Okay, next part. sigh I know this took a while, sorry. I just want it to end, seriously, it refuses to be written! Thanks to glinda for betaing, hope you all enjoy

The room changed.

She didn't notice at first, but there was something, very gently tugging at her mind. Her vision blurred, the feeling of a cold breeze was sending shivers down her spine, tiring her, making her dizzy.

She blinked away tears that had formed without her noticing, seeing some of them hitting the steel grating she was facing.

She looked around in surprise, realizing she was alone in the med bay. She stood up, out of the kneeling position on the floor. The Doctor was gone, as was Jack.

Something else had changed, although she couldn't grasp what. The air was hot again, as in her dream. Even the taste of electricity in her mouth was back. Did she fall asleep again? If she was dreaming it was a very vivid dream. And it would be the fist dream she considered that she was actually dreaming in.

She looked around, watching strange patterns of light dance across the floor again. They looked familiar somehow, almost like the post-it notes the Doctor kept sticking everywhere.

She shrugged and pinched herself. Just in case.

That hurt, but it clearly didn't change anything. This was strange. Would the two men leave her on her own? The hotness and the faint golden aura surrounding everything, perhaps something was wrong with the ship. She decided to head for the console room, with the slight hope of finding her answers there.

She turned around, but the door was gone. Not exactly gone, but replaced by a mirror, showing herself now, considering the former doorway with a confused look. The tiny voice grew louder, telling her something was very wrong. Fear wormed its way back into her veins, leaving a cold feeling in her stomach.

Her reflection looked back at her, smiling.

Was she smiling? Certainly not.

She frowned, but the girl in the mirror kept smiling. She raised her hand to touch the cool surface of the glass, but her reflection didn't imitate her movement. It was still smiling, standing still.

"That's not me in the mirror, is it?"

It was more of a statement than a question, although she couldn't totally hide the fear in her voice.


The voice seemed to speed through her mind, echo in the silence around here, distorted but still understandable. Almost feeling golden.It was hers, but she wasn't the one talking. She knew who this was, a feeling, almost an instinct had whispered it to her.

The Doctor had always told her that his ship was sentient in a way, but she guessed that even he had never seen anything like an avatar of the TARDIS. Looking like her. She wondered what that was supposed to mean.


"What do you want?"

The thought that she must look ridiculous talking to a mirror crossed her mind.

The smile of her reflection faded when it reached out towards her, came stepping smoothly through the glass. This ship had a strange way to communicate, she still wasn't sure if this was a dream or not. Feelings hurtled through her mind, alien, old, clearly not hers. She understood the most important one though: Concern.

Can't stay long. Help him. My Doctor.

"We're trying!"

Lost, must find him.

"I don't understand."

Can't lose him.

That was her own feeling of fear pulsing through her mind now, mixed with the alieness of the ship. She agreed. Her reflection smiled again.

Not much time left. Find him.


Her copy reached out, her movements blurry, either too fast or too slow for her to see, touching her temple. The feeling of warmth spread through her mind.

In there. I'll help. No time left now. Sleep.

Her reflection waved and dissolved into golden light. The sudden brightness made her blink, then looking up again. The entire room seemed to shift, she felt like falling before she realized that she was lying on her back, staring into was a lamp on the ceiling.

Slowly the world began to swim back into focus. There was a shadow hovering above her.

"Come on Rose, wake up."

Jack's voice drifted into the brightness, the feeling of his hand softly caressing her face bringing her back to awareness.

She raised a hand, wiping away blood that dripped down into his eye. He winced when she moved higher and came to touch a nasty looking cut, just above his brow.

"Are you hurt?" She shook her head, slowly, still feeling dizzy. "You?"

He grinned "I think I hit something when I passed out. Typical." and helped her sit up.

She took a look at the med bay, suddenly as real as before again. The heat was gone, the door was back, but her head was still spinning. She rubbed her eyes to chase the feeling away.

"What happened?"

The Captain offered her an arm, pulling her onto her legs. She swayed, but her knees didn't give way.

"Another fit. Pulled us in with him."

He gestured towards the table on which she had sat on so carelessly before. The Doctor was lying on it, once more unmoving. She hurried over, her knees still weak and took his hand into hers, silently pleading for a response. But his eyes stayed closed. She felt tears threatening to leave her eyes and bit her lip to stop them. They didn't have time for that. Jack came to stand behind her, pulling her into an embrace.

"I did another few scans. I don't think he'll ever wake up again."

His words didn't even register.

He had waited for her sobbing, at least a flinch from his ugly truth, but instead she stayed still in his arms. Perfectly still, almost like the alien in front of them. He stayed silent, being left with his own thoughts. Still he almost missed her mumbling

"The TARDIS spoke to me." He needed a moment to let the words sink in.

When they finally had, he turned her around in his arms. "What?"

Smooth Jack, really smooth.

"The ship. While I was unconscious. I think she wants me to help him."

She didn't even seem to see his raised eyebrow. "Rose, this is a ship, not a person."

"The Doctor uses to say she's sentient... gets inside our heads and stuff."

"Ok, lets consider for a moment that you didn't just have a bad dream." He let go of her, to pace around the med bay. He could always think better if not distracted by holding a gorgeous female.

"How is she supposed to help?" Her shoulders slumped, defeated.

"I don't know."

She bent down, picking up the useless med bay acessoires which still littered the floor. He sighed, trying to think of something to do next.

"You lost this." she was holding out thelittle injector towards him.

He sighed. "Don't think I'll need it anymore."

She took another look at it, tears now clearly visible hurrying down her face.

"Oh, Rose." he hugged her again, but still she wasn't nearly losing it as much as he thought she should. Seemed like she was more of a fighter than he had admitted.

"If only I had understood the TARDIS better..."

He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, trying to calm her. She was really considering this was her fault? Sweet girl. Still, they needed to get out of here. And he needed her functioning to do this. "Rose, please. It was just a dream. Now we have t-"

Big brown eyes were looking at him in surprise. "But that's it! Sleeping! She said 'sleep'!" she let go of him, wiping away the tears with the back of her hand, eyes back on the silvery object she was still gripping.

She took another step back, nervous hands fumbling on the only button, digging the end into the skin of her arm.

It was done before he could even reach her, before he could even shout her name. All he was left to do was to catch her body as she fainted.

Stupid girl. There was enough sleeping agent in there to take out a baby Drashigg.

He cradled her form, quickly scanning her with his wristcomp, letting out a relieved sigh when he saw that it hadn't affected her as badly as he first thought.

He pushed a strand of hair out of her face "Stupid girl.", carrying her over to the examining table.

Smooth Jack, very smooth. Two down. Seems like you're on your own again.