To Fly

Disclaimer: Ed and company belongs to their respective owners. I can't tell you where the story about the butterfly originally came from, but I can't tell you I didn't come up with it. I heard it up while I was at Pocono Mountain Bible Conference.

Notes: This is not going to make sense unless you know the outcome of the fight between Ed and Envy in episode 50. Don't ask me about the fight, either. If you do, I will throw wrenches at you in a Winry-esque fasion.


A man happened upon a butterfly, emerging from its chrysalis for the first time.

Far away, another man allowed himself to be distracted.

The chrysalis twitched and jerked as the butterfly struggled to get free.

The other man was stabbed through the heart.

The man took pity on the butterfly.

The other man fell back and lay bleeding on a polished ballroom floor.

He very gently cut a slit in the chrysalis.

His head swam and maniacal laughter rang in his ears.

The butterfly finally broke free and fluttered to the ground.

He could hear his little brother calling for him, hysteria in his voice.

It could not fly, for it was not strong enough.

He tried to turn to him, to smile at him; but he was not strong enough...

Breaking free on its own was what gave the butterfly strength to fly.

He had carried the guilt of what happened for so long. But in the end, the burden had not made him strong enough to fly.


A little strange, I know. I posted it on my blog a while back and it was apparently liked, so I thought I'd try posting it here and seeing what everyone else thought.