War and Peace

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Chapter One: Life Goes On

"It is not possible, mon cher, to go about saying all that one thinks. Now then, have you decided on something? Are you going into the Horse Guards or do you intend to become a diplomat?" asked Prince Andrei, after a momentary silence.

Pierre sat up on the sofa, his legs crossed under him.

"Would you believe it, I still don't know. Neither one appeals to me."

"But you have to decide on something, don't you? Your father is expecting it."

- Count Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, page 52

"Check her out!" Layla whispered to Will, an eyebrow raised at the object of her exclamation.

"You really want me to?" Will countered, and Layla poked him in the side. "You know what I mean; just look at her. Word in the hall is that she stood up to Boomer in power placement and got sidekicked for it." "Wouldn't be the first time." Will snorted, eyeing the girl. "Yeah, but it's not just that. She threw him into a wall."

Silence reigned in their conversation before Will spoke up again. "She has super strength?" "She's telekinetic. She picked him up with her mind and hurled him across the gym." His girlfriend murmured, still staring at the lonesome looking female. "Principle Powers sent her to the detention room, but she got off easy because it's her first day. She was only there for an hour before they let her out."

"So she's got a temper like Warren's, a power like mine, and standpoints like yours?" He grinned, moseying down the hall towards the cafeteria. "Doesn't sound like such a bad girl."

The girl in question was a fourteen year old freshman named Dawn Odelle. She had been homeschooled before she discovered her telekinetic abilities and was rapidly transferred to Sky High. Her parents were distressed that her powers had not come sooner, but pleased that they had, in fact, arrived.

Dawn was actually looking forward to go on being a normal kid, but it appeared she wasn't destined to do so. "Life goes on." She muttered to herself as she mused over the last few weeks, sharply turning the corner to go into the cafeteria. She had heard about the Commander's son - Will - smacking head-on into Warren Peace when he sharply turned around a corner, and she half expected – and hoped – to do the same thing and cause a stir.

No such luck. She was one of the first into the cafeteria, but she noted that Warren was already seated and was slowly, nonchalantly sporking food into his mouth as his eyes scanned the pages of his book. Dawn craned her head, attempting to see what he was reading, before realizing she was standing in the doorway. Oops.

A couple of kids materialized through her while a purple guinea pig muttered rude and angry remarks as it scurried through her feet. Moving out of the way and watching the flow of kids stream through the door and practically attack the trays of food they were collecting, Dawn sighed. She was going to miss homeschooling and her friends she'd made in her homeschool groups. "Life goes on." She whispered to herself again, trying not to dwell.

He looks lonely. Dawn pondered to herself, her gaze fixated on Warren. She had, of course, heard about the band of misfits who had last year saved the school and probably the planet, and the young man at whom she was staring had been part of the group. Except…Stronghold, his girlfriend, and the rest of his crew were still all sitting at another table. Dawn considered this to be insulting to Warren, and she was dying to meet him, so she decided to go give him company. If she could work up the nerve, that is.

What Dawn didn't know is that although the pyrokinetic remained separated from the rest of the group, it wasn't out of Will's spite, or anyone else's hard feelings. Warren was, in truth, Will's best friend, but he had an isolative nature. His reclusive tendencies had put him at an awkward angle when choosing between his usual table or that of his friends, but his traditional spirit had won over. It was by his choice and his alone that he was by himself, and Dawn had yet to learn that lesson.

The telekinetic sauntered casually over to Warren's table, a bowl of salad in her hands.

"The salad looks like the only thing edible here." Dawn joked, hoping for a reaction.


"See, I was homeschooled, and I've never had cafeteria food before."


"I, um…see…" She shifted from one foot to another and finally blurted her inquiry. "I'm Dawn. Mind if I sit here?"


"We're getting somewhere!" Dawn smiled at him cheerfully, although his eyes were not yet lifted from his book. "I'll interpret that 'yes' as a 'go ahead and have a seat', if you don't mind." She slipped into the chair opposite from him and started on her salad. "You're Warren, right?"

Warren sighed and finally looked up from his book, a slightly pained expression on his face. "You can't even begin to imagine how many times I've had this conversation."


"I like being alone. Yes, my name's Warren, so if that makes you happy, would you please go sit somewhere else." The girl was surprised by his outburst, but she could take a hint, even if it wasn't exactly subtle. "I…sure. Listen, I'm really sorry. Really."

Not giving him a chance to thank her or say anything else, Dawn abruptly stood and moved to the table to the left of him, staring at her salad and eating wordlessly. When she did take a chance to look back up at Warren, her green eyes caught his, and he gave her what she interpreted as the shadow of a rueful smile, the same pained expression still on his face. It was only when he shifted the book in his hands that she caught the name of the author of his literary interest.

Count Tolstoy.

"War and Peace." She murmured softly, smiling at the play on words. "War and Peace."


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