Draco's POV on Caroline

I watch Caroline, sitting next to me in the common room doing her homework. Being careful so as not do be notice I hungrily devour her with my eyes: Beautiful black wavy hair, all the way down to her shoulders. Perfect creamy skin with rosy cheeks and shiny dark eyes.My heart beats faster as she turnes to me to ask for my ruler her beautiful eyes dance as she smiles at me and I'm miles away. I never thought I would feel this way about any girl. They're all silly and too into their looks. But, when I met Caroline, I knew she was different. She never kept looking at herself in a mirroir even though she had more of a reason then the others. She was just herself. And,the more I look at her, the more I think how lucky I am and I realise what I'm living for and my greatest ambition in life: to make her my wife. She has taught me that we are all unique and special in different ways.But, she is more then special to me and is certainly unique. She finishes her homework, turns to me with a smile that goes to my head like wine and informs me that she has finished. Then she kisses me, a deep, soft kiss, and nestles her head against my chest I hold her tight and vow to protect her and to love her always. She replies the same. And, although, I can't see her smile, I feel it, like a deep warm feeling that spreads throughout the body. I kiss her head gently and dream about our future.