With You

An original Harry Potter fan fiction

written by: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssassinElektra


I do not own the Harry Potter movies or books, or their characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Harry Potter fans.

Title: With You

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance,

Setting: 6th Year

Pairing: Draco/Hermione

Rating: Teen

Author's Note: Not compatible with HBP since I'm only 2/3 of the way through it.

Chapter 1

There was war raging all around them, circling around the Dark Lord and the 'Chosen One' as they fought to decide the fate of the world. Ronald Weasley laid on the ground, unconscious as his two best friends continued to battle for their lives, his eye blacked and his nose gushing with dark blood.

Harry Potter kept his wand steady and his eyes on Voldemort, but it wasn't until he felt Ginny's hand reaching out for him that he felt strong enough to defeat his most bitter enemy. Voldemort turned to the side to reprimand one of his own men for failing and killed him, then proceeded to kill George Weasley, the wizard who had bested him. But George fought, nodding to Harry as if to tell him something.

Harry Potter turned and looked at Ginny Weasley, suddenly wishing he had time to tell her everything. But as there was no time, and George was no doubt sacrificing his life for the few moments he now had, Harry merely grabbed her gently, pulling her into a sweeping kiss, a kiss that said everything he had wanted to. When he pulled away and ran off to help George, Ginny stood there for a moment, suddenly realizing that what she had felt for so long had just been proven to be returned. A smile crossed her lips as she held her wand out and cursed an approaching Death Eater with newfound strength and vigor.

Hermione Granger waged her own battle not far from Ginny and Harry. But amazingly enough, she was the most surrounded witch on the whole battlefield. The Death Eaters had seen her as a special threat, as she had aided Potter so many times before and proven more than once that blood didn't make the witch's skills.

But she fought them off, taking her time as she faced them one by one. And they obliged to her style, wanting to be the 'one' wizard or witch to take the infamous Granger down.

Who would have thought that the final battle would take place there, on the Hogwart's grounds where so many students had always felt absolutely safe? But now they fought for their lives, a failing battle, and once they realized that, they fought merely to buy Harry some more time.

But Hermione not only fought for Harry's need to get the Dark Lord alone, she fought for herself. Every strike was a reprimand for a muttered 'mudblood whore!' comment or a dirty glance that would have killed had looks been able, and for once in her life, the innocent Hermione Granger sought nothing more than vengeance.

He watched her from a distance, his look radiating more hatred than it ever had before, taking the meaning of the word to new levels. He could smell his hatred for her in the surrounding sweating bodies, he could taste it in the copper blood that clung to the inside of his mouth and tongue and teeth, he could see it reflected by her mere presence, the way she moved and breathed. And as Draco Malfoy pushed and shoved fighting wizards and witches aside to get to Hermione, taking no care to see whose side those pushed were on, his hatred rapidly grew as he watched Death Eater after Death Eater fall at her hands.

No doubt she was powerful, that she was the most powerful witch on the field, but he wasn't afraid of her. Any fear he had ever had of Granger had been swallowed out of spite before it was even born.

She was an angel fighting on the battlefield, her white robe—her way of boldly, and stupidly, showing she fought for the light—flooding around her in liquid movements with every twist of her body. And her hair, tamed by the grace of a newly discovered controlling spell, spilled down her shoulders and flipped around as she moved her head. Her green eyes were crying tears of blood, and a single drop fell from her nose, signs of the energy she poured into her spells.

Fighting, all bloodied up, with a cut running down her left cheek, and her right eyebrow torn open, her bottom lip swollen, and her hands charred from the curses she called out of her wand, Draco actually thought she looked quite beautiful. Her beauty lied in the fact that she was about to die. But he was going to bathe in this angel's blood, after he tainted it of course.

Hermione gave no thought to the hexes and curses she shouted out, and her breathing was hard as she moved back and forth, standing her ground as she faced anyone who came near her. And then she heard it. The one sound, that Hermione Granger had dreaded hearing.

Snapping her head to look towards Ginny, Hermione caught sight of the younger girl, who had long ago become a sister, as she fell to the ground, her eyes opened wide in lifeless reflex.

"Ginny!" She heard Harry's voice above everything, and for a moment the battle seemed to stop as everyone watched Potter walk over to the body of the only girl he'd ever loved. Even the Dark Lord seemed to pause what he was doing to watch the spectacle with amusement gleaming in his all-too-human eyes.

"No." Harry sobbed, quietly, holding Ginny Weasley's body in his arms. "Nooo!" His scream echoed, and what few animals had stayed in the nearby Dark Forest now ran off, sensing the disturbance. Hermione watched her friend, and caught his eyes only for a moment, trying to remind him with her look that he had a job to do.

They were members of the Order, fighting for the light, and right now they had to destroy Voldemort and those that followed him and nothing else. There would be plenty of time to mourn later, no matter who won in the end, as both sides had all ready lost great numbers of warriors.

But Harry shook his head and looked back at Ginny, not wanting to let her go even though Hermione had told him to with the look in her eyes. Her tears of blood were mixed with salty tears as she began to weep with him from a distance. And Hermione almost fell to her knees, but then Harry looked up and saw the smiling figure who had taken Ginny's life. His glare was full of so much hatred that everyone except for Lucius and his Dark Lord took a step back away from him.

Harry tried to yell an insult at the senior Malfoy, tried to think of words that would hurt him enough to do justice to Ginny's loss, but nothing came to mind. So he yelled the words that had become second nature in the last few hours and killed Luscious. "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The ground shook as Harry Potter's broken heart was thrown into the curse along with his pure hatred for Lucius Malfoy. There was a rippling affect, and no one was left standing—not even Voldemort himself—save Potter after the green energy broke through the ground.

Hermione gasped in shock as she fell into seemingly waiting arms, but she began to struggle after realizing that those arms meant her nothing but harm. She glanced helplessly to her left and saw her wand lying in the wreckage, broken into three pieces, and her tears began to fall tenfold.

"Don't struggle, mudbood!" Draco hissed, yanking her to her feet. "You've all ready lost." He said smugly, his mouth disgustingly right by her ear. "And I've got you now."

But Hermione did not stop struggling. If anything, she doubled her effort and started thrashing out at Malfoy with all the strength she had left. He laughed at her attempts, knowing that without her wand and angry adrenaline to keep her fighting, he was much stronger, always had been. He reveled in that fact, crushing her body to his as she tried to escape.

And then suddenly, just as quickly as his control over her had been gained, it was taken, and they were falling, falling downwards towards darkness. Then there was pain and pressure, both unbearable, as Hermione and Draco were buried in the rubble.

Above them the war raged on, the combatants careful to avoid the small hole that had collapsed over the old Hogwart's underground passage. No one had witnessed their fall, no one had any idea where they were.

And as Hermione found herself slipping into the realm of unconsciousness, her last thought was of Ron, lying above her on the ground somewhere, where he too fought for his life. But then the darkness took hold, and she knew nothing but the surrounding blackness.