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Summary: A songfic to "At the Beginning" by Richard Marx and DonnaLewis. At the end of the final battle, six individuals think over where they are and how they got there. HP/LL, RW/HG, DM/GW.

by: JnnLuvsU

There were bodies everywhere. The field was covered with them. Carefully making his way through the bloodied field was a young man, aged far beyond his 22 years. In his right hand a wand was loosely gripped, while his left hand clenched his right shoulder, attempting to stop the blood flow. Tears rolled down his cheeks unchecked at the death and destruction before him. His clothes were badly torn as if he had been beaten, and his face and arms were covered with cuts. Coming to a stop before one body, he shoved his wand into his pocket and dropped to his knees. Pushing his hair out of his eyes, he gripped the hand of Neville Longbottom.

"Neville!" he cried, knowing it was to late for the other man, wondering how many more of his friends he would find this way. Reaching up, he gently closed his fallen friend's eyes. Taking the man's wand still clutched tightly in his hand, he tucked it into his jeans, and stood up, dreading what he might find.

The taking of the wands had started when Voldemort began to mutilate bodies beyond recognition. Mr. Ollivander did indeed remember every wand he had ever sold, and it was through this practice that they were able to tell exactly who had died.

After a few more minutes of searching and a few more wands collected, the young man's eyes were drawn to the striking hair of another friend, one he had hoped to find alive, and he rushed to the other man's side. Reaching out a hand, he sighed with relief when he found a pulse.

"Malfoy," he said, shaking the other man gently.

Draco Malfoy felt his senses returning to him, and he opened his eyes, "Potter," he said, happy to see the other man alive.

We were strangers

Harry stood up and reached out a hand and helped Draco to his feet, "We need to find Luna, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione."

Draco nodded, surprised at how much his life had changed in the past five years. He had been 17 when he had left his father's house forever and then later asked to join to the Order. Since that day, his life had been challenging, but he had proven himself invaluable.

"Voldemort?" Draco asked, as they began to search for their loved ones.

Starting out on a journey

"Dead." Harry stated, "but he took a lot of us with him. So far I've collected Tonks', Zabini's, Colin's, Cho's, and Neville's wands. For the past seven years the Order had been fighting relentlessly against Voldemort and his supporters, and this day they had finally gained victory.

Many loved ones had been lost along the way, including Arthur, Bill, and Fred Weasley, Lavender Brown, Amos Diggory, Remus Lupin, Dennis Creevy, Pansy Parkinson, and Justin Finch-Fletchley. The first big shock had come in Harry and Draco's 7th year at Hogwarts. They would never forget the day that Luna found Severus Snape's mutilated body near the forbidden forest. Harry could still hear her scream.

That was the day that everything changed. Voldemort had been particularly upset to find out that he had been betrayed by one of his followers, and had begun stepping up his attacks. That was also the day that Draco had decided that he wanted to fight against Voldemort and not with him. And that was the day that Harry found Luna.

Never dreaming what we'd have to go through

Draco took a deep breath, "Have you seen my father?" he asked, not knowing how this question would go over. He still felt as if he needed to prove himself to Potter and was afraid that this would cast suspicions on him, but he had to know.

Harry sighed, and looked at his feet. He had known that Draco was going to ask that. Looking at the other man, Harry pulled a sleek, well-kept wand out of his pocket and handed it to Draco.

Draco stared at the wand in his hands. After all the lies, all the hurt, and even after his father had stopped talking to him, Draco had still loved him. He was still his father. He looked into Harry's eyes, tears glistening in them, "Thank you, Harry," he whispered.

Harry nodded knowingly, "Your father was not a nice man, but he was still your father. I understand. If the situation was reversed, I would have wanted to know, too."

Now here we are

Draco nodded, and then something caught his eye. Someone was walking slowly through the mist towards them. Bringing his wand up just in case, he sighed with relief as he recognized the person that limped toward them. She looked badly hurt, and Draco turned to Harry, only to find that the other man had already broken into a run towards the woman.

Harry hadn't even consciously recognized the woman before he found himself running full speed in her direction. Catching her in a huge hug, he clung to her, "Luna, thank God," he said, holding her close.

It was only at her cry of pain that he loosened his grip, "Oh, Gods, love, I'm sorry," he said, and sat her on the ground. Her leg was badly cut, as was one of her arms. However, he was pleased to see that she was still the same old Luna; her wand was behind her left ear, and she still had her necklace of bottle caps around her neck.

"Are you ok?" she asked, reaching up to stroke his cheek.

He leaned in to her touch and closed his eyes. Covering her hand with his, he sighed, "I am now. I was terrified that I was going to find you dead."

I'm suddenly standing

"Me, too," she said, pulling him into a hug.

Harry gently kissed the top of her head thanking heaven for the fact that she was ok and in one piece, "I love you, Luna," he whispered, "I don't think I could have stood losing you."

"I love you, too, Harry," Luna said, as Draco came up to them. Together, Harry and Draco helped her stand up.

At the beginning with you

Once on her feet, Luna held up a tattered bag with quite a few wands in it, "I've been collecting. Professor McGonagall, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Parvati Patil, Euan Abercrombie, and Charlie Weasley were among the ones that I found.

"But you didn't find Ginny, Ron, or Hermione?" Draco asked.

Luna shook her head, and Harry wrapped his arm around her waist to help her walk. While they continued their search, he thought of the fateful day he found Luna.