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It happened quickly; one moment James was on his broom flying toward the opposing team's goal post and the next he was falling through the air. A group of girls sitting below Sirius screamed. Sirius watched in alarm as James landed in a crumpled heap of red and gold robes. Sirius, Remus, and Peter were seated on the very top level of the Quidditch stands, and it was impossible to see if James was seriously injured because everyone was standing up and craning their necks to have a look.

By the time Sirius, Remus and Peter had squeezed through the crowd to the bottom of the stands; James had been lifted onto a stretcher and was being carted away by Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick.

"Let's go to the Hospital Wing," Sirius suggested without a second thought. He started toward the castle without waiting for an answer.

"We're not going to watch the rest of the game?" Peter asked. Sirius stopped in his tracks, narrowing his eyes. "No," Sirius stated crossly. "Don't you care how James is?"

"I do but--" Peter stammered.

Robert McCoy was quickly leading Adrianna to the Quidditch changing rooms; she looked very pale and nervous. She would replace James as chaser, so that the game could continue.

"James is probably still unconscious," Remus said carefully. Upon seeing the look on Sirius's face he quickly added, "All right we'll go visit him – I'm not the one obsessed with Quidditch…"

They started toward the castle silently and they could hear behind them the crowd getting restless for the game to begin again.

"James has been looking more tired lately," Remus observed. Sirius had noticed this as well, but it being so close to the end of the school year it was hard to find a student that wasn't feeling pressured.

Sirius nodded. "Yes, but you'd think if he wasn't feeling well today he'd…"

"Shake it off and play in the game anyway," Remus finished.

Sirius sighed. Remus was, of course, correct. He could just imagine the look of astonishment on McCoy's face if James went up to him earlier before the game and asked to sit out.

They were now inside the castle and in what Sirius felt was record time they arrived at the Hospital Wing. Quietly they gathered around James's bed unnoticed.

"Goodness!" McGonagall cried emerging with Madam Pomfrey and Flitwick out of the medicine storage. "What are you doing in here?"

"We wanted to check on James," Sirius replied.

"Now is not the time. Madam Pomfrey will sort out what is wrong with Mr. Potter in no time."

"Can't we stay?"

"No," McGonagall replied firmly and she waved them away from the bed and out of the Hospital Wing door.

"Let's go back to the pitch," Peter offered.

Sirius sent a dark look at the firmly shut door to the Infirmary before replying, "I suppose."

They reached the Great Hall to find a stream of people cheering and laughing all dressed in red and gold. Mattie Carter spotted them. "We won the Cup!" she cried happily.

Sirius couldn't help feeling excited though he wished whole heartedly James was among the crowd instead of injured. Still at least they'd won and this way James wouldn't beat himself up thinking it had been his fault, his injury, which had caused them to loose the match.

They joined the throng of students to learn the game had only lasted for an additional four minutes. Camille had caught the snitch before either side could score another goal, so they had flattened Slytherin.

Once back in the common room different students approached asking about James, but the three of them were unable to supply very much information.

A few minutes later the Quidditch team entered to a tumult of applause, yelling and laughter. Once everyone had calmed down and broken up into groups here and there, McCoy and Darien walked over to them. They quickly relayed how they also had been to visit James to tell him they'd won the House cup. McGonagall hadn't even let them enter the Hospital Wing and told them to tell everyone else that James would not be allowed any visitors until the next day.

"He must be really hurt," Adrianna stated joining their group and not looking as cheerful as she normally would have after being substituted into her first Quidditch game.

"It looked like he fainted," Darien commented. "He was flying one moment and then the next…"

"You're always with him, Black. Did you notice anything peculiar?" McCoy asked.

"He's been a bit tired, but we all are," Sirius answered.

"Yea, who isn't feeling overworked," Adrianna added. Sirius noticed Victoria Dekker was sitting in the corner of the room looking very distraught. Sirius smirked thinking of how James would react hearing about that. There was nothing more fun than teasing James about Victoria's affections.

"Perhaps you overworked him with all those practices, McCoy," Frederick mumbled from the armchair he was sitting in near where they all stood. Though Frederick had always felt the more titles Gryffindor won the better, he had never thought highly of Quidditch players.

"We've won the Cup, have we not?" McCoy retorted indignantly.

"At the cost of your players' health," Frederick said. McCoy stared at Frederick as if he didn't really believe those words were coming of his mouth. Frederick was very lucky McCoy was not a violent person because no one in the room would have blamed him for hexing him on the spot. McCoy was distracted though by a group of fifth year girls who were trying to get his attention.

So an hour or two passed by, there were moments where the noise in the room grew very loud, but as it was still early afternoon, since the game had not lasted long, so no one was worried of McGonagall coming in and telling them to be quiet. Sirius thought the party would have been a lot of fun more with James.

This was why no one had any idea what was causing the commotion outside of the common room. Frederick stood up and announced since he was a Prefect he'd go check it out. The noise was louder and it sounded as if someone was arguing with the Portrait of the Fat Lady. Frederick returned only a few moments after with Professor Adair behind him. The common room fell silent instantly. None of them, even the seventh years could remember another teacher besides their Head of House entering the common room. Most of the students were giving her suspicious and unwelcoming looks; Adair was not a well liked teacher among Gryffindors.

Professor Adair was sweeping the room with a calculating gaze and it stopped when it fell on Sirius. "You!" she commanded loudly, pointing a well-manicured finger at him. Grace Landon who was speaking to him only seconds before stepped away from him, distancing herself. "Mr. Black, you will come with me."

"Why do you need him, Professor?" Frank Longbottom spoke springing to his feet. Sirius was grateful for the intervention by a Prefect, because Frederick would have loved to see him being carted away, preferably chained and gagged, and would not have cared in the least for there to be a reason.

"He stole something from me!" Sirius's eyes widened in surprise. "A book! He stole a book from me."

Sirius was frozen, stunned, and unable to move. How did she know? How could she have possible known? Even if she had noticed one book missing, why would she even suspect him? He was so in shock he didn't even open his mouth to defend himself.

"I wish to speak with him. Come now, Mr. Black."

Sirius looked at Remus and Peter, who looked very worried; and at Frank who was unable to do anything more. Sirius couldn't blame him; he couldn't stop Adair from taking him when Sirius hadn't tried to defend the accusation.

Sirius had no choice, but to follow Adair out of the safety of the common room. Once the door had closed shut, Adair's demeanor changed. She looked rather mad and shaken, not as in control.

"I didn't take anything – honestly – I-"

"Be quiet boy," Adair growled. She took her wand out and pointed it at his chest. "Now walk."

Sirius knew he was in trouble now. He'd never seen a teacher directly point his or her wand at a student unless it was to demonstrate something during a lesson. He suddenly realized that something was very wrong and his stomach churned in worry. Sirius turned slowly to walk in the direction Adair was pointing. She directed him along all the least common used passages, prodding his back with her wand if he slowed or hesitated in any way. It wasn't until they were in the part of the castle that was rarely used that she told him to stop and pushed him into a classroom. After only a few seconds had passed, Snape was knocking on the door and he entered.

"Well?" Adair asked him.

"Yes, all the teachers are searching your office. Professor, what is going on?"

Adair seemed only to be half-listening; her gaze was fixed firmly on Sirius.

Snape only noticed him then. "What's he doing here?" Snape was looking at him gleefully.

"Lend me your cloak Mr. Snape," Adair said suddenly. Snape looked at the Professor uncertainly, and then dutifully took it off. Adair grabbed it from him and she thrust it at Sirius. "Put this on, Mr. Black." It was a plain black cloak.

"Why?" Sirius asked looking at the worn cloak in distaste; the sleeves were frayed at the edges.

Adair looked livid and her sudden flair in temper surprised Sirius. She pointed her wand straight under his chin. Adair was no longer playing verbal games. She looked deadly serious and this was obviously not the time to test her. "Do as I instruct Mr. Black and you'll make it through this day unhurt."

Snape who hated Sirius more than anyone except perhaps James, even looked slightly concerned about Adair's erratic behavior. Sirius grudgingly fastened the cloak around him.

"Do you have the paper and quill I asked for Mr. Snape?"

"Yes, Professor." Snape handed her the items from under his cloak. Adair began writing furiously onto a sheet of paper.

"Wand, Mr. Black," Adair said. Sirius tried not to look disappointed for he'd been hoping she'd forget about it. He placed it in her outstretched hand without complaint. He wasn't stupid enough to anger her further. Something had certainly ruffled her feathers. She flicked her own wand and the paper wrapped itself around his wand and sealed itself shut. Adair handed the sealed package to Snape. "Deliver this to Headmaster in two hours."

"Yes, Professor."

"There's no point in delivering it sooner, he will be unable to open it until that time has passed."

Snape left looking very important and pleased with himself. After Snape had gone, Sirius blurted out. "I swear I never stole your book. You see I was just--"

He stopped talking when Adair began laughing. "Silly boy. Of course there's no stolen book."

Sirius had to stop himself from saying. "There's not?" He supposed he was lucky that she was so concerned with her own thoughts that she didn't see the guilt in his face or hear the guilt in his voice.

Her statement unfortunately did not at all comfort him. If this wasn't about stolen property, then what was it about?

"Stop here," Adair commanded. Sirius stopped.

"Turn around and put your hands together out in front of you."

Sirius followed Adair's instructions and rope flew out of her wand binding his hands together. In the distance he could still see Hogwarts castle faintly. Sirius wondered if anyone knew he was missing yet. He doubted it.

"You may sit down. We'll have a short break and then we'll be on our way again." Sirius awkwardly sat down. He was tired and worried. They'd been walking for a long time, but whether it was an hour or hours Sirius couldn't be sure.

He thought about how at wand point Adair had led him out of the castle. She was so nervous that she almost hexed a small bird for landing in a tree near them.

They were traveling on road that looked well-used, but so far they had not met another traveler. Adair conjured a cup out of the air, filled it up with water from her wand and gulped it down quickly. She glanced at Sirius, filled it up only halfway and held it up to his mouth so he could drink it. Half of it ended up dripping down his face.

"Where are you taking me?" Sirius voiced cautiously. Adair had them traveling very quickly, so clearly she wanted to take them as far away from Hogwarts as possible.

"You will see shortly," Adair stated. "Cooperate like you have and I won't have to hurt you."

"Why are the other Professors searching your office?" Sirius asked hoping to glean any information.

"How'd you know about that?" she growled.

"Snape mentioned it," Sirius said quietly.

"Right. Well it's your friend Potter's fault." Adair was scowling in the direction of the castle. "He just had to faint during the Quidditch match."

"What did you do to James?" Sirius asked loudly.

"Nothing more than I've done to you. It's just some wizards and witches are affected by darker spells more than others."

"You're afraid you'll get in trouble for those dark spells you used on us? James won't tell on you. Why would he? We could have told on you many times and we never did, Professor."

"Nothing I used was illegal, just questionable," she replied not entirely answering his question. "We've had enough rest. Stand up."

Apparently he was moving too slowly for Adair because she ended up dragging him roughly to his feet. She prodded him sharply in the back with her wand once again. "Go on, along the path. Same pace as before."

Sirius sighed, but began the fast half-jog half-walk pace. Adair had not untied his hands, so he was not as steady on his feet as before and stumbled along the path a few times and he was awarded a sharp prod in the back every time he did.

They reached a crossroad and Sirius tried to read the posted sign that was so old that the name of the street, town or whatever was printed on it was indecipherable. Adair instructed him to take the left direction and they walked for another two kilometers. As they began to see houses, Adair placed his hood and her own on. She obviously wanted to hide their identity though Sirius felt it was unneeded. The area appeared quite deserted and he doubted anyone around would recognize him anyway.

In the dodgier part of the village, they stopped in front of a medium size house that needed a paint job and new awning.

Sirius had expected Adair to knock on the door, but she simply took out her wand, swished it at the doorknob and pushed him through the now unlocked door.

"Who's there?" a croaky old voice called. An old man in brown robes strode out into the pallor.

"Help me! Please help me!" Sirius called out. "She's kidnapped me!"

The old man looked at them bewildered, and then broke into a smile as Adair tugged off her hood. "My dear, my dear." He ignored Sirius and hugged Adair. "Why are you here? Why did you bring a boy? Is he a student?"

Adair took her cloak off, hanging it up on one of the hooks in the entrance way. "I will explain everything in a moment, father."

Adair took a hold of Sirius's arm and dragged him further into the house and into a living area. "Sit down over there." She pointed to a green couch that looked new and did not fit in with the rest of the decorations, which were all old. Sirius sat down cautiously.

Adair turned to her father. "There were complications.

"I thought everything was going as planned."

"It was," she answered shortly. "Another student, not this one, alerted me that they were searching my office. I knew sooner or later they'd find my notes as well as our products."

"And the boy? Why is he here?" Adair's father, though speaking about Sirius, refused to even look in his direction.

"He's our insurance. I'll be fired once the Headmaster realizes I've been testing our products on his precious students."

"You're holding him ransom?" the older man asked and he looked for the first time at Sirius gravely.

"All I'm asking for is my records to be returned to me and for all this to be hushed over. I'll resign my post as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher with my integrity intact."

"And if the Headmaster doesn't agree? What will you do with the boy?"

"I'll dispose of him," Adair stated icily. "I'm not worried. Dumbledore is not a fool and a scandal like that will ruin the school. He'll come to the aide of his student. I'm more worried about the boy's mother."

"My mother?" Sirius echoed. He'd been listening quietly hoping they'd forget he was there and talk openly. If Adair expected his mother to pay some sort of ransom he was doomed. His parents would see this whole kidnapping plot as a positive thing. They could tell everyone how they tried to save their eldest son, but Adair was a completely unstable witch and there was absolutely nothing they could do. Then Regulus could take his place as the perfect heir. His family could just erase his very existence and not feel at all guilty about it.

"Yes, Mr. Black. I need your mother's influence. I need to be assured that she'll stand by me incase this all comes out to the press. You see, I never wanted to teach. I took this job for the money and for the supply of readable test subjects."

"So you've been poisoning students?" Sirius asked. "Did you spike all our morning pumpkin juice?"

"Hardly. It would not be wise to kill your test subjects. My father and I have been working and inventing a variety of cures, some of them pills, some of them potions, some of them creams and pastes for various ailments, mostly common non-life threatening ailments. We had a problem getting a license to sell our products and to continue with the research because neither of us has the proper education and we have used some questionable methods for these remedies. But now after a year of testing students, I have records to prove they are mostly safe and with no adverse side effects. This information will still not be enough to get the proper license or recognition, but with the influence of the Black name, they will be unable to turn me down."

"Is that was why James fainted? What have you been testing on him?"

"I have not tested anything on Potter. I've already told you. I just knew that once the nurse looked over Potter and saw the effects of those darker spells, they leave a certain residue, that questions would be asked. I was right. They were searching my office within an hour or so of looking over your friend."

"Then who were you testing them on?"

For once Adair didn't seem to care that he kept questioning her. It seemed she almost wanted to talk about it. Let someone know how much she had gotten away with under Dumbledore's nose.

"I handpicked a select group of subjects. I went after the quieter students, shyer ones, without many friends. So while the Heads of Houses and other teachers were concerned with my treatment of arrogant and obnoxious students like you and Potter, they didn't give any thought to the select group I befriended and invited for tea. These students were so thrilled that they'd been chosen, especially when I was yelling and putting all the popular students in detention that they never thought to tell anyone. I treated poor Miss Jeyer's terrible acne, Mr. Belran's skin rashes, and all sorts of other ailments. I told these students not to go to the nurse if they felt ill and to come straight to me with any problem. They listened and trusted me, so I was able to collect very valuable data. The type of information I would have been unable to obtain without live test subjects. I was careful and I kept a close eye on them. I didn't want to harm them."

Sirius almost laughed. He doubted Adair really cared about harming any students and certainly she didn't care if any harm came to him personally.

"Are you hungry?" Adair's father asked her. He didn't appear keen to allow his daughter to keep talking.

"I'm starving."

"I'll heat something up. Are we feeding the boy?"

Sirius did not like the way Adair's father kept referring to him as 'the boy' and talking about him as if he wasn't there. He didn't seem to want to really have a close look at him. Perhaps this way if Adair was forced to harm Sirius, he could pretend Sirius wasn't really there and thus have no feelings of guilt.

"No," Adair said coldly. "Father, in the guest room the windows are still charmed to be impenetrable, correct?"

"Yes." Adair's father stood up. "I'll start heating up dinner."

"I'll tend to the boy," Adair said quietly. She walked over to Sirius and instead of just asking him to stand; she gripped his upper arm painfully and forced him to his feet. Sirius was marched up the stairs to the second landing and into a small bedroom. The room was quite empty with one bed and a dresser. She whipped out her hand and the ropes tying his hands together unwound.

"Don't try anything. I'm locking this door after me and the window is locked by more than one spell. If you make any trouble I'll have no trouble tying you up once more. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Sirius said rubbing his hands where the rope had dug into his skin.

She left without another word and he heard more than one click as the door locked behind her. It was all unneeded though, since Sirius was wandless, even a Muggle lock would have been sufficient to keep him in the room. Sirius walked over to the window. It was a large drop to the bottom. He wouldn't have tried escaping out of it even if there hadn't been a charm on the window. Sirius walked around the room and checked the drawers in the dresser, but they were all empty. The only weapon that he could see in the room that was at all useful was the lamp. Still he doubted he would have the nerve to strike Adair or her father over the head with it. Sirius sat down on the bed. All there was to do now was wait it out.

"Get up, get up," a gruff voice called. Sirius sat up startled as the room came into focus. Adair's father was shaking him awake. Sirius hadn't remembered falling asleep.

"Stand up, boy," he commanded. Sirius was getting very tired of being bossed around, but when he saw the man holding his wand out and his taunt, pale face, Sirius decided now was not the time to make trouble.

The man carted Sirius out of the bedroom and into the darkened hallway and down the stairs, which were illuminated by two floating candles. Still held at wand-point Sirius found himself back in the room he'd originally been in before being banished to the room upstairs.

"There you are Dumbledore. Not a hair hurt on his body," Adair stated firmly.

Sirius looked in surprise at the additional occupant of the house. Dumbledore was seated on the green couch Sirius had sat on earlier and he was holding a cup of tea. Sirius stared incredulous. Had Adair and her father really offered the Headmaster tea? Sirius supposed it was always important to keep manners in mind, but during a forced exchange like this – a negotiation - it certainly was not necessary.

"Sirius, how are you?" Dumbledore asked his tone conversational as if they were all at some cocktail party.

"Er- all right Professor."

"I ask you again Professor Adair, if you would kindly allow Sirius to return to Hogwarts and we can work things out from there. I am sure we can come to an agreement that will satisfy us both."

"I have made my terms clear Dumbledore." Adair gave at nod to her father. The old man gripped Sirius in a tight hold; arm wrapped around the front of his shoulders and his wand's tip resting on Sirius's left cheek.

"Very well," Dumbledore said gravely. "I had hoped it wouldn't come to this…"

There was a sudden and very bright white light. Sirius brought his hands up to cover his face and he felt Adair's father's grip loosen around him. The room also had turned really warm and as the bright light faded away Sirius warily uncovered his eyes. He saw both Adair and her father lying unconscious on the floor of the room.

Sirius turned in awe to look at Dumbledore. He hadn't known it was possible to stun two people at the same time. He'd always known the Headmaster was powerful, but he'd never actually seen him use any of his magic before.

"Sorry I couldn't warn you. I was hoping Professor Adair would cooperate."

Sirius just stared and it took a moment for him to find his voice. "She's been testing her products on students."

"I am aware. Madam Pomfrey has already checked all the students that Adair has tested on. Luckily none of the students appear to be hurt or have any adverse side effects, but they'll be checked more thoroughly over the next few days."

At the mention of the nurse, Sirius remembered that James was still in the Hospital Wing as well. "How is-?"

He didn't have to finish the question. Dumbledore appeared to read his mind. "Mr. Potter is doing well. We were able to rouse him quickly and he told us about the lessons you were having with Adair."

"Didn't you know about these lessons, Professor?"

"I did, I did. Only of them though, I did not know anything more. Your mother arranged them through the professors and Professor McGonagall did not think it was of grave importance to give me details about it."

"What's going to happen to Professor Adair?" Sirius asked glancing down at his teacher's unconscious form. She no longer looked the least bit intimidating.

"Defense Against the Dark Arts classes will unfortunately be cancelled…though I am not sure what will personally happen to Adair. Charges against her will be filed, but the outcome of those charges we will have to wait and see."

Dumbledore strode across the room and Sirius noticed for the first time that there was a small broken fireplace. Dumbledore examined it and then with a swish of his wand a fire was started. "This will bring you straight to Professor McGonagall's office. There is a plate of food waiting for you there and then you must go to the Hospital Wing so Madam Pomfrey can look you over."

"I'm unhurt," Sirius protested.

"It is just as a precaution. I will owl your parents to let them know you are safe."

Sirius nodded. He grabbed a bit of floo powder from a pouch Dumbledore took out of his office and he was swirling around into McGonagall's office.

Professor McGonagall was sitting at her desk. After greeting him, she motioned him toward the conjured chair and table with a plate of food. He ate quickly and McGonagall then escorted him to the Hospital Wing. The school halls were quiet and deserted. It was late and all the students were asleep.

Madam Pomfrey fretted over him quietly as Sirius tried to look over to see James, but he was asleep and he was forbidden to wake James. Finally after drinking a tasteless liquid that 'would bring back his strength' he was allowed back to Gryffindor Tower. Sirius was grateful McGonagall trusted him to walk to the Tower on his own and right before she left she returned his wand back to him. He entered the empty common room, crept upstairs and fell onto his bed without waking anyone. He fell asleep almost instantly.

The next day Sirius was bombarded by questions. First by Remus and Peter with Cory lurking in the background his ears perked so he could hear it all without looking really interested. Then by the Gryffindors in the common room and throughout the next day random students from all years wanted to know what had really happened with Adair. Professor Dumbledore had announced during breakfast that Professor Adair would no longer be teaching and though he did not go into much more detail than this, the whole school still knew the truth.

James was released from the Hospital Wing later that day. His arrival into Gryffindor Tower was met with a round of applause. Even with all the excitement and confusion of the day before, no one in Gryffindor had forgotten about winning the Quidditch Cup, and James had played a major part in it.

"Way to steal my thunder, mate," James said as he took a seat across from Sirius. Sirius stared at James blankly, but James was grinning. "Merely a few hours after I fall off my broom during the biggest game of the season and you manage to get yourself kidnapped by Professor Adair!"

Sirius laughed. James smiled and said, "Well I'm glad you're all right. Dumbledore was very angry. I heard Snape delivered the note from Adair to Dumbledore, is that true?"

"Yea…well I saw Adair give Snape something. I didn't see what was written on it."

"Git," muttered James.

"I wonder if Adair gave Snape any of her products."

"No, I don't think so," James answered. "I was awake when Madam Pomfrey was checking them all over and I didn't see Snape, and it's hard to miss him."

The rest of the school year passed very quickly. With everything going around Sirius had almost forgotten that they still had to take their examinations, except for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Their marks for that class would be determined by their previous scores, though it wouldn't count as heavily as all the other classes in determining their rank for the year.

Sirius didn't see Adair again that year, but the four of them under the invisibility cloak did spot Adair's father in Adair's office packing up his daughter's possessions escorted by a Ministry official. The Animagus book Sirius had 'borrowed' from Adair was still in his trunk and Sirius planned on looking it over carefully over the summer.

Rumors about what had happened to Sirius the night Adair had taken him were still circling, as Sirius was packing up his things to go back home. He was packing quickly and mindlessly. He did not want to think about being back home and especially not about how long the summer would be. It was hard though; it was all everyone talked about and by the snatches Sirius could hear, it sounded as if everyone had grand, exciting plans. Was he the only one in Hogwarts who'd be locked up in his room?

Sirius couldn't believe another year had come and gone. The four of them were now on the Hogwarts Express heading back to the platform, their bellies full because the food cart had just been by.

Sirius looked around at his friends fondly. They had grown much closer over the year, through unveiling secrets and plotting pranks, and Sirius was starting to regard them all, especially James, as more than friends. It was depressing to know that he'd have little contact with his best friends. Sirius still had the two-way mirror to contact James, but since Sirius's mother believed she had destroyed it, he would have to be extra careful with it. Still it would at least help keep him sane.

"Now remember," James began, "we aren't to believe any letters delivered by owls from each other. We'll talk through the mirrors. You never know if your parents or even my family will try to break our friendship apart again with fake letters."

Sirius nodded glumly. Remembering last summer was not helping to improve his mood one bit.

"Also I'm inviting you all to my house this summer."

"James…I don't think…" Sirius started.

"Even you Sirius," James interrupted. "We will figure something out. Your parents can't keep you locked up all summer. I want you to meet my parents properly. Trust me, my summer we'll be as boring as yours, but at least I'll be allowed outside. I'll be flying every day. Maybe I'll just fly over to your house and pick you up, right out your window."

Sirius raised his eyebrows and said dryly, "My parents lock my windows."

"I'll just have to find a spell that'll open them," James stated stubbornly.

Sirius wanted to argue about the absurdity of the plan, but he didn't. James was only trying to cheer him up and it was working. He doubted James was serious about trying that idea…then again…

Well it didn't really matter because Sirius knew he could survive the summer now, even if James's grand rescue plans didn't work out. Just knowing that his friends wanted to see him over the summer and wanted to see him enough to think up crazy rescue plans, would be enough to sustain him through it all and he spent the rest of the journey in a better mood.

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