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Chapter 21 – The Attack

Allie's POV

Allie had to admit, it felt nice being one big group again. Even though there was still a lot of confusion on exactly what happened, it was something they could work out, she was sure of it.

"Maybe I do have an evil twin", Sam cracked dryly during lunch, "Want me to ask my mom?"
"Yeah, I can see that conversation", Allie laughed, "Hey Mom, do I have an evil twin? Because someone who looks a lot like me insulted my friend Torie at school, and—oh, I don't have an evil twin? Oh, it must be some goon from Meridian then. What's Meridian, you ask? Well, it's a rather long story—"
"I get it", Sam said, "Do you think it's some Meridian trick?"
"Duh", Allie said, "Lets poll the audience. Torie?"

"Got it", she said, "So, should we do practice after school?"
"Yeah!" Kapree said, "We haven't done anything in so long, I say we go for it!"
"I'm in", Allie agreed.

"Sure", Haley shrugged.

"I don't have anything better to do with my time", Torie admitted, "So why not?"

"I love this look", Allie cooed, looking down at her body in it's guardian form, "Can we go to school like this someday?"

"Um…no", Sam said, "Nice try though. Okay, lets' start—"
"Sh!" Kapree said suddenly.

"I hear something", she strained her ears, "Someone's coming…"
"Oh, you ruined my entrance", a voice behind them said. They whirled around.

"You!" Sam said, sounding furious.

"Me", the girl said tauntingly. They had encountered the girl before. She worked with Phobos, in Meridian. She was as bad as they came.

"What do you want?" Torie asked her.

"Same thing I always want", her eyes darted to Sam, "The Heart of Candracar, of course!"
"Well good luck getting it!" Sam said.

"I don't need luck", and with that, she attacked. Her powers sought out something heavy, and finally settled on throwing a large tree branch at the girls. They instantly scattered.

"Me first!" Allie called, holding her hands up, "Water!"
A stream of water shot at the girl, slamming into her. She was blown backwards. "Nice", Torie said, "Now me. Earth!"

Vines shot out of the ground, wrapping themselves around the girl. "Is that the best you can do?" she scoffed. She teleported away, and reappeared a second later, shooting an blast of energy at the two girls. It slammed into them and threw them backwards.

"I think I speak for both of us when I saw…" Allie paused, "Ouch!"

The fight, meanwhile, continued. Kapree to up the next round, using her power over air to hurl as many heavy objects as she could find at the girl. Haley snuck up behind her, and took her by surprise, hitting her head-on with a fire ball. She was thrown forwards and hit the ground. Hard. Torie took it as another chance and rewrapped the girl in the vines. Sam finished it off by putting a shield around her as a sort of prison. "Got her!" they all cheered. The girl struggled, but she couldn't teleport away this time.

"All right", Sam said, "It's time you answer our questions. Who are you? How did you find us?"

"I'm not telling you anything", she said.

"Then we're not letting you go", Allie shot back.

"Fine, keep me here", she said, "I can't go back anyway, not without the Heart"
"And you want…what, pity?"

She laughed cruelly, "I don't offer pity and I don't except it", she said, "All I want is the Heart of Candracar"

"Well then boy are you out of luck", Allie said. The girl smirked.

"You want win you know", she said, "Even if I don't succeed, there are others who can and will. You girls are fighting a pointless battle. Phobos will win. And you will a fall"
It was the way she said it that shook them. Her total sureness, the casualness in her voice. It wasn't just her trying to scare them. It was like she knew what was going to happen, no questions asked. "Good always win", Allie said, "That's the way it is in TV shows and movies, anyway"
"Well this isn't a movie", the girl said, "It's real, it's true, and you have to face it. There are plenty of others who will rise against you. Like…" she smirked suddenly, "Him, for instance"
They turned around…and found themselves facing a giant snake. They'd seen him before too. Though they had usually run from the fight. "Hello, guardians", the snake hissed menacingly. To the girl he said, "You failed already Elie? How pathetic"

The girl—Elie—scowled, "I haven't failed. Get me out of here Cedric!"

The snake—Cedric—whipped it's tail down on the shield, shattering it instantly. Elie teleported out of the vines, and reappeared next to Cedric. A second later, they were both gone.

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