Like Mother Like Son

A Ranma ½ Tenchi Muyo Crossover


A/N: Hey folks!

This fic started as an idea from one of my reviews. It found its way into my mind, morphed, grew, and matured into a full-fledged fic idea, and now demands to be put on paper. This fic is in no way connected with Chains of the Past. It is it's own universe and thus should be treated as such.

And here is a shout out to gelionledgends for giving me this idea. You Rock!


The butterfly effect. A theory in science that basically states that events in one place can and will affect events in another. Like ripples in a pond when a stone is cast, you feel the effects of events that happen no matter where it happens, whether it be an inch away versus one hundred light years away or further. Like the ripples in a pond, the further away you are, the less you feel it, though the event is still felt throughout the cosmos.

Now take this theory and put it in the Ranma Universe. We all know that multiple stones are all thrown in a single spot causing not just ripples but waves in the pond known as Earth. But what if a big stone was thrown in long before Ranma was even born?

Let us take a look at our solar system. We have Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Lots of stones floating around waiting to cause events by their presence.

The one particular asteroid we want to focus on lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It's a large asteroid, but not large enough to destroy Earth. In the timeline we all know and love it barely misses another asteroid thus staying in the belt, continuing its existence. But let us look at another universe where the same asteroid actually hits the other asteroid, knocking out of the asteroid belt.

It travels towards the third rock from the sun on a one-way collision course. Now when most asteroids take this trip, they either miss the Earth and continue on, or burn up in the Earth's atmosphere, never reaching the planet's surface. A select few actually survive the trip and impact the Earth's surface either by chance or design. Now let us consider the fact that more than half the Earth's surface is covered in water, so you have a two to one shot it will actually hit dry land. Large odds for a solitary asteroid.

This asteroid, however, is a lucky asteroid. Not only did this asteroid survive the trip, it struck land. The land it struck is what makes this asteroid very particular. Its landing site is in Japan, a small landmass comparing to places like Asia and the Americas. The place it strikes in Japan is the Okayama area, a fairly popular place. The point of impact for this meteorite is a cave. Normally this wouldn't be special, but the cave itself held an entity for nearly seven hundred years. Now normally a normal strike to the cave wouldn't do anything, but the meteorite struck the inside of the cave, destroying the stand holding a sword with three gems on the hilt and a giant stone hanging from the ceiling. This caused the seal holding the entity to break, opening the door to the interior to the cave.

The entity noticed this. It raised itself and looked up seeing the door open. It knew it would be only a matter of time before it regained its strength and escaped, just as long as no one noticed it's escape. It would soon be free.

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