyd to be able to deflect or dodge Sheena's projectiles. Not being given the extra nanosecond he was just accustomed to having, Lloyd probably felt like he was Zelos right now with the way his pregnant wife was throwing those weapons.


Iselia Forest

It was a wonderful day for Zelos Wilder. It was a nice day outside, Raine; his fiancée decided she was too tired with her mayoral campaign which was nearing its final stages. As such, she chose not to cook breakfast this morning. And even better, Genis was not being that pain in the ass brat he usually was. So all was good for Zelos indeed. Tethe'alla's Chosen was currently on his way to visit his good bud Lloyd and see how he and his wife we're doing. And to tell them that he and Raine planned on getting married in a few months after Sheena had given birth to the twins.

"Hmm, I wonder if Lloyd will be up for a rematch." Zelos thought aloud. "He had kind of an unfair advantage using the Eternal Sword during our last battle in the Meltokio Coliseum." Indeed Zelos had his Ether Blade and Star Shield with him just in case Lloyd was in the mood for a friendly duel. He saw that famous house built by Lloyd's adoptive father Dirk.

He heard some clashing sounds around the back of the house. Lloyd was probably training around the back of the house. So Zelos decided to make himself known to everyone and strolled around to the back of the house. On his way around, he saw Noishe running towards him barking happily to see Zelos.

"Yo Noishe, my best bud, how are ya?" Zelos asked as he petted the large protozoan. "Is Lloyd around back?" Noishe kept trying to jump up and tackle him to the ground. "Hey don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt Lloyd. He's got the Violent Demonic Banshee with him. He's got all the protection in the world. Hell even Mithos is scared of her." Once Noishe 'seemed' convinced that Zelos wasn't a threat, he tried to stop jumping on him. "So Lloyd's around back eh? I'll go see how my next best bud is doing."

As he rounded the corner to the backyard, a small object whizzed by his face and embedded itself into a nearby tree. "Yah, holy shit!" he yelled, getting the attention of the backyard's other occupants.

"Huh?" Lloyd turned around to look at whoever made the shriek behind him. It was no one other than their friend Zelos. And from the looks of things he almost had his face renovated by one of Sheena's stray throwing stars. "Oh hey Zelos, what brings you out here?"

"Well being a target for Sheena's temper wasn't part of the agenda," Zelos replied. "But I came to say hello and see how you guys were doing."

"Well Sheena and I were just training," Lloyd said. "She was teaching me defensive moves from projectile weapons." Lloyd pointed to the mess of kunai and throwing stars. "It's quite intense I tell you."

"I see." Something then came to Zelos. "Say, shouldn't Sheena be relaxing Lloyd? And you're making her train with you?"

"I'm fine you idiot," Sheena retorted. "A little exercise won't kill me. Though I can't say the same about you if you want to stand in the line of fire," she smirked as she held a few kunai ready to throw."

"Uh, no thanks. Leave the brave stuff to Lloyd," Zelos cowered. "Anyways, I got something for you two. He produced a piece of paper. My fiancée wanted me to bring these to you."

Sheena took the piece of paper from his hand and read aloud. "To Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Irving Aurion. As autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue. Two lovers will join and say I do. Zelos Wilder and Raine Sage will be joined together in a holy union on Gasperday, Lalune 17, 4001 at noon. This celebration will take place at the Iselia Schoolhouse. We ask that you be able to share in the joy of this great moment." Sheena was impressed at the design, as it was done in silver and gold hues with simple but interesting flower designs. "Who designed these invitations?"

"Oh that would be Genis and Colette. They got right into it, and they made invitations for everyone," Zelos answered. "I gotta go track down Regal and Presea after this."

"So this will be a few months after I give birth then," Sheena said. "That's quite good timing. I should have my figure back by then."

"Good. I want all girls looking sexy for the wedding," said Zelos. "Raine needs girls that can try to compare with her in the wedding picture."

"Well Zelos, we'll be sure to be there," Lloyd stated. "Congratulations again Zelos, and good luck dealing with Professor Sage."

"Thanks Lloyd. Anyways, can I talk with you around the front?" Sheena began to follow, but Zelos raised a hand to stop her. "Sorry, guy talk only." With a pout from Sheena, Lloyd and Zelos walked around front.

"So what did you want to talk about Zelos?" Lloyd inquired.

"Oh I just wanted to ask you about the baby shower for Sheena next month," Zelos replied. "So is she still in the dark about it?"

"Yes, she doesn't know about it yet. And I got all the gifts stashed with Regal. So we're ready whenever. I sent out the invitations as well. She won't see it coming. We got lots of time to get ready."

"I hope you realize next month isn't far around the corner Lloyd," Zelos reminded him.

"Hey I may not be the smartest guy around, but I'm not stupid," Lloyd shot back. "I know it's the 24th today for example!"

"Ahem… it's the 26th Lloyd."

"Grr… you done yet?" Lloyd growled.

"Let's see… there was something I wanted to ask you." Zelos thought for a moment before he remembered what he wanted. "Oh right, I wanted to ask you for a friendly duel. You know a rematch from our battle in Meltokio."

"A rematch? All right, that's a lot more like it!" Lloyd eagerly unsheathed his swords. "I've been eager for a battle since Dad left for Derris Kharlan for a while."

"Ah, so without the old man you're gonna be out of shape! Hopefully I won't beat ya down too bad!" Zelos taunted with his sword and shield in hand. "You want to back out while you got the chance?"

"No way!" declared Lloyd. "I never back down!" He took a battle stance with his forehand holding his sword close to his head, the point facing Zelos and his offhand holding the other sword across off to his right with the point facing away from the redhead.

Sheena wanted to listen to whatever Lloyd and Zelos were saying, and she knew some techniques that would enable her to listen to whatever those two men were saying, but in the best interests of everyone she decided not to be a snoop. But then she heard what sounded like weapons clashing and she hurried around to the front to see Lloyd and Zelos locked in a duel.

Zelos parried Lloyd's swords by locking his swords then giving him a mighty push. But Lloyd came back with a spin that brought both swords raining down followed by a spin in the opposite direction that brought his swords back down once more. Zelos saw his chance when Lloyd's motions forced both his swords off to one side. But thinking quickly, Lloyd brought both swords back and used Zelos' sword to stop his swing in mid motion bringing both his weapons back in front of him.

"Not bad Lloyd," Zelos remarked. "You can attack…" He attacked with a few precise swings, forcing Lloyd to quickly block the single blade. "… But can you defend?" he asked as he made a few more moves.

"I sure can," replied Lloyd. "Watch this." He tossed his offhand sword up and caught it so he held it backwards. "Try to attack now… if you dare." He offered a Sheena trademark smirk.

And so their duel continued. Lloyd had surprised Zelos by showing an almost completely different dual sword style, by showing a more defensive side to the offensive style, effectively using his offhand weapon as a shield and a sword. Lloyd then advanced with both weapons. Zelos not to sure what to do, engaged in something of a lock with Lloyd's forehand sword against Zelos' shield and offhand sword against Zelos' other sword.

And there Zelos saw his advantage. Two swords still deviated from the way swords were meant to be used. Lloyd was holding his offhand backwards against Zelos' sword. It wouldn't be long before he naturally gave out. And his shield was well placed against the other sword. As such, he focused on Lloyd's offhand planning to leave Lloyd's chest wide open for a Zelos Wilder boot to the chest.

Right as he pushed on Lloyd's offhand, that side of Lloyd collapsed… or so Zelos thought. To the Chosen's surprise, Lloyd used Zelos' inertia to force Zelos forward as he quickly stepped to his (Lloyd's) right as Zelos moved right past him. To add insult to injury he had gotten behind Zelos and gave him a nice kick to the back, sending his friend crashing to the dirt.

As Zelos rolled over, he saw one of the Material Blades pointing directly at his face. He was done, and Lloyd had beaten him again. He could hear Sheena clapping in the background too. Lloyd offered a hand to Zelos, "You fought well Zelos, but that time with Genis and Professor Sage has made you soft."

"Excuse me Lloyd. But Genis doesn't make a good sparring partner," Zelos countered, accepting a hand up from Lloyd. "Kid can barely hold a sword without putting out a window or an eye." He shook Lloyd's hand. "But that was a great match indeed Lloyd. I guess I gotta do some more training if I want to keep up. And as much as I'd like you show you my true potential, I must be going now. My fiancée awaits the grace of the Great Zelos Wilder!" He brought out his golden wings. "And I bid you adieu." He flew off into the sky.

"So what did Zelos want?" Sheena asked after Zelos left.

"Oh just some guy talk," Lloyd replied. "Just guys talking about guy stuff. And then he wanted to challenge me to a friendly duel. And I won. He said something about not showing his full potential, but I think that was him trying to salvage what little was left of his ego."

"I saw. Great job utilizing your defensive tactics. You had him fooled." Sheena caressed his cheek. "And here's your prize." Lloyd was eager to take his prize, as Sheena embraced him in a long passionate kiss. Once she broke the kiss, she asked him, "Say want to go inside and get something to eat?"

"But we just ate before coming out though," exclaimed a surprised Lloyd. He was about to stand his ground, but the pout on his wife's face said it all. Lloyd sighed, "Alright let's get our post-lunch meal then. I swear, it's going to be you who eats us out of house and home." And with that, they went inside.

From a distance, another figure watched the pair interact with each other. He had been watching the entire duel and was impressed with what he saw.

"I'm impressed Lloyd. You actually bothered to practice while I was away."

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