This is my latest fic, the idea came to me on holiday, after watching a few movies. It's basically a variation on the term "Cabin Fever", but not the movie, as I've never seen it. Cabin Fever, for those who don't know of it, is when a group of people are stuck together and constantly get on each other's nerves as time goes on. This is like that, but Mireille and Kirika keep striking different nerves, as they attempt to feign off boredom.

Chapter 1 - Staying Low.

Some jobs were destined to go wrong. Or at least, not as any self respecting assassins would have liked them. These were the thoughts professional assassin Mireille Bouquet contemplated as she opened the reinforced steel door which led into their new hiding place.

Not wrong exactly. Indeed the rebel insurgent had been killed, and the hierarchy of their rebellion had fallen through. The general they had been working for was already leading his troops in to mop up the remains. It should have ended like that.

Except it hadn't. Without a leader the closely controlled rebellion was spiralling out of control, sucking all into a civil war. Apparently their client had been prepared for this, seeing as he has a bunker prepared for the assassins to hide in, until it was all under control. Mireille trusted him. He had been an old friend of the Bouquet family, which was why he had offered her the high paying job. It was kind really, because of the assassin witch hunt taking place in the main cities. Mireille should have been pleased.

But she wasn't. Of course she wasn't! Kirika and herself holed up in this small bunker for God knows how long. Kirika was hardly a social person at the best of times, she had the feeling that staying in here was going to try both their patience.

"It's not bad." Mireille remarked as she let her eyes wander over the bunker, a television sat in one corner, two long couches around it, lights electricity, a bath room. Kitchen, bedroom. It was just like a small hotel room, Mireille was sure they would be able to entertain themselves somehow!

"Hmm..." Kirika replied in agreement, closing the metal door behind her and latching it, she then began pacing around the room, appraising it for herself. Mireille watched her with an amused expression, amused at the way Kirika would stop at a book rack to run her finger over a few pages, then move onto the kitchen, and begin poking around the cupboards. Her expression always bored, with an occasional raised eyebrow when she found something that confused her or apparently amused her.

Mireille headed towards the television, switching it on and finding a new channel. It was the usual trash, man found dead, celebrity opening some famous place, rebellion killing thousands. The usual stuff. Sighing she switched it off, obviously there was little hope of it blowing over any time soon. Their only hope was to make the best of this situation.

But first! Sleep.

Kirika followed her as she headed for the bedroom, willing to sleep whenever Mireille wanted to.

There was only one bed, a double one with white sheets. Mireille thought nothing of it, having slept with Kirika since this whole mess had ever begun, but she had to wonder at the General's motives is only giving them one bed. Or maybe he just assumed some things?

Regardless, the bed was comfy and sleep was not long in coming to her tired muscles. Whatever happened in the future... could wait until the future.

Talk about short chapter! Intro remember, I HATE intros... So others should be better I think. We can hope at least. More humour in them too.