Title: Forget

Author: NNWest

AN: Thank you to my beta reader Kel!

Anxiously they waited; wordless, but both making a show of being occupied. Jack huddled under the console, toying uselessly with a bundle of exposed circuitry, his gaze wandering repeatedly to the doors. Rose sat nearby, staring through the words on the magazine page in front of her while she absently wound a lock of her blonde hair around her finger. Both of them were lost in their own thoughts, but they shared the same concern.

When the doors finally swung open to admit the Doctor, the ashen tight-lipped expression on his face told them everything they needed to know. He closed the doors behind him and made no further move, standing stock still staring into middle distance. Rose was the first to react, flinging aside the magazine and crossing to him.

"Oh, Doctor," she said slipping her arms around his waist to hug him to her. "I'm so sorry," she mumbled into his chest. Belatedly, he seemed to realize she was there, placing a hand on her back. His eyes closed as if to hide the shimmer of an unshed tear.

"I know that telling you that you did what was necessary will not diminish the pain." Jack had come to stand close by, putting a hand on the Doctor's shoulder. "No words can ever do that. But," he reached to brush a stray lock of hair away from Rose's face as she looked up at him, question in her eyes, "you can forget, however briefly."

The Doctor startled as Jack's lips brushed over his, his eyes flying open to betray his confusion. The Doctor made no other move.

Jack slid the hand on the Doctor's shoulder up to cup his cheek. "Trust me," he said, leaning in again. The Doctor's eyes closed again as Jack kissed him once more, tenderly.

He let them lead him from the console room, slowly following down the corridor to his room. Allowed them to undress and lay him down.

They loved him and, in turn, he loved them. Briefly, the pain was supplanted by their love, their passion. Finally, they slept--tangled together and spent...and forgetful.