Disclaimer-I own nothing…not even the plot because it was minion #1's idea.

Dedicated to Minion Number One who wanted a suicide fic where someone actually dies.

A tall redhead stood at the top of the astronomy tower looking over the edge at the battlefield, trying to sort out his thoughts.

She's dead.

The war is over, but she's dead.

She was the reason I kept fighting. After she got hit with that horrible black beam, I wanted to make sure that the caster would pay. Finally, Voldemort fell, and I thought everything would return to normal, but it didn't. As soon as it all ended, I ran up to the hospital wing. She was going to get better, and we were going to get married once we graduated.

I loved her so much.

She was everything I ever had. I grew up with six siblings, and everything was shared. Finally, I had something that was mine, something that I loved more than anything.

They took her away.

Now I have nothing.

Nothing to live for.

With that, the boy climbed onto the stone wall surrounding the open tower, and took one last breath.

I love you 'Mione.

No one knew how he died. They found him with several broken bones, one piercing his heart, lying among the dead of the final battle.

"Pity," One of the aurors said "He looks so young."

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