The last time I saw him

Revan stepped off the ship and walked forward to the city square where people lay on the ground anywhere, bruised, broken, and bleeding bodies.

He stepped lightly, taking care where he walked as he knelt down besides a crying woman holding a near dead child, tears in his eyes as the woman sobbed. Revan held out his hand and touched the bloodied child's forehead with one hand, as it glowed briefly orange, transferring energy from Revan's body to the child.

"Get away from my child, Sith!" The woman screamed at Revan who stared back with equal intensity.

"I am no Sith, Miss, I am only doing what needs to be done." Revan gestured to the child who was breathing now, "she'll live. Take care of her; she deserves a life away from war."

"Who are you?" The gasp was collective as Revan stood up straight and looked around him at all the people staring at him with amazement, awe, curiosity…

"My name is Revan Ferro. And I am here to fight for your lives. The Mandalorians will die today, not the innocent and others." And that was the last I ever saw of Revan without his mask, after that day he started to wear it non-stop and no one knew what he looked liked as the years past by.

He came by to visit, though he never removed his mask in public again. I always think back to that when I remember him and I wondered about it until I realized that if he was as visible as the Republic Fleet Admirals or some important official, there would be no hiding his life.

People say Jedi are useless, and the Sith are terrible. And then they say it the other way around.

Sometimes I wonder if he was ever scared, ever frightened, and to the reason why we never saw him without that mask after that time.

He visited me and Angel from time to time... We've never spoken our love, but its there for what reason I do not know.

He is the only father Angelknows and she loves him and sometimes when he is certain it is safe, he'll remove his mask for her.

But he hasn't come back for a long time now. And Angel said something was wrong with him.

I can only hope my lover is safe, wherever he is..

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