A Breathtaking Work of Truly Astronomical Genius

IV: Drink in the Darkness

And she calls from the doorway, "Stolen water is sweet,
So let's drink it in the darkness if you know what I mean."
And she calls from the doorway, "Stolen water is sweet,
So let's drink it in the darkness if you know what I mean."

And I'm almost sure that I've been here before,
That this is not the first time I've stood in front of this door,
With an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn't go in,
But it seems this is a battle that I never could win.

Deadbolt, THRICE

"How crazy are you?" Cloud demanded. "That was the most dangerous thing I've ever seen you do! Going swimming in the middle of the night!"

Yuffie rolled her eyes.

"Cloud, I grew up by an ocean. Trust me; night swimming isn't all that dangerous."

"You don't know the tides around here! You could have gotten swept out by a riptide, or drowned when the high tide came in, or—"

"—Don't bother." Vincent murmured from his place on the couch. "Lectures from you don't seem to faze her."

"Yeah, 'cos they're totally hypocritical! I mean, hello, Cloud? You're an adrenaline junkie with baggage like an airport. What right do you have to criticize me?"

"I'm not criticizing you, Yuffie! I just want to know why you pull crazy shit like this. What the hell is your problem?"

"She's an adrenaline addict. They're compelled to put themselves in danger. They think it fun."

"It is fun, stupid! If it's not fun, I don't do it!"

Cloud sighed. "I give up. I don't understand you at all. Do you want to die?"

Yuffie snorted. "Pot. Kettle. Black."

But Cloud turned away and headed up the stairs, back to his and Tifa's room. "Go to bed, Yuffie. We're getting up early tomorrow. Don't pull anything stupid, either."

Yuffie slid open the glass door on her balcony. The night breeze blew the scent of the ocean to her, tangy and salty and vast. The ocean's roar seemed to say I am ancient, I am endless, I was here before you were born and I will go on after you die.

She hated ships, but she didn't mind the sea.

She watched the dark ocean roll to the shore. Wave upon wave crashed onto the sand and bounced back out to sea. I am ancient, I am endless. That endless rush.

Sometimes, she could fool herself into thinking she didn't get violently seasick, and she would imagine the waves spinning her upwards, higher and higher. Until she was flying with the foam beneath her feet. Until she was one with Leviathan's blessing.

Her mother had sometimes talked of dreaming about the ocean. Dreams where she had walked into the sea, barefoot and clad only in white, the mourning colour...

And walking in, deeper and deeper, until she sank beneath the bottom and didn't have to rise.

Her mother had dreamt of a peaceful death. So many Wutaians had, during the war. You always talked about those dreams, when they came. They were good omens.

Funny, how her mother hadn't died that peaceful death. Her mother hadn't died in blue and green and white, but in red and black and silver. Her shinobi shozoku stained with her blood as Sephiroth pulled that long, long sword out of her stomach.

Yuffie watched the moon reflect itself into the ocean. What a vain creature, the moon. She was always looking at herself in that dark mirror. They had a name for that. Narcissism.

She had gone night swimming to feel that balmy dark water surround her. She always imagined her mother in that white robe, walking into the ocean, when she swam. She could see her mother in her mind's eye, clearly, so painfully clearly.

Sometimes, when she floated back to the surface, she could swear she felt her mother's arms around her.

And you, my true love!

You call from the hilltop.

You call through the streets,

"Darling, don't you know? The water is poison!"

But I say, "Come on and give me my poison."

What have I done?

Is it too late to save me from this place?

From the depths of the grave?

We all are those who thought we were brave…

What have I done?

Deadbolt, THRICE