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Anyhow, after reading Heart of Darkness (I really reccomend it), I've simply been itching to do a Leia-Vader story. Because I'm like that.

Here we go with the prologue...


"Isn't she beautiful?" Bail Organa asked of his wife, as she cradled the tiny baby girl in her arms. Their newly adopted daughter, Leia.

"I've never seen a more precious baby," she answered in a cooing voice, smiling as she bent close to the baby's face, the corners of her eyes crinkling up joyfully. Bail leaned forward, brushing his thumb against the light, silky skin of his daughter, marveling at the thought of him being a father. His wife and him had always talked about adopting a baby girl, and he couldn't think of a child more worthy for the Royal House of Alderaan.

A loud boom jerked each out of their blissful thoughts, and then the whole room started to shake. Bail steadied his wife as a look of terror crossed her face, for they both knew exactly what was happening: the Empire had caught up to them. The ship on which the twins had been born had already been found; the only optimistic thought that crossed Organa's mind was relief that he had personally seen Obi-Wan and Luke off the ship.

For he had no doubt whatsoever that Lord Vader was coming.

Leia had stared wailing with the sudden onset of noise and shaking, and the couple tried fruitlessly to calm her down, but within seconds sparks flew at the door as it was forced upwards.

Darth Vader strode in, menacing and ominous even with the occasional stumble on his new metal limbs. He was followed by half a dozen storm troopers, all falling into an offensive position and their guns trained on the Organas.

"Senator Organa," came his deep, mechanical voice. Bail swallowed, looking upon his old friend in despair. What had Palpatine done to Jedi Anakin Skywalker?

With sudden bravery and stupidity, Bail stood directly in front of his wife, spreading his arms protectively, then shouting, "You'll never take Leia! You betrayed your Republic and killed your wife, but I won't let you take Leia!"

Darth Vader, although keeping his same posture and not moving a muscle, was suddenly and obviously furious. With a casual wave of his hand, Bail flew through the air and crashed against the metal walls, landing with a sickening thud on the floor. His wife screamed, then was stopped short, clutching at her throat.

Leia remained in the air as her adoptive mother died directly beneath her.

Darth Vader took her, uncertainly, holding the crying child in his metal arms. Using the Force, Vader made her screaming stop. Leia glanced uncertainly up at him, tears shining in her wide brown eyes. Seemingly satisfied, he turned heel and strode out the broken door and through the ship. People stared at the Sith Lord protectively cradling a baby within his enlengthened arms.

Once back in his private quarters within the Star Destroyer, he took a better look at his baby girl. For Darth Vader had no doubt in his mind that this little girl – Leia – was his and Padmé's.

Just the thought of Padmé drove feelings of anger and hate against her, against Obi-Wan, and especially against Bail Organa. For him to even suggest that he had something to do with his wife's death…

A look at Leia's sleepy brown eyes quieted his anger for the moment. So much like her mother…

As the baby fell asleep, Darth Vader layed her on a small armchair, setting a shield around her to ensure security. Then he paused to look at her one last time before going about his duties.

And he couldn't help but think, Isn't she beautiful?