Like Mother Like Son

A Ranma - Tenchi Muyo Ah My Goddess Crossover

Chapter Sixteen

A/N: This chapter, as previously stated, will tackle the questions concerning the AMG world. It will give insights on how it has changed with Urd being on assignment during that time period. More importantly, it will also show where in the timeline it is.


The next morning, Belldandy walked into the living room slightly tired where she saw Skuld staring at something slightly bored. "Good Morning Skuld. How are you today? What are you looking at?"

"Hey sis. It's Hermes. He's been hiding here since last night without saying a single word."

"Oh my." Belldandy walked over to the couch where Hermes was still hiding behind. "Good Morning Hermes-san. Are you alright? You look terrified."

Hermes looked at Belldandy. "Morning?" he asked softly. "It's morning?"

Belldandy smiled. "Yes it is. Would you like some breakfast?"

Hermes smiled. "I would." Hermes then proceeded to stand up. "Thank Kami-sama it's morning."

Skuld looked slightly confused. "What's so important about this morning?"

Hermes involuntarily shuddered. "You don't want to know."

"But I do," Skuld countered. "Especially since you spent all of last night hiding behind our couch."

Hermes slightly chuckled. "It's nothing I tell you." Skuld was giving Hermes a disbelievingly stare. "Really."

A knock was heard from the door. "Oh my, a visitor this early?" Belldandy asked while going to the front door. When she answered it, she was quite surprised to see their guest. "Oh, good morning Mara."

"Belldandy, could you get your attack robots off of me?" Mara slightly growled. Benpei was behind her poking her with a staff with a four leaf clover on the tip while Sigel was holding a lucky cat statue next to Mara.

"Have you come in peace Mara?" Belldandy asked slightly defensively. Past encounters with Mara, especially at the temple, have proven to be eventful.

"I'd rather not be here myself, but I have orders," Mara reluctantly admitted. "I am also ordered not to cause problems… for now."

Belldandy nodded her head, seeming to believe that Mara was telling the truth. "Please stand down Benpei and Sigel," she asked the robot guards politely. "Thank you for your service." Belldandy stepped to the side to let Mara through. "Please come in Mara. Would you like some breakfast?"

Mara grumbled an affirmative as she walked towards the living room. Skuld immediately shot up when she spotted the demon first class walking in. "Mara! What are you doing here?"

"I'm under orders, you little squirt, so don't make me test my no trouble making order."

Skuld pulled out one of her bombs and her mallet. "Oh yeah? Well I don't trust you, and if you think you can just…"

"Skuld, that is enough." Belldandy stated from the other side of the room. "She has come to our home without the intention to cause a fight, so we will not invoke one either."

Skuld reluctantly put her weapons away. "Okay sis."

Belldandy smiled. "Now wait here as I prepare some breakfast, then we can talk about what brings you here today Mara."

After breakfast was made and Keiichi woke up, the group devoured Belldandy's good cooking. "I admit that was good," Mara stated while rubbing her belly and picking her teeth with a toothpick.

Belldandy poured some tea for everyone in the room. "Thank you Mara. Now can we discuss why you're here?"

"And why Hermes was hiding behind our couch all last night?" Skuld asked.

Hermes put his hands up in defense. "Hey, I'm sure the two have no relation to each other, so let's hear Mara out."

Mara glared at Hermes. "On the contrary, they go hand in hand, Hermes. Thank you, by the way, for giving half of Neiflhelm a heart attack last night!"

Skuld glared at Hermes. "Oh really? What did you do?"

Hermes started to get really nervous. "It was an accident, okay? I didn't mean it. How was I supposed to know she was emotional?"

"Oh so he being depressed and asking you to go away didn't ring any bells?" Mara said sarcastically.

Hermes looked a bit confused. "How did you know that?"

"We have our ways," Mara replied. "We've been looking closely at this mission of Urd's for years now."

"Mission?" Keiichi asked. "What mission?"

"Are you referring to the Saotome case Mara?" Belldandy asked already knowing the answer.

Mara nodded. "The same."

Hermes looked confused. "Why is Neiflhelm so interested in it?"

Mara crossed her arms. "It wasn't, for the most part, until about four years ago. Hild-sama's been interested in it since Urd set foot on Midguard."

"Hild?" Keiichi asked. "Who's she?"

"The C.E.O. of Neilfhelm," Skuld replied. "But why would she be interested in the mission? Urd told Belldandy that it was a simple monitor and protect mission."

"One assigned by Tsunami-sama herself," Mara countered. "That alone set alarms in Hild-sama's mind, especially since Urd is involved."

Keiichi looked confused. "Why is Urd so important to Hild?"

"Hild is Urd's mother," Belldandy replied.

Skuld was shocked. "What? I knew Urd was half demon, but her mother is the C.E.O. of Neiflhelm?"

"Was there another reason for Hild to keep tabs in the mission Mara?" Belldandy asked.

"For the most part, no," Mara replied, "but that changed four years ago."

"You keep referring to four years ago," Hermes stated. "What happened then?"

Mara started to rub her arms. "Remember when I cursed Keiichi to become a scooter, Belldandy?"

Belldandy placed her teacup down and folded her hands in her lap. "It was… eventful. You never did tell us why you changed Keiichi back."

Keiichi looked confused. "You mean you didn't get her to change me back Bell?"

Belldandy shook her head. "No. When I awoke, you were returned to your original form and Mara was gone."

Mara continued to rub her arms. "Well… you are right, I did undo the curse, but it was your sister that got me to do it."

Belldandy looked slightly confused. "You mean Urd?"

Mara nodded. "After I had successfully subdued you and Keiichi I was celebrating when she appeared. She took one look at you and then glared at me." Mara started shivering. "I started to nag her about how I wasn't going to unlock Keiichi's curse and that I had beaten you in a fight. Probably the worst move I could have made."

"So you and sis fought?" Skuld asked.

"Fought?" Mara started to shake her head. "It wasn't a fight. My slight fatigue from battling Belldandy and Urd's pure rage made it a one-sided bout."

Everyone in the room was listening intently to Mara's recollection of the day. "After beating me she found the Demon CD in Bell's belongings. Using that she started sending me to that space again. As I begged and pleaded for mercy she started laughing. That laugh…" Mara shivered. "It chilled me to the bone. As I looked up at her, I swore that I was looking at Hild-sama."

"A dark silhouette bathed in a white light with black feathered wings spanning from her back, laced with white tips. Cold, colorless eyes staring at you with a smile promising nothing but misery. You pause in utter terror as her presence overwhelms you, causing you to tremble speechlessly while obeying every word coming out of her mouth."

Everyone in the room turned towards Hermes who had just spoken. "Whoa," was all Keiichi could manage.

"It was only by mentioning about Keiichi and how important he was to you, Belldandy, that I was able to get her to stop," Mara continued. "After agreeing to release Keiichi from the curse and point towards where you were living that I was able to leave."

Skuld started to shake her head. "She wouldn't act like that. You're lying."

"So the reason Hild is interested in Urd is to bring her to the demon side?" Keiichi asked.

Mara smirked. "Precisely, Keiichi. That is her intention. Or rather, it was."

"Her intentions have changed?" Belldandy asked.

Mara frowned. "I wouldn't say changed, but they are altered."

"You're lying!" Skuld shouted. "I know Urd. She may be rude, brazen, and mean to me, but she's nothing like you described. Nothing!"

Everyone looked at Skuld who was holding back tears. Mara shook her head. "Sorry kiddo, but even you must have seen the changes. Don't you notice how differently she's been acting lately?"

Belldandy sat next to Skuld and started to comfort her. "We have, but Urd was not forthcoming in details till as of late. Even then, she hasn't told us much."

Mara nodded. "I see. Figures she would keep shit to herself."

"Mara, why is Nieflhelm so worried about Urd?" Hermes asked. "We all know she's half demon and all, and that she has inherited some of her mother's traits, but you're acting like she could blow up the world at any moment."

"First off," Mara growled. "She may be labeled as a Goddess Second Class, but it is not due to her power level. Secondly, she might be able to destroy this world, and more, if she tried."

Hermes looked confused. "Huh? What do you mean by that?"

Mara growled. "Why did they put such an idiot as yourself with her at a time like this?"

Velsper, who had been resting peacefully next to Hermes's couch, jumped up and swatted Hermes on the back of the head causing Hermes to flinch. "Hey, stop that. That's not a scratching post."

Mara chuckled. "It seems even the cat knows how stupid you are."

"Velsper," Belldandy said a little admonishingly. "Come here."

Velsper gave one last look to Hermes and jumped off the couch and walked up to Belldandy. Belldandy pointed at Velsper. "Do not hit people. That was a bad thing to do." Hermes could have sworn the cat looked a little smug while Belldandy was talking to it.

The doorbell rang while everyone was absorbing what was said so far. "I'll get it," Keiichi said while standing up.

Hermes glanced over to Mara. "So if I'm so stupid, enlighten me. If it isn't because of her power level that she's a Second Class, then why is it?"

Mara chuckled. "Simple, you moron. She constantly swears, lies, and doesn't like to follow protocol. Even I know that, and I'm never in Asguard."

"In terms of power, Hermes," Belldandy said while gently rubbing Skuld's back, "Urd is more powerful than I am. I have more control, but in raw power, few can match, let alone beat, my sister."

"And you're supposed to be the best messenger there is," Mara said disapprovingly. "How is it you didn't know this?"

Hermes shrugged. "Didn't bother to do any research. I just assumed."

Keiichi came into the living room just before Mara had the chance to throw the much deserved punch into Hermes's face. "Uh, Bell. We have a small… Uhhh…I shouldn't have said that."

"I do not need for you to keep rubbing it in, Morisato," a childlike voice stated from behind him.

Keiichi groaned. "Sorry."

Belldandy looked behind her husband. "Peorth? Is that you?"

Behind Keiichi was indeed Peorth, who was in the body of a child. Her normal outfit, consisting of a black bikini held together by belts, was also small to fit her form.

"Oui, it is," Peorth sighed.

Mara chuckled. "No way. You're still a squirt? Now that's funny."

Peorth growled. "It is not funny at all. And don't call me squirt." Peorth's angel, Gorgeous Rose, appeared behind her goddess ready to strike.

Keiichi looked slightly confused. "Wait, your power's returned?"

Peorth nodded. "Oui, it has, but unfortunately, my form has not."

"Has anyone in Asgard been able to do anything for you?" Belldandy asked.

Peorth shook her head as she walked into the living room. "Non."

"So why come here?" Hermes asked.

"I was told only the demon who cursed me can bring me back." Peorth looked around. "Does anyone know where Velsper is? Last time I saw him was here at this temple."

Keiichi started to chuckle nervously. "Funny thing actually."

Peorth noticed that Mara was barely holding her laughter in. "What is it?"

The cat named Velsper started to rub Peorth's legs. "I didn't know you had a cat Belldandy. What is its name?"

Belldandy smiled. "Velsper." Belldandy suddenly remembered something. "Who I forgot to feed this morning. Oh my, I'll be right back."

Upon hearing the name, Peorth looked at Velsper closely. She immediately noticed how alike Velsper the demon and the cat were. She quickly put two and two together. "Mo. Ri. Sa. To."

Keiichi slowly walked up to Peorth fully knowing that he was in trouble. "Yes?"

Peorth floated up to Keiichi's eye level and stared at him right in the eyes. "Is this cat…"

"Keep your voice down," Keiichi whispered. "Bell isn't supposed to know."

Peroth glanced over to Belldandy, who was busy feeding Velsper. "I see. And does he?"

Keiichi shook his head, fully knowing what she was trying to ask. "Reincarnated with no memories."

Peorth became depressed as she floated down to the ground. "Not good."

Hermes started to pat Peorth on the shoulder. "That's okay. I'm sure something can be done."

Peorth smiled slightly in response. She sat down on the couch next to Skuld. "Hey Skuld, what's the matter? You look sad."

"I don't want her to change," Skuld said sadly. "I want my big sister back."

Peorth was slightly confused and looked up to Morisato for clarification.

Keiichi returned to his seat. "She's talking about Urd. We were just talking about her."

Peroth nodded. "I see. How is she these days? I hardly ever see her."

Belldandy returned from the kitchen and sat down next to Skuld. "Not well, I'm afraid. Mara was just about to inform us of a few things."

Peroth slightly glared at Mara. "Oh really? And why would she do that?"

"Orders," Mara bluntly replied. "Haven't you ever heard of the old saying 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth'?"

Peroth crossed her arms. "Well, you are a demon after all. I have learned to take anything demons say with a shaker of salt."

"I also have orders not to lie." Mara sneered. "Hild-sama's taking the fun out of everything for this visit."

"You are not able to lie?" Skuld asked with a sneer. "That is believable. Not."

"Skuld, Peorth" Belldandy said admonishingly. "Be kind. Mara has come with no bad intentions and has said no lies." Belldandy looked over to Mara. "I am sorry for everything. They are not usually like this."

Mara waved Bell off. "Whatever. Let's get this over with." Mara cleared her throat. "Hild-sama requests your help with monitoring and possibly detaining Urd."

Everyone look at Mara confused. "Run that by me again," Keiichi stated.

Mara slightly growled. "I said Hild-sama requests your help to monitor and possibly detain Urd. It's not that hard of a request to understand."

"Mara, why would Hild ask us this?" Belldandy asked highly confused.

Mara crossed her arms. "You may or may not know this, but Hild-sama is forbidden to directly interfere with Urd's life as a goddess by Kami."

"I did not know that," Belldandy said a little shocked. "Father never mentioned it."

"Not surprising," Mara said nonchalantly. "Another rule was that Hild could not visit Urd without Urd calling first. But Hild is worried about Urd and the outbursts she's had with her demonic powers since being on this case. She has some people observing Urd, but none of them have the ability to calm Urd down should she get angry again."

"Am I the only one missing something?" Peorth asked. "Why would Hild be so interested in Urd?"

Skuld moved over to answer the goddess's question while Belldandy thought about what Mara has asked. "Mara, what is it that you are not telling us?"

"What!" Peroth said in utter shock. "They are related by blood?"

Mara leaned back in her seat. "I do not know the details, but Hild is very concerned about Urd's power outbursts. I have not seen her worry about much, but this whole affair with the Saotome kid has her not thinking straight."

"Hild is worried about her daughter," Belldandy said. "It is only natural."

Mara shrugged. "Well, whatever is going on, we need to put a stop to it. Neiflhelm runs best when Hild-sama isn't distracted."

"What would we be required to do if we agree to this?" Peorth asked.

"You aren't considering listening to this, are you?" Skuld asked shocked and slightly appalled.

"I am," Peorth replied. "This may be the best chance to get my body back. If a demon placed the spell on me, it stands to reason a demon may be able to lift it."

Mara shrugged. "Maybe. She didn't say anything about rewarding you for this, but I could put in a word or two."

Belldandy thought about everything that was said. "Mara, what does Hild have in mind for this?"

Skuld was even more shocked. "Belldandy? You too?"

Belldandy nodded. "I too had felt Urd's power spike last night and I am indeed worried. I fear with everything going on that something bad may happen soon."

Skuld sighed. "I see you're point sis, but can we trust Mara?"

Mara chuckled. "Now that is a good question. One you have to answer for yourself."

Peorth stood up and walked over to Mara. "You haven't answered my question yet."

Mara smirked. "Well, there are a few details we do need to discuss about."

Skuld had in impending feeling of dread with the whole situation since Mara had arrived at the door that morning. Something was off, and Skuld couldn't put her finger on it. She wanted to say it was Mara herself, but deep down, Skuld couldn't prove that. She looked towards Belldandy who was looking out of the window. "Sis, is everything alright?"

Skuld's mood didn't improve any when her sister didn't respond.


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