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Chapter One: I trust you not to betray me

Inuyasha POV

It has been a year since we defeated Naraku and Kaguya and the jewel has been completed...yet she still stays...why?

'I love you as a half-demon.' I keep hearing those words spoken to me by her...by Kagome. Is that why you stay with me...do you really love me? Or were you saying that to bring me back from my demon blood?

While on the subject of love that makes me think of my old love Kikyo. Did I really trust her? Now that I think about it no...I didn't trust her. If I had trusted her I wouldn't have been convinced so easily that she would betray me. Instead of trusting her I went to the shrine and took the jewel. Kikyo must not have trusted me either to believe that I would betray her...when I loved her. Love? Is that really what I felt for her? Affection...yes but love...no I can't say I did. When I met her I knew only humans hatred for me no one wants a half-breed. She accepted me because I was alone like her. She couldn't get close to people because of the jewel she protected. So we enjoyed each others company but I can't say that I really loved her.

Kagome trusts me and I don't know why. When we first met I tried to kill her so I could get the jewel. Yet she wasn't afraid. She trusts me to protect her from harm and I do protect her from all that harm her except me. I hurt her everytime I see Kikyo...I can see it in her eyes. That shows that she has feelings for me but is it love? Yes, it must be love for her to stay with me after all the stupid things I've done. But do I love her? I can honestly answer yes...if I didn't why would I protect her...why would I get so upset when Koga flirts with her...why would I feel so guilty when I see Kikyo...because I love her.

I jumped down from my branch in a tree near camp and silently walk over to her. I brush her bangs out of her face and gently kiss her forehead. Soon you will be my mate...I won't betray you. I jump back onto my branch and start to fall asleep. I trust you not to betray me Kagome.

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