The Lost Song
(Fleur about her engagement with Bill in the sixth book)

Mr. Bill Weasley
That's what he is to the world outside
That's the name he carries with pride
I'm just lately Fleur
Not very much to the world, I know
All these years with nothing to show
I've entranced the men, I've wreaked some wrath,
And I know then, I've had no path
I've got a hen, I suck at math,
But who am I?
Now I reply that
I'm the Missis
I will be his Missis
Mrs. Fleur Delacour - oops, now it's Weasley

What if they don't like me?
I mean, except for the youngest son
What's the point getting it done?
Maybe if I'm lucky
They'll see just how much I love Bill
Maybe through their glaring, they will
And what if Ron will still likes me now?
Awkward, I could see just how
But no - that cannot stop me now
No time to doubt
For I've found out
That I'll be Missis
I will be his Missis
Mrs. Fleur Dela- no! Wait! Right, it's Weasley

We'll never part
Not if we can
And if we start
Then here's my plan
I'll show him what bliss is
Welcome him with kisses
'Cause this is a Missis who misses her man

He's my Billy
And he's awfully swell
It makes financial sense as well,
Although he can be—I'll never tell—
Just stand aside
Here comes the bride
I'll be Missis.
I will be his Missis
I will be—

A/N: Yeah, yeah, I now I said this was finished. But then, after watching "Selfless" (7x05) again, I remember, oh yeah, there's this other song that Anya sings in it, so I decided to do that as well. Mainly because I really like writing lyrics to things. I might do something like this again, come to think of it. In any case, not too much is said on the Fleur character that I can remember so I just decided to wing it. Anyways. Now it's done. :P