by Saber Girl Leia

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He would not have called it love, back then.

They would laugh together, yes, all the time. But surely she laughed with others. He did. Had. Not so much anymore.

She thought it was all a game - one with a great prize if she won.

Freedom. She had enjoyed its opposite her whole life. Her brief tastes of free had been sweet - surely it must be sweeter than some unknown emotion.

Love. All she knew of it was that it could get a girl into trouble. It supposedly changed her top priority from herself to a man. Mara had seen simpering women following their men around. They were never on their guard. Perhaps they felt there was no need to be. Perhaps for them there was not.

But this Sheftu, he was dangerous.

He liked to speak with her, and look at her, and touch (hold?) her hand.

But that meant nothing.


It was simply a young man's infatuation, Sheftu told himself. She was pretty; she was witty. So were many other women.

But none of them were her. Mara, the blue-eyed one. Mara, his lotus.


She was like the wind, and he could never hold her.

Unless she let him.

She wanted to, sometimes, but she told herself that she did not. These were dangerous thoughts.

But neither one could stop them.

And feelings grow.

He had finally called it love, that night. That beautiful, terrible night.

Had she believed him then? Now she does not know.

But now it does not matter.

Now, with her back newly treated; with his arms around her - gently, so gently! - none of it matters.

None of it matters past the point that it has brought them together.

That knife, that both of them never want to see again; it is gone. That ring, that caused so much trouble; Sheftu has given it to her with a kiss and a smile and now she wears it proudly.

Nekonkh and Inanni and Ashor and Mipatahyah and Teta and all are well; will be well.

There must be troubles left in Egypt for them to right, but there will be time for that later.

Now, sitting together, tossing back and forth names for their future children, all that matters is their love.


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