Oh yes, guess who is back! XD!

I am posting here as most of you know this fic the most over the rest.

Over the past few days I have been reading a lot of juicy H/D fics and it has inspired me!

Lets just say that after a very, very long absence, I am going to (try) return to fandom land.

I have been gone for quite a few years, 4 I do believe, I had a lot of personal problems that, without going into too much detail, included a lot of life changing experiances; lets just say that according to true Irish style I hit the drink ... HARD! And among a few illegal substances as well .. nothing I'm proud of.

So now I haver sorted out my life and have now gone back to school and am interested in this sort of thing again!

So be warned an update is comming for the sequel to this.

The writing style will be very different I will imagine however, as I wrote this when I was 15, young and naieve and now I'm 19!

thanks to whoever reads it, and if you have kept the faith, thanks a million times more!

(I have lost the sex scenes to this fic, so if anyone has them saved *fingers crossed its been so long* or even wants to write me one! *wink wink* send me an email or a PM and I will most gladly have a chat with you!

Untill next time!

Jenny, aka, Eryn Galen