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(Author Notes: This fanfiction is mostly Ryou/Ichigo but there's also a little bit of the following pairs. Taruto/Pudding, Keiichiro/Zakuro, Kish/Mint, and Pai/Retasu)

Also, Ichigo and Masaya are no longer together. They are just simply friends.

Chapter 1 – Ichigo and Ryou Fluff :3

At Café Mew Mew

It was a sunny bright day as Ichigo walked down the familiar path to the café. For once, Ichigo was early. She walked in to the café to see all of her friends there already.

"Hi Ichigo! You're early today aren't you?" asked Retasu.

"Ichigo! Look at my new trick!" yelled Pudding while balancing plates on a stick in both hands and keeping her balance on a ball.

Mint was as usual, drinking her tea. "You're early today." Mint said while looking at the clock. Zakuro was in the corner voicing her hello to Ichigo silently.

Looks like we're going to have another busy day today, Ichigo thought.

At the end of the work day, Ichigo was exhausted. It was yet another typical day at the café. Retasu broke up about a dozen dishes and Mint was always drinking her tea and not working. Pudding managed to break more dishes so that made the broken dishes pile even larger and Zakuro was….well being Zakuro. She could not stand it any longer. She was the ONLY one that actually worked around here. Ichigo decided to talk to Ryou, so she went up to his room upstairs.

Ichigo stood outside his door and thought, I've asked him so many times for a raise or even a day off but every time he would not give it to me or it would end up with some awkward silence between us where we both just blush. This time it will NOT end up like that. I WILL get that raise. With this in mind, Ichigo knocked on the door.

"Come in." Although it sounded like it was a bit muffled, Ichigo decided against it and opened the door. To her surprise she saw a shirtless Ryou.

"What are you doing in here? I told you I was coming!" Ryou yelled at Ichigo while pulling on a shirt.

"I'm so sorry! I heard 'Come in'" Ichigo stumbled. She was sure she was blushing and even though she knew this, she could not stop blushing because the image of a shirtless bishounen would make anyone blush.

Ryou smirked. "So what did you want to see me about? Or did you just want to see me shirtless?"

"Who would want to see a jerk like you shirtless?" Ichigo snapped back at the older teen.

Ryou only smirked at this response and asked, "So what did you really want? A raise?"

Ichigo finally stopped blushing and said in a serious tone, "Yes. I deserve it! I am the ONLY one that works around here and Mint is always drinking tea and NEVER working and…" Ichigo started to trail off because as she was talking, Ryou kept walking closer towards her.

"And what, Strawberry?" By the time that Ryou said this, he had a firm grasp of Ichigo's chin and lifted it so that Ichigo could see Ryou's face clearly.

Ichigo could feel her face getting all red again. "And…I really want…a raise…" She managed to utter out.

"Well how about giving me a kiss first…?" Ryou whispered. Now they were very close together and Ichigo could see Ryou's face coming close to her own face. He was coming closer and closer…when…

"RYOU!" Keiichiro rushed in to the room to see a very red Ichigo and an irritated Ryou standing on opposite sides of the room. "Um…were you guys in a middle of something?" Keiichiro asked.

Ichigo spoke up, "Um…no. I was just leaving. Ja ne." With that, she ran out of the room.

Once Keiichiro was sure Ichigo was gone, he simply said, "You should really stop teasing her and tell her."

"Yeah…I know…but it's hard…" Ryou replied while lost in thought.

"Anyways, you said you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah…about that…"

End of Chapter.

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