A little girl came out of her bathroom. She had red hair just above her waist and cute little brown eyes. She was wearing pink pajamas with sunflower prints. Just as she had walked to the window, the door to her room opened and in came a man. He had blond hair and brown eyes just like the girl.

"Hey sweetie" he said as he walked over to her.

"Daddy" the little girl giggled, turning from her sitting position on the window sill.

"All ready for bed, are we?" he said, touching the top of her small head.

The girl pouted. "I don't wanna go to bwed" she said, crossing her arms.

"Sorry, but it's past your bed time, Lex"

"Make me" Lex dared as she stood up in full height on the window sill so that she could as tall as him.

"Fine then, I-" But he wasn't able to continue when Lex threw herself at him, making him fall on the floor.

"Twikle fight!" she shouted then tickled her dad who started laughing.

"Hey… haha… stop… hahaha… alright… hahaha…" he said… or tried to say.

"Gwive up?" Lex said.

"Haha… I, um…hahaha… KIM!" he yelled.

"No fwai!" the little girl opposed. "You can't call me mommy!"

"And why not, sweetheart?" said a woman who was just came in the room. She had long red hair and deep green eyes. She was quite slim however, her belly was slightly bigger. She came over to her daughter, took her off her dad and into her arms and placed her on her bed.

"There, now we're ready for bed" Kim said as she tucked a few of her daughter's red hair from her face as her husband was getting up.

"But I'm not even sweepy" Lex whined. And as if on cue, she yawned.

Kim raised an eyebrow. "Not sleepy, huh? We'll see… and a face like that isn't going to help you, Lexxy"

Lex sighed and stopped with the puppy dog pout. Then her face lit up. "I'll go to bwed if you tell me a stowy" she said. Kim smiled and turned to the blond who was brushing dirt from himself.

"Ron?" she said.

"I'm on it" he said as he sat beside his daughter.

"What would you like to hear, Lexxykins?" he asked.

"I wanna hear about the twime when you and mommy saved the world fwom those Diabwo toys" she said.

At this, Kim and Rom looked at each other and smiled. It was also the time when they had realized their feelings for each other and went together for their prom, not to mention the night of their first kiss.

"Daddy!" Lex shouted. He and Kim snapped out of their flashbacks.

"Sorry, Lex" Ron said. "Well then, let's see… We were on the top of a Bueno Nacho building, I was fighting with a synthodrone while your mom was struggling with Shego. We were all trying to get a hold of the electromagnetic scrambler, which was the-"

"Only weapon that you could use to dwestroy the thingy that contwolled the Diabwos!" Lex cut in.

Ron chuckled. "Right you are, pumpkin. And we did get a hold of it, well, Kim did. She shot it at the command signal when suddenly" he said, making his voice lower and lower. "It was grabbed by the SYNTHODRONE!" he yelled at the last word.

"Nice twy, daddy. You can't suwpwise me" Lex said while crossing her arms. Kim laughed.

Ron scratched his head. "Well, you can't blame a man for trying"

"Stowy! Stowy!" Lex said.

"Oh, right. After the synthodrone caught the shot Kim fired, guess who came to the rescue?"

"Wufus!" Lex exclaimed with a smile. Since naked mole rats didn't have a long span of life, Lex never got to see Rufus but she had heard many stories from her dad about him.

"Yup, my naked mole rat bit the synthodrone and all its goo came out, the shot fell on the command signal and once again, Kim and I saved the world. Then after that, we went to the prom and the people stared at us and-" he stopped when he felt a hand on his arm.

"Look" Kim said softly, pointing at their daughter who was sleeping soundlessly.

Ron smiled. "Guess she didn't want to hear the rest of the story" he said.

Kim smiled as well as they both got up and walked to the door.

"Good night Lexxy" Kim said before closing the door.

"I don't get it, how come you're so good at controlling Lexxy?" Ron wondered aloud.

"Well, she is my daughter" Kim answered.

"She's mine too!" Ron said indignantly.

"I'm kidding, Ron" Kim said as she went closer to him. "You're just so… Ron, that's all" she said.

Ron smiled as he placed a hand on her waist. He touched her belly. "Do you think we're ready for the next?"

Kim thought for awhile. "We can handle the next one"

"It could be two, you know"

"Ron, don't even joke"