-- Chapter 3: Warring --


There where shapes all around her as Maria struggled to sit up but her arms wouldn't obey her body's command.

"Shush… she is waking!" Someone said and then spoke to her, or at least the voice sounded the same.

"It is okay, child. You are safe on Deralia now and no one hunts you or at least they will not find you and your companions."

This time Maria was able to sit up, "no." She gasped, "we'll always be hunted… never be safe… not from them, not them."

The old woman stroked Maria's hand gently, trying to calm the young woman. "Who is your companion and who is the mother of the baby girl?"

Maria hesitated and looked at the old woman, thinking on what to say. To announce that she was Mandalorian would be just as like committing suicide, though and for some reason Maria couldn't say, she 'felt' that she could trust this woman.

Too a degree…

"I'm Maria and my 'friend' is called Faelyn." Maria paused, thinking how strange that she was calling the Lady Faelyn a friend as if she was some common person and not Mandalore's wife.

Maria took a breath that she hadn't realized she had been holding and let it loose, "the baby is called Revan. We where fleeing the Mandalorians when they found us and tried to take us by force."

The old woman nodded, though her eyes narrowed. "An interesting story that would fool most people…" She whispered in Maria's ear in mandalorian.

At this moment Faelyn choice to walk into the small room and scowled at the old woman. "Grashei, leave Maria alone! She has done nothing but help since we had to leave my husband and her child brother."

Grashei stood up and swiftly left the room, but not before Faelyn and Grashei stared intensely at each other, the tension in the room nearly visible.

Maria shook her head, "what was that all about?"

Faelyn sighed, "Grashei is my grandmother. I wasn't able to rescue my sister and her baby son from the Mandalorians so Grashei resents me most of the time, I think. But she loves Revan, who she has only met now…"

Maria smirked, "what an interesting combination. Hates the mother, but loves the daughter… I think you'd find more love in a snake's pit, my lady."

Faelyn arched her eyebrow, "please Maria… I would rather do away with titles for the time being. I am no lady only a woman like you."

Maria shook her head, "if you should wish so. But you are more than 'just' a woman and you are much more than I shall ever become, Faelyn."

There was a pause as the two women stared at each other, each accepting the truth, that what Maria had said was near truth.

Faelyn started to tend to Maria and placed the young woman into a Force trance to help her heal faster. Faelyn looked down into Revan's curious face as she left the tent thoughtfully.

She was so much like her father, but her features echoed Faelyn's so much more. But Revan's eyes were the most striking contrast to her pale skin. Bright blue, and green mixed into them, they where a rare color.

Faelyn smiled sadly as she looked up into the horizon. She hoped that somewhere Teran was looking up into the sky, alive and unhurt.

"One day, Revan… we will find your father again…" Faelyn whispered to her daughter as the night grew darker. "In the future to come, my dearest…"

"In the future to come, my dearest…"

Revan's eyes opened wide as she gasped suddenly and instantly Alana who had fallen asleep holding her friend's hand shot up, startled by the flare in the Force.

"Revan! Oh thank the Force, you're awake!" Alana whirled around in a circle before she remembered where the door was and rushed out, shouting down the hall as she ran towards her friends.

"Arren, Malak… she's awake!"

Arren caught the distraught girl as she collided into the older woman and clasped her shoulders. "Alana, calm down. Now repeat to me what you where saying in a calm manner."

Alana nodded breathlessly, "it's Revan… she's awake now."

Malak who had been standing silently behind Arren Kae suddenly looked up with interest in his eyes. "Revan's awake?" He said and didn't wait for an answer, rushing off to his wife's side.

Arren and Alana looked at each other, Alana shook her head. "Now who's anxious, eh?" Arren sighed and rolled her eyes briefly before looking sternly at Alana. "The child, is the child well?"

Alana paused, all the earlier emotion from before gone now. Instead hesitation, uncertainty and fear shined on her face.

"I… I do not know, Arren. I know that the child lives, but… I think the fight that Revan wishes to for take will complicate matters. And I will not be joining you either."

Arren raised a silent eyebrow and looked at the girl who said nothing, her eyes said it all. "Revan has a mission for you, another mission more important than the fight." Kae sighed and shook her head, "I wish I knew what it was, but I won't press the matter."

She placed her hand on Alana's shoulder and squeezed it briefly before the two women entered Revan's room.

Malak looked up at their entrance, his face heavy and worn; "She's asleep. We didn't talk very long." His voice was hoarse and cracked, "she's going to be okay, right …Alana?"

Alana felt Kae's eyes boring into her as she struggled to answer Malak and failed. Kae stepped forward and rested her hand on the young man, "yes… Revan should heal and recover soon enough, young Xarrio. Now either you must return to your quarters and rest or sleep in the bed over there."

She pointed to the spare compartment which Malak slowly trudged off to, his eyes downcast.

Alana stared at her old master for a minute before she left the room, her robe whisking around the corner in a flash.

Kae sank down into the chair Malak had recently left and stared at Revan's sleeping face. A tear trance its way down her face as she turned away and wept for the loss that Revan had suffered from the galaxy.

"A heroine no longer you will be, after your fighting is gone and done." Kae whispered as Revan mumbled in her sleep briefly.

"Mommy, can I go with Sarina and pick the core gems? Can I… please?"

Faelyn looked up at her impatient six year old daughter, her eyes shinning with the prospect of collecting core gems, that would eventually be suitable for more than just light sources and weapons.

Faelyn clucked her tongue and stared at her daughter in an inquiring way; "have you done your homework, little one?"

Revan was startled for a minute and then nodded eagerly, "yup. I finished it ages ago." She waved her hand in an absentminded gesture and cross her arms again.

"Now may I go… pu-lease?" Revan whooped as Faelyn nodded and went racing off to grab Sarina's hand and toward they started off in the direction of the core gems cove.

Maria melted out of the shadows and clasped Faelyn's shoulder, "are you going to tell her soon?"

Faelyn shook her head, "no… better that she doesn't know and has an innocent childhood to look back upon."

Maria snorted, "Revan's no ordinarily child, Faelyn. She can already use the Force and I'm only Force sensitive, but the kid's strong, very strong."

Faelyn struggled to rise and nearly fell until Maria helped her up-right. "I know, but she should not have to hear that I am slowly dying and that there's no cure for it. Those Sith Assassins weren't after her. They were after me and you."

The haunted look in Faelyn's eyes would never leave Maria's memory for as long as she lived.

Revan glanced up suddenly and looked up into the sky. "Sarina, we have to go back. Something's wrong at the village."

Sarina looked down at the young six year old, who was wise and mature beyond her years. "Are you sure, little one?"

Revan nodded, "yes I am sure. My mother never cuts me off from the bond we share. She's cut me off now."

There where tears in Revan's eyes as she looked up at Sarina tearfully, "why would she do that, what did I do that was so bad?"

"You have done nothing wrong, Revan." Sarina had half pulled her sword out before she recognized Maria's voice and relaxed as the mandalorian guard appeared over the rocks and swept Revan up into a hug.

"You'll be fine little one, everything will work out. You'll see…" Maria whispered as the first of the airships began to race overhead towards the village.

Sarina looked at Maria who replied with her haunted eyes. It was reflected there, everything that was wrong.

The village was under attack, the villagers where fighting for their lives, Faelyn was fighting as well. She was going to die. And the attackers where Mandalorians…

Sarina shivered as these images raced through her mind, due to Maria's skill with the Force. She picked up her blaster and flicked the safety switch off, "we'd best return then…"

Maria nodded curtly and started to move out, carrying Revan in her arms, the battle training apparent in her ready stance.

Revan shifted in her sleep and moved her head to look over at Malak who was sitting besides her, clutching her hand tightly, as tears ran down his face.

"Hey…" Revan's voice was cracked as she tried to speak and found she had to swallow, before she speak properly again. "Its okay, Malak... Nothing's going to happen to us."

He shook his head, "no Revan. This time I can't believe you. I'm scared that something's going to happen. I won't lose you, I can't!"

Revan started to shake her head and winced at the pain it caused. "And nothing will happen, Malak. We love each other. Our love will keep us together always." She smiled wanly at him, "our love and our son…"

Malak was speechless as he stared at Revan "…our son?" His face broke into a craggy smile as he hugged his wife in relief, his tears turning to happiness.

Alana watched from the door as bitterness and anger threatened to overwhelm her.

Malak was a liar, Revan had lied to her. Everything was not going to be the same again. But it was necessary as Revan would tell her.

Alana just feared how necessary it was going to become, to destroy everything.

Heroine turned villain. Alana no longer knew Revan. She wasn't sure, she wanted to know.

Such was her gift and curse from the Force.

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