wonderland. 1 handcuffs

Coordinates zero…

She whispered into the speaker of her headpiece as she stopped in front of a building.

Five. Seven. Four. One. Zero. Zero.

There was silence, and then a static reply:

Confirmed. Reinforcements will be dispatched immediately.

A smile etched its way across her face, the light of the moon illuminating her emerald orbs. She ran her slim fingers through her auburn hair before bringing that hand down and resting it on her jutted hip. She was standing in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. The building was dark. The sign on the door said Closed. It looked settled, undisturbed.

But she knew better.

She had a good feeling about tonight.

Tonight will be the night – she told herself as she took the finished cigarette from her lips and tossed it to the floor, putting it out with her shoe. Her emerald eyes scanned along the building before coming upon a white fence trailing up to the ceiling. Vines grew on it. It was one of those usual garden decorations that you would find. She climbed up it with ease. Once she made it to the roof, she quietly made her way to the ceiling window and peered into it, careful not to make herself that obvious, as if she didn't want anyone inside to notice her.

It was dark inside, that much she figured. She stood up, wrapping a strong piece of chord around her waist. Once done, the girl opened up one of the windows, grabbing the other end of the chord which was tied to a claw-like piece of metal. She made sure it was secured to the sill of the window before letting herself down, holding on to the chord as she slid her way into the museum. The woman paused mid-way.

There were statues in this museum, none of them looking of one style – but of many. There were Japanese-like statues of Buddhas, Greek-like statues of ancient figures, Chinese-like statues of historical figures. Paintings were mounted along the walls, followed by samurai swords, katanas, ninja stars… that sort of stuff.

She was about to start going down again when she noticed something shimmer down the hall. She squinted, and her eyes widened when noting the silhouette of a person. She was getting ready to shout something when the mentioned shiny object was thrown – and straight at her. It zoomed through the air and sliced the chord with ease. This was one of those moments where time would normally stop, but time wasn't so nice to her. She came plummeting down the rest of the way, landing not-so-gently on her rear end.

First she let out a loud exclamation of:


Followed by an:


And then a:

"That hurt!"


"You honestly didn't have to do that!"

There was a chuckle coming from the silhouette. The person moved from his or her position and approached her smoothly, calmly. She glared up at him, rubbing her now sore end. Yup. It was going to hurt for a while. She could already tell.

Damn him.

"That was uncalled for…" she grumbled through gritted teeth.

The person continued to chuckle until they stepped up to her, the light of the moon illuminating this person. This person was very much a male – a gorgeous… wonderful… dreamy… drool-worthy male… from his gorgeous golden-flecked amber eyes to his tousled chestnut brown hair that any girl would just die to run her fingers through…

…Scratch that. She didn't think so, at least. On the contrary, she thought quite the opposite:

His eyes annoyed her, especially since they looked at her with obvious mirth and mockery. His hair annoyed her. His cocky grin annoyed her. His expression annoyed her. His face annoyed her. His laugh annoyed her. His voice annoyed her. Everything about him annoyed her. He was just easy to be annoyed at. He was very hateable. Not likeable. Annoying. Irritating. Frustrating.

…Did she mention annoying already?

Because he's annoying.

Oh, and he was hittable, too, meaning she could just sock him in the face just to wipe that cocky grin off of it… And she was just getting up to do that when he waved a finger at her, tisking.

"Nuh-uh-uh. Now, now. It's all just fun and games, Miss Sakura."

"Kinomoto," she hissed vehemently, eyeing him. "Only friends may call me Sakura."

He feigned hurt. "But we've known each other for so long you think I could call you Sakura by now!"

She rolled her eyes. "You know, I didn't come here for this, Li Syaoran." Sakura pulled her gun from the holster, turning the safety off before cocking it at him. "You're under arrest. If you argue, fight, or struggle, know I will then take you by force if I must."

Syaoran made a bored gesture with his hand. "Yeah, yeah. I know the drill. I'm supposed to put my hands up – " He put his hands up. "And you're supposed to read me my rights, and I'm supposed to be a good little boy while you frisk me to make sure I have no weapons…" His amber eyes glinted mischievously, his cocky grin only looking cockier, if possible. "…So frisk me. I promise I won't run away."


"I mean, who wouldn't want to get their hands on this?" He gestured down at himself. "I know you find my body irresistible, Sakura. So now here's your chance!"

She raised a skeptic eyebrow.

"Honestly Syaoran –"

"My body really is irresistible?"

"No –"

"Too irresistible?"

"Not that –"

"Too hot for you?"


"So hot that you just can't resist that fiery urge to plunge at me with your hands?"

"NO, Li."

"…Then what?"

"You are an idiot," was her simple response.


Sakura crossed her arms.

"I'm wounded."

She rolled her eyes and pulled out handcuffs. "This chit-chat ends now. You're under arrest."

"Oohh, handcuffs. How kinky."

She chose to ignore that comment. "Reinforcements are on their way –"

As if on cue, series of police sirens echoed outside as the sound of several cars pulled up in front and around the Museum of Fine Arts. Sakura flashed the criminal her own cocky grin. "You're going down this time, Li."

She kept the gun pointed at him, the other holding the handcuffs. Syaoran contemplated over his situation thoughtfully, before sighing. "Alright, Sakura…"

She quirked an eyebrow.

"I admit, you got me, but…"

It all happened too fast for Kinomoto Sakura to react. He had flipped her gun around so it fell into his grasp and twirled her around. In this moment of time, he had managed to get her hands behind her back, and the gun and the handcuffs in his other hand. Syaoran smirked smugly, keeping the gun pressed threateningly to her head as snapped the handcuffs around either of her wrists, keeping her hands secured uselessly behind her back. One arm came around her neck, pulling her close so she could pretty much feel him pressed up against her from behind. The gun was pointed to the side of her head, and his lips were right next to his ear.

She could feel his warm breath tickling her lobe, but she could also pretty much feel that smirk of his. Sakura scowled at nothing in particular. This was not what she had planned…

"Now look who's in handcuffs and holding the gun…" His mocking voice tickled her ear, sending unwanted shivers to travel along her spine. His voice was honeyed with taunt, yet it was suave at the same time – cool, silkily warm, and suave… He had a voice that would make any average girl melt to the floor and into a puddle of jelly.

…But she wasn't an average girl.

"Oh shut up," was the only smart retort she could make at the moment. "This building's still surrounded… You can't escape that easily this time."

"Well, I have my ticket out of here," Syaoran replied simply, nudging her forward. She sighed irritably and had no choice but to walk forward. She knew what he was going to do already. It was just your average, yet cliché, hostage scenario.

Syaoran kicked open the front doors of the museum, setting off the alarm at once. He was only met by gun after gun pointed in their direction, the lights of the police sirens still flashing, and the police getting ready to arrest the notorious thief. But they froze when seeinghim holding one of their comrades hostage.

"I suggest you all put your weapons down, or else Kinomoto Sakura is going bye-bye," Syaoran taunted, smiling openly at them.

They all looked uncertain, but a man, obviously the boss or something, gestured for them to put down their arms. They did as they were bid.

"Good boys," Syaoran cooed. His arm around Sakura's neck came down and wrapped around her waist instead. Before anyone could say or do anything, he leaped into the air, bringing Sakura with him, and landed on the roof of the Museum of Fine Arts. Not only was he an infamous thief, and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that… but he could jump roofs, too.

Yeah, this boy deserves an award for all of his tricks. Makes you want to just toss him a doggy biscuit or something…

Syaoran lifted Sakura over his shoulder, causing her to let out a disapproving and protesting yell. He ignored her and walked up to the ledge of the building (not the front, but the right side). Sakura started to struggle, kick, yell, bang on his back, but he kept on ignoring her. But then he glanced over his shoulder, saying out loud:

"You better stay still if you don't want to fall off."

"What – "

He jumped off the roof, and to the next one.

Sakura let out a startled cry. He ran across the roof of the next-door building, and then leaped on to the other one. Sakura remained positively still throughout this time, because she didn't wish for him to drop her and have her guts splattered flat across the ground. That wouldn't be a pretty sight. I don't think anyone would want that to happen. He kept going until he was sure he had ditched the cops – but even then he didn't stop. Syaoran eventually jumped down from a two-story building, leaving Sakura to wonder how much longer she could hold her dinner in her stomach and not let it go.

He ran down a street and into a deserted park. Streetlights were on, but they didn't offer all that much light in the darkness. He set Sakura down on a penguin slide. Her hair was in disarray, and her expression looked of a harassed one. Her emerald orbs were glaring spitefully at him.

Syaoran smiled in amusement.

"Must you look at me as if you're going to murder me?"

"You can at least uncuff me," Sakura spat.

"Oh, right…" He stuck the gun into the waistband of his pants. "But… the keys?"

"…It's in my back pocket…"

Syaoran raised an eyebrow, a sly grin crossing his face. He was just about to reach over and get it when she eyed him and stood up. She reached into her back pocket herself, since her hands were cuffed behind her back it wasn't that hard. She turned around and held the key out expectantly. He took it, unlocked one of the cuffs, but spun her around and locked the cuffs, but so they were in front of her this time.

"…What. The heck."

"I'm not done talking to you," Syaoran said simply. "And if you weren't handcuffed, you'd simply attack me, run away, kick me in the nuts or something…"

She glared.

"What can a thief and a cop possibly have to talk about?"

"…You called me Syaoran back there."

Sakura froze.

His eyes danced with the same usual mockery. His grin was cocky – as usual.

"…No I didn't!"

"You so did!"


"You know!"

"No I don't!"

"Like, when I was all – 'I know you find my body irresistible, Sakura! So now here's your chance!' And you were all: 'Honestly, Syaoran – ' See! You did!"

He smiled triumphantly.

"Slip of the tongue," she grumbled.

"Admit it! You've been after me for so long that we've gotten closer…" He pointed out rather slyly.

She made a face at him. "In your dreams, Li."

He grinned, and shrugged before putting her gun back into her holster.

"Well, I'll be going then."

"Take these cuffs off of me…?"

"I don't know… When you wear them, it gives me kinky thoughts," Syaoran commented teasingly.

She narrowed her eyes.

"Alright, alright…" He put the keys into her hand. "You can uncuff yourself, I'm sure. You're a big girl after all." Syaoran grinned and patted her on the head.

And just like that, he ran off – leaving a fuming Sakura behind.

Did he just pat her?


Could possibly be one of the most degrading things he could do to her…

…That and make her look like a fool whenever she tried to capture him.


Yeah, when she gets her hands on him…




Ravish him all over--?

…As if.

More like strangle him.


That was a pleasing thought…

To be continued.

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