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Chapter 11 – The Dance

When the long awaited day finally arrived, Ichigo woke up extra early. She wanted to start getting ready for the dance but unfortunately for the red haired teen, she had to help out with the setting up of the dance. Although everybody had to chip in, she was especially frustrated since she wanted to look perfect.

"What's wrong with you?" Mint asked Ichigo while helping Rettasu with the decorations.

Ichigo was in her cranky mood and snapped at Mint, replying with a "Nothing!"

"Geez…someone must've woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Mint muttered under breath. Ichigo heard this but didn't retort back.

Kish perked up after hearing this and teleported to Ichigo's side where she was sorting out all the different decorations. "Aw…are you not feeling very well my koneko? Here maybe a kiss will help!" Leaning in to kiss his 'kitten', Kish attempted to plant a wet one on Ichigo's lips but Ichigo was too quick. She blocked his arm and pushed him away. He landed on Mint instead where Mint had just a little bit of red on her face before she also pushed the perverted alien away.

The rest of the morning was along the lines of this but in the end, they finished decorating the place so that it looked beautiful. Even Ichigo's mood had lightened up by the time they were done. The room was filled with different variations of decorations and Ryou had even installed a disco ball.

"Okay everyone thanks for all the hard work! For the rest of the afternoon, you can go prepare for the dance and I hope everybody has fun!" Keiichiro announced.

Ichigo was relieved to hear the announcement and hurried off to prepare.

4 hours later…

The dance was only an hour away and everybody was just about ready….everybody except for Ichigo. She had been the first one to rush inside their cabin but she was the last one to finish.

"C'mon Ichigo! Let's go already!" Mint said impatiently.

Rettasu walked over to where Ichigo was sitting in front of the mirror and commented on how pretty Ichigo looked. "You look really pretty Ichigo and I love how you did your hair!" Over the time that the mews had spent together, they had noticed that Rettasu tended to be less shy when there was only the mews around.

"I know….but it seems like there's something MISSING. I just don't know what it is." Ichigo whined.

When Zakuro heard that, she started rummaging around her bags. Without a word, she pulled out something shiny and walked over to Ichigo with it. "Here put this on." The tall super model handed the teen a beautiful expensive necklace. Ichigo looked at the precious necklace but she knew that she could not accept such an expensive necklace. "No I can't….you keep it."

Zakuro didn't even blink. She simply replied with a, "Wear it. It'll complete your outfit."

Ichigo took the gorgeous necklace and put it on with care. "Thank you so much Zakuro. I'll take care of it."

Zakuro, on this rare occasion smiled and said, "Then let's get going now." Ichigo smiled in return and stood up to go to the big event that they had all been waiting for.

When the Mews arrived in the Mess hall for the dance, the boys had already arrived. The mess hall had transformed into a really cool place. The rows of benches had been removed to who knows where and there was a long table to the left side of the room where the refreshments were placed. In the center of the room hung a disco ball which changed colours every 5 seconds and there was the decorations that the team had put up together before. It looked even better in the dark with the changing colours. In such short notice, Ryou had been unable to get a live band to come play but the group had agreed that music from CDs would be just fine.

The mews were stunned when they walked in to the room. "Wow it looks…." Ichigo was at a loss of words.

"It looks fun na no da!" Pudding said excitedly. Then she looked around the room in search of her favourite squeeze toy. "Where's Tar-Tar?" As soon as the little girl spotted the young alien, she ran over to hug 'Tar-Tar'.

Even with the music on, the girls standing by the door could hear Pudding and Taruto all the way across the room.

"You look so cute in your black and white outfit Tar-Tar!" Pudding exclaimed.

"It's called a tuxedo Pudding…" Taruto attempted to sound grown up and then paused with a blush growing on his cheeks. "You look cute too…" he muttered.

"THANK YOU TAR-TAR! YOU'RE SO NICE!" The young girl screamed and then glomped the poor little alien.

In the meantime, Pai had seen the girls come in and saw Rettasu as well. He walked across the room to talk to Rettasu.

Pai looked pretty handsome in his own way in his tux and felt confident enough to talk to the green haired girl without blushing. "Hi Rettasu, wow…you look….pretty today." The oldest alien had lost his confidence again after saying the first two words.

Rettasu was surprised by the comment and started turning a bright red. "Thanks, um..."

"Nani? What is it?"

"Um….you….look…c…cu….cute…too." Rettasu stuttered.

"Um…thanks." the purple haired alien replied. The following silence was awkward and it lasted for a couple of minutes until Pai found a topic he could talk about. His all time favourite subject….MATH! Rettasu seem to actually understand what the alien was talking about and didn't get bored of it so it was fine.

While all this was happening, Ryou had sneaked up behind Ichigo and scared her. Ichigo turned around and started to yell at the older teen. "Ryou! Don't do that! It's scary especially because it's dark!"

Ryou smirked and started to say something but stopped when he saw the necklace on Ichigo's neck. He paused for a second and looked like he wanted to say something about it but looked like he changed his mind again. He smirked once again and replied, "Well you should watch your back. Besides, there's the disco ball so it's not that dark." He then changed his smirk into a smile and asked the girl teenager, "By the way, do you like how the room is arranged?"

But before Ichigo could tell the blonde teen her opinion, Kish transported to where the two were talking. "Hi koneko! WOOOOOW! You look so pretty tonight! Maybe we could just kiss instead of dancing?" he suggested with a wink.

The little red haired teen was curious as to why Ryou had paused to look at her necklace so she decided to answer the blonde's question instead of answering Kish's questions. "The room looks great Ryou! Especially the lights and the disco ball…How did you get it without us noticing?"

"Oh yeah….I got that from blah blah blah………" Ryou continued to talk about all the different things in the room and Ichigo actually knew what he was talking about. Soon Kish got bored of their conversation and finally moved to where Mint was standing.

"Hey Mint! You actually look pretty today too!" Kish exclaimed 'checking Mint out'. (A/N: XD)

Mint snapped at Kish. "Of course I do. I always do." But after hearing Kish's comment, there was a slight red forming on her cheeks.

"So what do you say you and me go have some fun?" Kish winked.

When Mint heard this, she thought that Kish was actually asking her to dance but what Kish had in mind was to kiss her. So when Mint agreed, they both had different ideas going on in their head. Kish leaned down to kiss the blue haired teen while the teenage girl was waiting to be led on to the dance floor. Kish smirked as he leaned in to kiss the girl's lips but stopped when he saw that Mint's eyes were still open. "Close your eyes." He whispered.


"Just do it." Mint was wondering why she had to close her eyes but she thought that just MAYBE Kish had a surprise for her on the dance floor so she did as she was told. While Mint waited to be grabbed by the hand and led to the dance floor, she waited and waited but didn't feel any movement towards her hand, instead she SWORE that she felt breathing on her face so when she opened her eyes to look, she saw Kish's face just inches away. .

"AHHHH!" Mint screamed in shock as she pushed the confused alien away. "What did you think you were doing?"

"Nani? I thought you wanted me to kiss you!" Kish stated looking a little bit hurt.

"Why would I want a pervert like YOU to kiss ME? Besides, you like Ichigo." Mint added the last part as a result of a small bit of jealousy towards her friend. In the blue haired teen's mind, she thought about something else. What if I hadn't opened my eyes? What if Kish DID kiss me? What would've happened then? And….omg…why am I feel this way about Kish? I don't LIKE HIM do I?

Mint continued questioning her feelings for the little alien as the said alien answered her question. "Ichigo seems to be busy talking about the decorations in the room with Ryou," As he said this, he turned to look at the two talking about how the decorations that they had put up seemed to compliment the rest of the other stuff in the room. "…and I couldn't help noticing how cute you looked tonight." He finished with a blush.

Mint blushed as well and said, "I look cute tonight? Oh um….thanks."

Kish nodded and answered, "No problem." Then the little alien noticed that the other 3 couples, Keiichiro/Zakuro, Pai/Rettasu and even Taruto/Pudding were stepping on to the dance floor and swaying to the music. "Um….would you like to dance?" He asked seeing as there was no one else that he could dance with.

Mint started to say yes but felt that it would be weird to agree so fast so instead scowled and said, "I am a professional dancer and what are you? You're just an alien that is pathetic. What makes it right for you to dance with me?"

As Kish struggled to find an answer, Ryou and Ichigo were STILL talking about the decorations of the room. It seemed as if they were both trying to talk about anything but dancing together…

"So…um…have you tried the food that Keiichiro especially made for this…um day?" Ryou seemed to be avoiding the word 'dance' altogether.

"No…does it taste good?" Ichigo seemed to sense the awkward-ness between them.

"Yeah…you want to try some?"

"Uh….not right now." The red haired teen wasn't in the mood for eating right now. For some reason, she had a nervous feeling in her stomach. Maybe it had to do with the promise that she had made to Ryou yesterday……

"Oh er…um okay." By that time, even Kish and Mint had finally stepped on the dance floor. Kish had finally found a reason and Mint had accepted.

Ryou and Ichigo were still standing close by to the door while the others were in the middle of the room dancing and having a good time. The two of them had finally run out of things to talk about and both had butterflies in their stomach even if they wouldn't admit it.

"What are you two doing? This is a dance NOT a place to talk about your surroundings!" Kish yelled out. "I'll even let you dance with Ichigo!" he added to Ryou.

"Even I'M dancing, and I'm dancing with Kish too!" Mint said.

"Hey Ryou why did you teach Ichigo to dance if you didn't want to dance with her in the first place?" Even Keiichiro started teased his old friend.

"Are you guys nervous? There's no need! Its fun na no da!" Even Pudding encouraged her friends to join them.

At this point, Ryou and Ichigo were embarrassed to the point where they could not be embarrassed anymore. "Um…you want to dance?" Ryou asked.

"Sure." Ryou led Ichigo to the dance floor and the butterflies in their stomachs grew.

At first, Ichigo almost blanked out and forgot everything but seeing Ryou in front of her assured her just a little bit. After all, they had practiced before. It started off very slow since both of them were nervous, but after awhile of getting used to it, they got the hang of it.

But as soon as they got the hang of it, a slow song played. Up until now, everything the group had been dancing to had been upbeat so now that a slow song was playing, it meant slow dancing. Both Ichigo and Ryou got the butterflies all over again when the song started playing but it seemed like Ryou recovered first.

"Don't worry Strawberry. Follow me." He helped Ichigo get into the right position and soon they were slow dancing. During the slow dance, Ichigo noticed that Ryou seemed to be looking at her necklace every few minutes, but she ignored it. After awhile, the group agreed to take a break for refreshments.

Ryou was all alone on the opposite side of the refreshments when Keiichiro came up to him. "So…are you going to tell her?"

"Tell her what?" Ryou's eyes seemed to be fixed on the side where the refreshments were.

"Tell her that it was you that bought Ichigo the necklace and that it isn't Zakuro's."

"How do you know?" Ryou finally turned to look at Keiichiro.

"Zakuro told me." Keiichiro paused and started up again. "So are you going to tell her?"

Ryou turned to look straight ahead again. "Mm….maybe."

Meanwhile, Zakuro decided to tell Ichigo herself because she had a feeling that Ryou would not tell the red haired teen. "Ichigo…" Zakuro said as she pulled her aside.

"Hm…what is it Zakuro?" Ichigo asked.

"That necklace isn't mine so don't return it to me. Ryou gave it to me to give to you."

"Nani? But why would he do that?" Ichigo was confused.

"What do you think?" Zakuro asked and left the poor confused red haired teen. Ichigo tried to understand what the older teen was trying to tell her, but she didn't have time to dwell on it for much longer since the group was ready to start dancing again.

This time it didn't take too long for Ryou and Ichig to start dancing again. While they were dancing, Ichigo was still wondering…and then it hit her. So that was why Ryou had been staring at the necklace….but she needed to confirm it. "Hey Ryou?"

"What is it?"

"Why did you give me this necklace?"

This caught Ryou off guard. He thought that the clueless teen didn't know yet that he had bought it for her. "How do you know that I bought it for you?"

"Zakuro told me. So why did you give me this necklace."

"Because….because…" Ryou really didn't know how to answer the question and the only way he could think of was one that he did not intend to do.

"Nani? What is it?" But Ichigo kept pestering him to tell her and she looked like she would not give up. It looked like he would have to tell her…when a slow song popped up again.

"I'll tell you after this last song alright?" Ichigo nodded in agreement but only reason because she didn't like to talk while she slow danced. (A/N: When Ichigo asked the question, it was an upbeat song)

Ichigo relaxed and slowly rested her head on the older teen's chest. Mmm….he smells so nice…and it feels so good to be in his arms….the red haired girl thought. I guess my heart was telling me the right thing all along…I DO like Ryou….I just hope I'm right with my guess!

Meanwhile, Ryou was also enjoying dancing with his 'Strawberry'. He could smell her hair and the fragrance of strawberries came up. I guess I WILL have to go along that road to answer her question…As the song slowly came to an end, Ichigo heard a soft "It's because I love you."

Ichigo looked up to see Ryou smiling hopefully at her. "What did you say?" She wanted to confirm it to know if she had heard wrong.

Ryou repeated what he had said again. "I love you." Ichigo paused and then consumed what she had heard. Then the response came without Ichigo thinking twice. "I love you too…" It was undoubtedly true. The next thing Ichigo felt was Ryou's lips pressing on to hers. Ichigo pressed her lips back in response. Ichigo knew that her friends would be watching but she didn't care because she had finally found someone that she truly loved and that someone also loved her too.

End of Chapter.

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