-- Prologue --

Faelyn struggled against her captor's arms as the two hulking guards dragged her up to the podium. She tried to twist out of their arms but to no avail could she do anything.

A hand slapped her on the face making her head ring and her vision blacken as she dropped to the floor, "stop your struggling, useless slave!"

A voice in Mandalorian hissed in her ears as she lay crumpled in a moaning heap on the ground. Dimly she was aware of her hand where being chained to the podium, the chains being drawn tight as they clinked against the ground.

She looked up to see the sword of her executor staring at her. Faelyn did not close her eyes as the Mandalorian raised his blade high over his head, to bring it down on her, but it never came…

"…Faelyn! Faelyn, wake up! It's only a dream!" Her husband's frantic cries woke Faelyn from her sweat drenched nightmare as she shuddered and sobbed against his chest.

"Faelyn shush, you're going to be alright now." He smoothed back her hair and looked deeply into her face, his eyes holding concern as she let tears fall down her face.

"I… I… saw you…" Faelyn whispered, thinking about to her nightmare, more as though it had been a vision… "You are going to lead your troops to victory and the galaxy will remember your name, as your troops cheer for you and follow you with question…"

He smiled, "there is that so bad, my dear? When I win the war, you will rule by my side, love…"

Faelyn did not have the heart to tell him what was going to happen to her. She was going to die, that Faelyn knew for sure… and there was Revan as well.

Revan would never know her father now, for Faelyn and her husband would have to leave, become apart.

"What about, Revan, love?" Faelyn asked, pulling on her silk robe as she walked over to revan's crib and picked the not-sleeping baby from the crib.

His face hardened in the moonlight, "she may see my face now, but after I leave, she will never see my face again."

"Love, that is hardly…" Faelyn's protest was broken off by her husband's angry voice.

"If it was known I had a daughter and wife, there'd be attempts on your life and Revan! If they found you, you would die horribly and then they would either use Revan as a slave or turn her into something else not my daughter!"

"She's my daughter as much as she is yours!" Faelyn hissed; staring at the man she had grown to love, with hatred. "She is my daughter and she will become a great Jedi one day!"

"And she is my daughter and a mandalorian child too! She will become the ruler of Mandalorians one day, Faelyn, and I must teach her my ways."

"While I live, you will not take Revan away from me, mandalorian swine!"

Power crackled from the tips of Faelyn's fingers as he advanced towards her, his eyes shining with the prospect of battle.

Revan's wailing cry broke the tension as Faelyn let go of the Force, and started to comfort their daughter quickly.

He sighed as he looked out their window and then turned to his wife and daughter; "Faelyn, go back to Deralia and take her with you… If you teach her all she will need to know and more, then it will be best this way…"

"Teran, are you sure, you will be able to live without seeing our daughter again? Or me for that matter?" Faelyn's voice was a whisper as she looked into his eyes.

"No, I will not… I'll come and visit as much as I can, but I can leave these for her…"

He placed a small holo-player in Revan's tiny hands, causing her to giggle delightedly and he smiled as she tried to put it immediately in her mouth; Teran took it back, allowing Revan to grab hold of his finger instead.

"I'll go to back to Deralia, love… and Revan will learn more than she could ever dream of…"

Tears brimmed in her eyes as Faelyn smiled sadly at her daughter, aware of her presence in the Force already, a bright and brilliant flare that pulsed with power untold in limits.

There was a sudden crash echoing outside of their apartment and the voices and feet running down the halls made Teran and Faelyn jump apart.

"…Mandalore! Sith have invaded us…!" Maria rushed in, dragging her little brother Canderous behind her as she stood in full battle armour looking fearfully at Canderous and Faelyn.

"They're after Revan and Faelyn!" She said quickly, and Canderous grabbed onto his sister as she shot the door controls.

"I'm scared!" Canderous wailed as Revan started to cry in Faelyn's arms, the disruptions to the Force around them, upsetting her.

"Make her silent, Faelyn, even if you have to suffocate her!" Teran hissed as Maria hustled Canderous over to Faelyn's side.

"Teran!" Faelyn admonished, her anger flaring at the thought of harming her daughter as he grabbed his weapons and began to belt them on.

"Stay with Lady Faelyn and do exactly as she says, Canderous…" Maria hissed in her brother's terrified face, tears streaming down his face.

"No! I don't want to lose you too, Ria'!" Canderous screamed and grabbed Maria around the neck as she struggled to stand. Teran was busy buckling his armour on, so he did not try to correct the child, perhaps Canderous would grow up to be tougher after this anyways.

"Shush…" Faelyn stroked the top of Canderous' head and when he looked up at her, she smiled at the young boy. "It'd be okay, Canderous, Maria and Teran are going to go and protect us from the Sith… we'll be fine."

Canderous stopped crying at the thought of this and Maria flashed a grateful look at Faelyn as she hugged her brother for the last time. All the adults knew they'd never see each other again more than likely, that Maria and Teran would mostly die in the attack rather than live through it by no fault of their own.

"Goodbye Canderous Ordo… Make me proud, little brother…" Maria whispered as she cuffed him over the ear lightly, and placed her huge rifle in the boy's hand.

She stood and raced out of the room, Teran close on her heels as the door that was secreted fried shut behind them. Faelyn activated her lightsaber and placed Revan in the cortosis weave armour protected baby vest carrier she had designed with Maria.

"What's going to happen to us?" Canderous asked Faelyn in the mandalorian language, his words fast and clipped in his excietment.

Faelyn looked down at the little boy, only six years old holding his sister's family gun of the Ordo clan. "I don't know Canderous, I don't know…"

No sooner than had those precious words left, her mouth, an explosion shook the entire building.

"Nothing like a battle to keep you young on your feet, Sir." Maria joked quietly as she racked her rifle and kicked the last tripmine in place, her swords catching the light as he looked over at her.

"It's all right to be scared, Maria," Mandalore nodded to the young women, "I am scared to, scared for Revan... for Faelyn... for me... and you. This is all the family I have left; I don't want to lose it anymore than you do."

Maria nodded as the first shouts of blaster fire and swords echoed around them, her hands still shaking as she lowered the helmet over her face. Mandalore signaled everyone to jump at his mark and they ran, over the barrier, screaming and hollering to scare the living day lights out of the enemy. It worked.

Teran grinned as the rush of battle flowed through him and he gutted a man on his virbo sword and another on his dagger. But he did not see the man who he thought dead from the dagger thrust pull his sword up to stab between the armour from where he lay on the ground.

Maria did and she had no way to act execpt only one. "Teran!" Maria screamed out Mandalore's name and dived through the air, throwing herself in front of Teran as the blade cleaved into her chest and not his.

An explosion rocked the area around Teran and Maria, throwing the wounded young woman away from him and towards Faelyn and Teran's home.

She must have fainted because when she opened her eyes, Faelyn was staring down into hers, blood running down her face as she spoke to Maria, though the young woman couldn't hear a word she was saying. Faelyn helped Maria up and the two of them limped to the shuttle, not aware of anything else but one thing... survival.
Ten days later, Teran was scrabbling through the rubble on his hands and knees with his trusted followers, searching for his wife, Revan, and Canderous. Maria had fallen in battle somewhere, lying among the dead and rubble probably, having taken a sword through her gut for Teran and now, Teran had promised himself this, when Canderous was found, he would be trained as a proper Mandalore would be trained and groomed for the task.

"Sir…!" The clipped voice of Casio called over from a little miniature mountain pile of rubble, "we've found the boy!"

Teran raced over and saw that it was indeed Canderous, his sister's repeating blaster of Clan Ordo clutched in his hands.

"The boy was protecting it with his live, Mandalore…"

"Get him out of there and fixed up, I want him ready for training in three days."

Teran walked away and stared up at the sky, anger on his face, flashing as the storm grew fierce.

"So they would take them away from me…" His fists shook with unsurprised anger and Teran gritted his teeth against the anguish he felt.

No, Teran thought, not here, not ever… now was not the time to grieve. There would be no grieving for him, only war. He turned to the waiting troops behind him and spoke through his armoured mask, "gather what supplies are salvageable from the rubble. Tomorrow we prepare for war! The Republic will fall before us!"

"…Mandalore! …Mandalore!"

As the men and women raised their weapons and fists, shouting Teran's title, his birthright and name, he grinned in the mask, allowing one tear slide down his face.

"You were right, Faelyn," he whispered, "my troops will follow me and the galaxy will remember my name."

The woman staggered out of her tiny shuttle, her robes tattered around her, clutching a baby to her chest, her lightsaber trailing on the ground, cutting deep gouges.

Her companion was not in much better shape, only able to crawl out of the door before she sprawled onto the ground her legs still tangled in the shuttle's door.

"I… I… I'm… sorry, Mi'lady…" Maria wheezed as she glazed at Faelyn collapsed on the ground, Revan coushined in the baby carrier, her blue-green eyes wide open and staring at Maria with curiosity. "I fai… failed you, for… forgive me…" Maria's eyes closed as a group of men and women gathered around the two fallen woman.

"Take them to the medical center, and bring back a team to retrieve the supplies." An old woman spoke sharply, the others jumping to her orders, as she turned to a young man. "Coran, go and fetch my young grandson, Jolee. He and his friend will be needed I think…" and Saraina inclined her head, "to heal their injuries."

The gathered crowd set to work, clearing the ruins away and taking anything salavage while Faelyn and Maria were lifted onto med-beds and taken away from the crash-site.

Sariana looked down at the baby in her arms, as Revan looked back at the old woman. "You're nothing but trouble, little one." Sariana said, half-joking as Revan giggled back, a smile on her face.

Sariana smiled back, happy that at least in the time of the gathering darkness some happiness and innocence could be found.

"One day, you'll rule us all with that pretty smile of yours," Sariana clucked her tongue as the baby yawned and closed her eyes.

The old woman didn't know then, how true her words would become one day.

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