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Her eyes were locked with his brilliant green ones (I dunno if that's what color his eyes are but that's what color my eyes are and I like mine so :P). His eyes were burning with the urge to blink. Finally, he broke under the strain his eyes were under. "Ha!" She shouted triumphantly, throwing her arms up in victory. Her smile was radiant and the red headed twin couldn't help but smile back at her. "I'll beat you next time." Fred smirked. Hermione scoffed. "That's what you said the last five times." She and Fred had been at it for the last twenty minutes. Deciding to end their debate before they got at it again, Harry stepped in. "Hey guys, why don't we watch a movie or something?" Fred, George, and Ron looked at him curiously. "What's that?" They all asked simultaneously. "It's a show, like a projector only more advanced, I'm sure you'll all love it." She bent down to turn on the DVD player and pick out a movie. "What kinds of stuff do you like, Romance, Action, or the perfect mix, Pirates of the Caribbean?" She seemed to be talking more to herself than anyone imperticular. She slipped the disk in and joined the boys on the couch. They had all come to Hermione's house for a week to stay while waiting for Ginny to return with their parents. They had gone on a skiing trip in Colorado and the Grangers had agreed to watch the boys. Fred and George had come because, though no one but George knew it, Fred had a crush on Hermione, a really big one. As the main menu popped up, they were all getting settled in. Ron and Harry sitting on the far end, then Hermione, Fred, and last, George. When George saw the seating, he nudged Fred's elbow with his own, causing him to scoot a little closer to her, and causing a blush to creep up his neck. Fred shot an angry look at George, who responded by giving him a huge smile.

Two hours later

Hermione was holding a tissue to her face, sniffing every once and a while at the love scene. Fred was stealing glances at her a lot, watching her closely, and wondering if he should comfort her.

As if waiting for this cue from his thoughts, she burst into tears as Will and Elizabeth kissed, throwing herself onto Fred's chest, as if begging for his arms to wrap around her. He obliged happily and wrapped his long arms protectively around her, gaining shocked looks from Harry and Ron.

Hermione's POV (It shall now be referred to with this type.)

She felt the warmth of his arms snake their way around her body, causing her to shiver with pleasure. She had liked him forever, and now that she was beginning to explore her braver side, she had put on the over-emotional act to get him to comfort her. She breathed I his unique scent. It was musky and sweet at the same time, even different from his twin brothers. That was why she liked Fred more. He had a sweeter side to him that couldn't be matched by anyone. She loved the way he would look so concentrated, but could snap back into his goofy self in a minute. Slowly, she pulled out of the warm embrace.

"Well, I'm going to head to bed, if you need anything, I'll be in my room." With those words, she left and ran upstairs into her room, shutting the door quietly. Then, she ran to her dresser, searching for a sexy outfit to wear to bed, because Fred always came up to check on her before he went to sleep. She came up with a lacy black bra, an almost sheer shirt that you could see the bra through just enough to look sexy. Then, she added an matching thong and short shorts. She hurried into her private bathroom to fix her makeup and hair.

Fred's POV

He watched as she shut her door, and then sighed happily to himself. He looked over, sensing eyes on him, and saw Ron glaring at him. "What's the matter Ronny? You need to use the bathroom?" He and George chuckled at this. "What do you think you're doing with her?" Ron hissed at him. Fred cocked an eyebrow. "What? I was just comforting her." He said coolly blowing it off, but a blush was creeping up his neck. "Yeah, and I'm the Easter Bunny." Harry said sarcastically. "You like her don't you?" Ron said, his voice demanding an answer. "Oh, Ron. You just don't know the ways of adult hood, you're young. You think I can't hug a girl without falling for her?" Harry and Ron replied together. "No." Was their simple answer. Fred shook his head in a sad fashion. "Well, I'm going to go to bed, so whenever you guys get over yourselves, perhaps you can join me." He said this in an annoyed fashion as he started towards the stairs to Hermione's room. "Where are you going?" Ron asked. "To check on your girlfriend, maybe?" Harry said cockily Fred shot an annoyed look at the trio sitting on the couch. "Fine. I won't go check on her, but if she gets kidnapped it's your fault." He finished his sentence with a resounding bang of the basement door. George followed him a little while after, and then Ron and Harry.

After playing several games of exploding snap, they heard a knock at the basement door. "Come in!" Bellowed Fred. Hermione's parents stood at the top of the stairs in nice outfits. "Harold and I are going to go out to supper. Do you think that you'll be fine here by yourselves for a couple of hours?" Regan asked them. "Sure Mrs. Granger! You have nothing to worry about. Have fun!" George called to them. A soft smile that reminded Fred of Hermione's appeared on Regan's face. "Goodnight then!" She called and they left, leaving the house void of parental supervision. After a few hours of ghost stories, it was 12:45 AM and Harry and Ron were already asleep, George had just drifted off, and Fred was almost asleep when he heard the quiet sound of the basement door open. His eyes shot open and he bolted out of bed, wand at the ready. There stood Hermione, her hair in soft waves and her clothes sexy, looking ready to faint. He lowered his wand and let out a loud sigh. She put her hand over his mouth for a moment and then motioned for him to follow her. Silently, they made their way up the carpeted steps. When they reached the living room she shut the door to the basement and sat on the couch with an unreadable expression on her face. "Uh, what's up?" He asked her, rubbing his nose nervously. "You didn't come and check on me tonight. I was worried." She spoke in a barely audible voice, completely monotoned. "Well, I would have but the guys, you know, were being stupid." He muttered, lowering his head at her penetrating gaze. "Well, let's pretend that you didn't go to bed yet and you can come up and check on me." A slight smile played on her lips. Deciding to play along he agreed. "Ok, well, go ahead and go upstairs, I'll be up in a minute." She was still smiling that half smile at him when she got up off of the couch and went slowly up the stairs. Quietly, she looked back at him after she had opened the door and watched him as she shut the door slowly. Finally he heard the resounding click of the door being firmly shut. As if waiting for this cue, his brain waves started going haywire. They all seemed to be telling him the same thing, she hadn't just wanted a good night check in. He allowed himself a few seconds more of thinking before he slowly made his way to the steps. Her parents were bound to be home anytime, what would he do then? What if they found him and her doing something? No, that couldn't be possible because nothing would happen. He had to fight himself mentally so that he would not find her as a turn on. He was seven steps up. But what had she wanted him for? Maybe she just had to tell him something she didn't want the others to hear. Yes, that had to be it. Seventeen steps up. But what if she wants more? What'll I do then? Maybe we should, or maybe I should wait. She's too young for that. She has to go back to school in a month, and who would she tell? Would she tell Ginny? And what if Ginny told mum? Oh, no. He was at the landing and he still hadn't decided what to do if she wanted more than just goodnight. His hand reached shakily for the door knob. His hand clasped it loosely. Taking a final breath, he opened the door.

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