--Prologue --

Triss looked up as her mother entered the room softly and quietly. She was alone and she looked shaken as she stumbled her way to the sink. Triss was about to speak to her mother when she stopped and watched as her mother did something she had never seen her do before.

Her mother was crying and… well, throwing things with the Force. Triss scared now, as she crouched in the corner, hidden from her mother's sight.

"He left me… left us… Why? Why did he run away from me, too?" Bastila Shan stood there, with her fists shaking as she clenched them.

The pain Malak had inflicted on her was nothing, nothing compared to this.

Revan had stayed for six years after the destruction of the Star Forge and for a while she had been able to merely relax in his arms, and they loved each other dearly, the two of them as he went around from planet to planet, giving aid to the less fortunate.

And then she had had Triss and Revan was more happy then she had ever seen him before, expect for maybe once or twice in the past.

Bastila felt the tears coming on in floods and did nothing to stop them as she collapsed onto her bed… their bed.


Bastila looked up and saw Triss standing there uncertainly as she stared at her mother in fear. "What's wrong? Where's Daddy?"

Bastila did not answer, as she stared at her daughter, seeing Revan, so much of Revan in her daughter's face that she could not answer and look at her daughter. Bastila turned away and curled up on the bed, sobbing even more.

Even when he was gone, he was still here to haunt her. He wouldn't let her go…

"Mommy, I'm scared!" Triss wailed when her mother who looked as though she had been stabbed through the heart turned away from her daughter.

She hugged her mother who merely sat there, sobbing and Triss started to cry to. Her mother had never, ever not hugged her, or protected her in return.

And now she was being pushed away from her mother as Bastila stood and walked over to the dresser where pictures of her and Revan and other people where posted.

There was one picture missing though. In fact, Bastila realized, there were several pictures missing!

"Revan." She growled in a low voice, "Revan took them with him."

Bastila's hand started to crackle with electricity and her eyes slowly went from sapphire blue to bronze flam, yellowing quickly.

Triss took one look at her mother's face, and ran crying from the room to Jolee's quarters, to Juhani somewhere that was going to be safe. She didn't know her mother anymore, and she didn't want too…

Triss ran and ran until she ran right into a wall of carpet and fell down. A paw reached gently down and picked up the little six year old girl carefully.

"Big Z, I need that hyper spanner, please." A hand from underneath the ship that was currently gutted, felt around for the needed tool.

"…Zaalbar!" Mission complained and felt for the tool, "stop playing around, it's not funny!"

Zaalbar shook his head and growled softly as he cradled the still crying child in his arms quietly, "we have a visitor, Mission."

"What do you mean by a visitor?" Mission was confused and puzzled as she lay back on he bench fiddling with the controls on her wrist pad. "Hang on, Zaalbar; no one's able to access this… All right, I'm coming out and then we'll …Triss!"

Mission looked up in surprise as she slid out from underneath a ship and flipped the goggles up on her face, leaving two circle marks around her eyes, everything else covered in engine grease.

She took the girl from Zaalbar and hugged her tightly, "what's wrong Triss? What's the matter?"

"Mommy… and Daddy..."

Was all the reply Mission got, but it was enough to make Mission wonder what was wrong with Revan and Bastila. Perhaps another fight though hopefully that wasn't the case.

"Triss," Mission coaxed gently, "what happened with Mommy and Daddy?"

But Triss did not reply, only sobbing harder and burying her face in Mission's coat. Zaalbar turned to Mission, his bowcaster out at the ready,

"Let's go see Jolee and Juhani," he woofed and Mission nodded, snagging her blaster from the top of a crate as the three of them started to walk down the Great Walkway.

It was going to be a long time to get to Jolee and Juhani, down in the Shadowlands.

Jolee sat up, a moment before Juhani jerked out of her meditation trance. Jolee stood up and quickly went over to the door, while Juhani gathered some food and supplies from the various crates spread throughout Jolee's old hut.

Both of them openly wore their lightsabers and proud classes of a Jedi watchman or woman in Juhani's case and a Jedi Master in Jolee's, though he continually insisted that he was not a Jedi Master.

Jolee opened the door, to find a tired Mission, and Zaalbar standing there, with Triss in Mission's arms, sobbing like there was no tomorrow.

For an instant Jolee gaped at the three people before Juhani snapped him out of it by hissing suddenly and took Triss away from Mission.

Juhani started to rock Triss back and forth, whispering words of her language into Triss' ear as she pulled a blanket over the small girl, sitting on the bed. Triss soon stopped crying and fell asleep on Juhani.

"Wish we could have done that on the way here. She attracted a lot of noise." Mission remarked offhandedly as she flopped down onto an overstuffed chair.

"What's this all about?" Jolee demanded and placed his hands on his hips as he stared at Mission and Zaalbar, "and where's Revan and Bastila!"

"I don't know; we were working on some of the shuttles when Triss came in crying and then we came down here!' Mission snapped back before she stood up, "maybe I should take her back, if there's more yelling to be done, all of this won't do her any good."

Jolee growled and put out his hand, "now wait just a minute, kid!" He snapped as Mission glared at him, "where are Revan and Bastila?"

"I don't know, old man, why don't you and Juhani use that blasted Force of yours to find them?" Mission screamed, whipping her blaster pistol out of its well worn holster on her hip, pointing it at the old man.

Triss sat up, and looked at her father's friends ready to fight each other. It was her parents' all over again, as soon as her father had left, everything fell apart.

Juhani was standing between Mission and Jolee now, trying to calm the upset girl and angry man while Zaalbar growled and gestured, speaking in rapid barks and grunts waving his hands at them.

No one saw Triss move from the bed quietly and sneak out of the hut, away into the Shadow Lands.

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