Another Generation

Part 1-The New Guardians

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Chapter 1-The New Girl

In Candracar

"I wish to speak to the Oracle!" the ancient being smiled at Lubas' anger. Luba was the keeper of the powers of the guardians, and was short tempered about just about everything.

"Please Luba", said Tibor patiently, "The Oracle is busy, he will speak to you-"

"Now", the Oracle walked out of the Center of Candracar (A/N-I'm making this up as I go along, so be patient) and looked at Luba, "I know what you wish to discuss, but the matter is settled"

"They are to young!" Luba cried, "They are merely children!"

"As were the guardians before", said The Oracle patiently, "And they succeeded"


"Luba", said The Oracle firmly, "The matter is closed to discussion, I will not discuss it anymore"


Haleys' POV

"Stupid alarm clock", Haley McCall grumbled as she dodged puddle after puddle. "Now I'm late, could this day get any worse? It hasn't even started yet!"

Of course, it would help her to get a new alarm clock, she supposed. She just didn't want to get rid of her old one, she'd had it for so long. It was kinda stupid, of course, but it was all she really had left from her own life…

Get over it, she told herself sternly, stepping in a puddle, You moved three years ago, and you like Heatherfield, so stop clinging to your old life!

She giggled slightly at the fact that she was arguing with herself, again. It wasn't like she was some looser with no friends, but they had never gone thru what she had, the horror of moving and all. Torie Richards, Allie Meerow, and Kapree Mishora had all lived in Heatherfield their whole lives, and had been friends for that long as well. Haley had moved to Heatherfield three years ago, when her dad got a new job, and even though she missed her old home, she really did like Heatherfield.

Haley pulled out of her own world when she heard a car door slam behind her, and remembered she was supposed to be going to class.

She looked behind her and saw a girl dodging puddles from the nights rains storm, but unlike Haley, she missed every puddle.

"What, is there puddle jumping team here I don't know about?" Haley asked with a slight smile. She was normally very shy, but could manage to pull it together long enough to say hello.

"Huh?" the girl looked up at Haley with a weird expression, and Haley instantly found herself thinking, I should of just kept quiet, I should have just gone to class…

"Sorry", the girl said with a slight smile, "I'm new here, but while were on the subject of puddle jumping…"

She broke off with a quick smile and said, "I'm Sam"

"Haley", Haley held out her hand and Sam shook it. The two couldn't help but smile. This was definitely worth being late for class.

"Late for class, aren't we girls?"

"Mrs. Berang!" Haley cried, whirling around. Mrs. Berang was the school principal, and not fun to deal with if you were late for class.

"Off to class Ms. McCall", she said sternly.

"Yes Mrs. Berang", Haley squeaked, scampering before anymore could be said. She turned around and looked at Sam. She was pale white and all of a sudden looked nervous and scared.

"Poor girl", I muttered as I ran thru the doors to Sheffields' main building, "Hope Berang doesn't go to hard on her"

"So nice of you to join us Ms. McCall", Mr. Benson said as Haley ran thru the door to her history class a few minutes later.

She gave him a wobbly smile and made for the back of the class, where Allie and Kapree were lounging and gossiping.

"You're late", said Kapree as Haley sat down.

"We know that Kapree", said Allie, "What we don't know is why"

"Overslept", she said shortly, not really wanting to talk about it.

"Girl, you've gotta get a new alarm clock", said Allie with a smile, "Your old one needs to retire in a serious way"

"We have science next right?" I asked, changing the subject, "Did either of you get the homework?"

"We had science homework?" Allie asked, "Oh no, I forgot all about it! Vandoms' gonna skin me alive for this!"

Kapree giggled at the look on Allies' face and said, "I did it. Not sure I did it right though"

"Welcome to my world", said Haley, "Hhhmmm, I wonder what science class she has?"

"Who?" Kapree asked. Allie was rooting around in her bag, trying to find her science textbook.

"Oh, new girl", she said, "Her name's Sam, I met when-"

"You were supposed to be in class?" Allie guessed, pulling her book out of her bag, "What page?"

"Two-ninety thru two-ninety six", Haley said, still amused by the fact Allie had completely forgotten about the homework, and was now gonna try and do it in an hour.

"Good luck", said Kapree, "It took me two hours to do it"

Allie groaned and started scribbling even faster.

"Done!" Allie cheered an hour later as the bell rang.

"How!" Kapree cried, "How can you be done already?"

"I dunno", said Allie with a shrug, "It was like half way thru class, and I was desperate, and then it was like, lightning struck, and I just zoomed thru it"

"Probably all wrong to", Haley said smiling.

By this time the girls had made it to science.

"Hello girls", Ms. Vandom said as they walked in.

"Hi Ms. Vandom", they all said at the same time. They made right for the back of the room, always the best place to be.

"So, about this new girl-" Allie started to say, but Haley cut her off.

"Sam!" she said. The shy new girl had walked uncomfortably into class, looking more and more like she wanted to sink into the floor. She handed a note to Ms. Vandom, who read it over, nodded, and went back to writing on the board.

"Hi Sam", Haley said as she made her way to the back of the class. Sam gave her a weak smile, and sat down next to her.

"Hi", said Allie with a weak smile, "I'm Allie"

"I'm Kapree", said Kapree with a little wave.

Sam gave them both a weak smile, and started rooting thru her bag. A second later she found what she was looking for, and pulled out some unbelievably big book, opened it, and started reading.

"You're actually reading that?" Allie asked in disbelief, "It must have a million pages!"

"Eight hundred and thirty two", said Sam, without looking up, "Really not that much Allie"

"Oh, uuuhh…" Kapree giggled at the look on Allies' face and said, "So, I'm guessing you like to read Sam?"

She shrugged and said, "It's something to do"

"Okay class", said Ms. Vandom, turning away from the board, "Pencils down, books away, homework out. The answers to the homework are on the board, and if I see one person trying to change an answer, detention for a week! And that's getting off easy"

Allie started going thru her answers, looking unbelievably desperate. Well duh, Haley told herself, she did the whole thing in an hour, every answer is probably wrong.

It took them all about ten minutes to go thru their papers. Sam was going thru the textbook Ms. Vandom had given her, stopping to read every now and then.

"Almost every answer wrong", Haley said as she marked the last question, "Their were twenty questions, I got five right"

"I got about three, that was hard work though", Kapree said, "What about you Allie?"

Allie was staring at her paper in disbelief, "I got every answer right"

"What?" Haley and Kapree screeched at the same time. Sam looked around in disbelief. "It's true!" Allie said in an annoyed voice, "Every answer, look for yourselves!"

She handed the paper over to Haley. Kapree and Sam looked over her shoulder and read the answers.

"You did it in an hour rush", said Kapree, "The only way you could get every answer right would be magic"

"Every answer", said Sam, sounding impressed, "Way to go Allie!"

"Thanks", said Allie blushing.

"Okay class", Ms. Vandom said, cutting off the girls conversation, "Times up, hand in your papers"

Haley put her homework on the teachers desk, still thinking over what Kapree had said. "The only way you could get every answer right would be magic". But magic wasn't real. Was it? No. Haley shook her head clear of the thought. Of course not. Magic wasn't real. That was crazy.

"I don't know!" Haley ran into a very mad Allie at the end of the day, "Get off my back, would you Kapree?"

"I want to know how in the world you got every question on the homework right" said Kapree.

"Would you be quiet?" Allie snapped.

"It was probably just luck", said Haley, even though she herself wasn't sure about that.

"Yea, luck", said Allie, relieved at the save, "Thank you Haley. Now lets' go find Torie and motor, I gotta get ready for the fall dance tonight"

"Ugh", Haley groaned, "I forgot all about that"

"I didn't, I can't wait to go, it's gonna be a blast", said Allie happily.

"Going to the dentist would be more fun", said Haley sarcastically.

"Get in the spirit", said Kapree with a smile, "And don't forget to wear a dress"

"Better and better", Haley muttered as she approached Tories locker. Torie was shutting her locker, looking just a tad mad.

"What's wrong?" Kapree asked.

"I got a D on my science test", she said, sounding furious.

"Ouch", Allie said, "There's a burn"

"If Vandom tells my mom about that, there's no way in the world I'm going to the dance tonight", said Torie, slamming her locker, "I've been wanting to go to this forever, it's not fair!"

"You mom is fair, she'll let you off, I'm sure", said Kapree with a smile.

"Don't count on it", said Torie miserably, "I-"

She cut off with a loud "ow!" as a boy ran right into her and knocked her over.

"Watch it!" Torie snapped, glaring at the boy. He had dirty blonde short hair, brown eyes, and seemed short, from the looks of it.

"Sorry!" the boy snapped sarcastically, jumping up," I-"

Fortunately for him, he was cut off by someone behind him, "Jamie!"

"Crud", the boy whispered, looking around, "The sister enters the scene"

Sam was standing behind him, looking mad.

"Hi Sam", said the boy nervously, "Great day we're having, isn't it?"

"Not for you mister, I get detention on my first day", Sam said sarcastically.

"Yea, such a shame that detention I got today is gonna force Mom to make me miss the dance you know she was gonna insist we both go to", Jamie said in mock sympathy.

Sam froze for a sec, but finally settled on saying, "Oh shut up"

Jamie bowed and walked out before any more could be said. Sam glared after him for a second, then walked over to Torie and held out a hand to pull her up. "Uh, thanks", Torie said, taking Sams hand.

"No prob", said Sam carelessly, "Just gotta know how to handle little brothers. I'm Sam, by the way"

Torie", said Torie.

"Nice to meet you", said Sam, a slight smile on her face.

"Hi Sam", said Haley smiling.

Sam flashed Haley a quick smile and said, "I gotta get home, see ya"

"We'll walk with you", said Kapree quickly. She flashed Haley a quick smile, and Haley instantly understood. A chance to get to know the new girl, perfect.

"Whatever floats your boat", said Sam with a shrug.

So that was your brother?" Torie asked as they walked.

"An eleven year-old nightmare", Sam said with a smile.

"My brother's just nosy", said Kapree.

"My sister isyour brothers girl counter part", said Torie bitterly. Haley laughed, but didn't bother to join in the conversation. She didn't have a brother, and was really okay with it.

"So Sam, going to the dance tonight?" Allie asked.

"I have to ask my mom…" said Sam doubtfully.

"Call her when you get home", Haley suggested.

"Or I could just call her now…" Sam said thoughtfully.

"How?" Haley asked.

Sam started rooting through her backpack, without answering. "Aha!" she said a second later, "I can never find anything in my backpack"

Without another word, she pulled out a cell phone and started dialing.

"You have a cell phone?" Haley asked, amazed.

"Jamie does to", she said carelessly, "My mom works a lot, we're supposed to have them on at all times." She finished dialing and hit send. A second later she said, "Hi Mom" (pause) "Mom, there's a dance at school tonight-" (pause) "But-" (pause) "Mom-" (pause) "Okay, yea, see you later then"

"Well?" said Kapree, "What'd she say?"
"She said I could go", Sam muttered, shoving the phone back into her bag.

"Great!" Torie cheered, "Don't forget to dress nice!"

"Yea…" said Sam, obviously not excited, "This is my turn off, see you later"

She walked away without another word.