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Setting: Far-fetched, yes, but worth a try at least. Gohan could have been a girl in at least ONE of the time-lines Trunks mentioned, so that's what I've decided to do. Gohan's name in Japanese is "rice" and another word for that is Konna, so that will be Gohan's female counterpart in this story.

Give it a chance and it will make plenty of sense.

Intro: Piccolo has taken Konna, daughter of his mortal enemy Son Goku, to train in preparation for the Saiyans due to arrive in one year's time. Because the child, only four years old, has shown great potential in martial arts; on her own her power was great enough to severely weaken her evil uncle Radditz, which allowed for Piccolo and Goku to defeat him. Unfortunately, Goku willingly died to make absolute sure his brother was taken out. Then, at the moment of his death, Radditz revealed that two other Saiyans (both far more powerful than he) were on the way.

And so, to give Earth any hope for survival, Konna must be trained to gain control of her awesome power and potential. Unfortunately though, the only one strong enough, or willing enough, to train her is the demon king Piccolo.

Chapter 1

Piccolo flew away from the group of humans, brat in tow. What was he getting himself into? Son would be back soon enough, he should be the one to train his own child. But no, he couldn't. He was always too soft for his own good, the little imp needed discipline to make her tough. But, Kami, what incredible power the girl had shown back there. And these Saiyans on the way, they were going to be a problem…a big problem.

Piccolo looked down at the tangled wad of black hair in the nook of his arm, and grunted. He'd rather blast the girl's head right off her shoulder's than do this…wouldn't he? Yes, of course he would. This was stupid on his part, if the girl got stronger she'd ultimately be a threat. She'd eventually become Piccolo's own worst enemy, next to her father Son.

He landed, and shook the girl.

"Wake up brat." He said, but the child didn't stir.

Piccolo looked up and his gaze fell upon a blue lake, and he smirked. After dropping the girl into the water, and grimacing at the wails that preceded when she came to the surface, Piccolo lost his temper.

"Stop that noise now!" He shouted, and the girl was silent. "I don't want to hear that, you got me?"

The brat nodded her head.

"Where's my dad?" She asked, then sniffled.

Dear Kami, hear we go. Piccolo thought.

"He's dead." Piccolo said, and the harshness of it hit Konna hard. The girl's tear ducts went into overdrive and she sniffled again.

"Do not start that again." Piccolo rumbled. "Your father died to save you from that Saiyan. But now there's two more, even more powerful, on the way."

She stared dumbly up at him, and gaped for a minute.

"So I'm going to train you, make you learn to control that awesome power you have locked up inside you." Piccolo smirked again, and the girl made an odd expression.

"What power?" She asked. "I don't have any power. Besides, why don't you beat them. Next to daddy, you're the strongest fighter in the world…right?"

"Yeah, but that Saiyan we just fought took everything we had, and then some. So training you might just give us the upper hand we'll need in this battle."

"B-battle? I don't want to be in any battle. I want to be an orthopedist, and a great scholar, and-"

"Shut up, you can be whatever you want…after your training is finished." Piccolo crossed his arms and glared at her.

"But I don't have any power, you're just making that up." She said, wiping away the quickly drying tear stains on her dirty face.

"Oh, you don't?" Piccolo asked, grabbing her up by the crown of her head. She yelped, and regretted ever saying something that would make him angry.

"Want me to prove it to you?" He asked. Without waiting for an answer, which happened to be a very loud and vocal "no!", he threw her with impressive force toward a nearby cliff.

The girl, screaming and shouting as she flew through the air, covered her face with her hands.

"Power up quick kid, or get your head crushed against those rocks." Piccolo said, emotionless.

Not a moment later, Piccolo felt the girls ki heighten. Her energy flared and sparked a brilliant crimson around her, and she threw her arms up toward the cliff. In an astonishing display of energy she completely blasted the cliff away, leaving behind a mile long crater in her wake. Piccolo, having braced himself for the incredible blast, walked slowly over to her.

That was more powerful than I imagined. Piccolo thought, and scowled harder. I had better not regret this kid.

"Did…I do that?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yes, you did…with that special power I spoke of." He watched her stand up and dust off.

"Wow." She said, and smiled up at him.

"Wipe that smile off your face." He snapped, and she frowned.

"Your mean Mr. Piccolo, I don't think I like you." She said.

"Good, because I hate you." He turned. "Now, take off that sir coat and we'll begin your training.

She did as she was told, and folded it neatly on the rock beside her. Now all she had on was her white undershirt, green pants and black shoes. She hoped she wouldn't get sun burnt, but then, she didn't think Mr. Piccolo would care that much. She could get cancer from that, or go blind if she looked right into the sun because of the UV rays, or she might…wait. She needed to stop thinking, she was getting a headache.

"Okay Mr. Piccolo, I'm ready." She said.

"Good. Now, I'll see you in six months." He said, turning to smirk at her.

Her eyes bugged and her mouth dropped. "What? Six months…why?"

"You're a whiny, pampered brat. If you can't survive out here and toughen up, you're not worth my time."

"But…I'm…only…four!" She shouted. "You can't leave me…I'll die!"

"Then you aren't as strong as I thought." He said, taking to the air.

She ran after him as quickly as she could, but to no avail. "Wait Mr. Piccolo! You weren't serious were you?"

She stopped running after a few minutes and sat on a rock. "Oh no, what now?" She asked…no one.

She didn't like being alone, never had. She didn't even know where she was, or where to sleep. How would she get lunch…oh, lunch. Her stomach growled at the very thought of food, and she realized she'd not eaten since breakfast.

"I need food first." She said, again to no one. She sat down on the rock beside her and huffed, then started to cry again. "I don't want to be left out here. I want to go home."

She didn't move from the rock for a long while, but then a shadow fell over her. She blinked, and turned to see who was behind her, hoping against hope it was Piccolo come to fetch her.

"AHH!" She screamed, and ran for dear life as a dinosaur chased her at least a mile through the wilderness. She looked back to see if the monster was gaining on her (which it was), but she tripped on a rock, and took a nose dive to the ground. The dinosaur came down, mouth open and ready to eat.

Konna shut her eyes tight, and yelled as it came down to bite her. But, the teeth never came…in fact, she suddenly felt much cooler. She opened her eyes as a fierce wind caught her breath, and yelped. She was on top of a cliff! How had she done that? And how would she get down?

"Could things get any worse?" She asked. But, there was no one listening.


Piccolo didn't fly too far away, at least not at first. He needed to stay at least within earshot of the brat, which was an extensive distance considering the size of his ears. She had somehow managed to get herself atop a huge cliff, and was now stuck. He grunted at the sight of her, curled up against the cold night and crying…again.

"Children…a worthless species." Piccolo said, and closed his eyes again.

"I'm cold." She said, and sniffled. "And hungry. I wonder what mommy's making for dinner." As soon as the word 'dinner' escaped her mouth, her stomach rumbled loudly.

Piccolo cracked an eye and, for just a moment, felt a pang of some emotion. Pity, he assumed…hoped. It couldn't be anything else, he was a demon and incapable of sentiment on any level. He never had emotions, save for anger or hatred or…well, mostly just anger. Besides, common sense was telling him to feed her…she was no use to him if she died of starvation.

He grunted again, and twitched his eye. Two apples fell out of thin air and landed next to the girl. She jumped, obviously startled, and looked at them. Excitement, as she grabbed them up, gave way to confusion. She was too smart for her own good, Piccolo thought, and he scowled as she looked around for the source of the apples.

She shrugged and took a large bite out of the first one, then cringed as the nasty taste slid down her throat far too slowly for her liking. Her nose wrinkled and she gagged, then she took the apple away from her mouth.

"Ew! Gross!" She said, swallowing several times to get the taste out. "This apple's rotten."

She eyed the object in her hands a few more seconds, then her stomach growled too loudly to ignore and she quickly ate the remains of both it and the second apple. She sighed somewhat contently and laid down again. Too tired was she to think on how the apples had appeared, and too confused to try.

Piccolo glared daggers at the child's form below him, then grunted.

Spoiled brat! He thought meanly. That'll be the last time I help you.

She coughed and scratched her head, then rolled over and began to snore. Piccolo closed his own eyes to meditate, he was getting tired. Only one day into this and he was already feeling stressed and tense; but then, he'd not been so near a person for…well, ever. He'd never had to deal with people for any amount of time, more his doing than theirs really. Fear was what greeted him wherever he went…at least, most of the time.

He sighed and, without another thought for or about the creature sleeping below him, he began to meditate.


Piccolo watched the girl, now wearing an exact replica of her father's gi, stand very shakily…and fall. She yelped and tried to stand again, but barely took one step and fell on all fours. She was yelling to…whomever…that her tail was gone, and wondered how it had happened.

Piccolo snarled and wiped away the memory of the previous night. The girl had transformed into Ozoru at the sight of the full moon, and Piccolo had to blow the thing up altogether. Otherwise, her power was so enormous she would have ripped the planet in two. Piccolo had been close to just killing her, if he could have managed that kind of an attack, until he remembered that it was that pale, round object in the sky that was the problem. That, and the whelp's tail. Both had to go, so Piccolo rid himself of both burdens.

Piccolo floated away from where the girl was, to spend time training his own self. He had to be prepared for those Saiyans, he had his own plans for the planet Earth…and it being dominated by an alien race was not part of them. Besides, he didn't want anywhere near the brat unless he had to be, she was a nuisance…a pest, a problem he'd soon enough be relieved of.

So Piccolo flew toward the desert he knew well, perhaps too well. The desert was his home, if one could call it so, and he knew the land well. Well enough to be certain that nothing and no one would bother him, not unless he wished them to…which he never did. He was alone in this world, and that was how he wanted it. He needed nothing and no one, he was strong enough and smart enough to get along by himself.

And he certainly didn't need the nuisance that was lurking only a few short miles away, she was a temporary project at best…at the very best. Soon enough, he'd be rid of her for good.