"Izzy, dude, your sooo short." Tai remarked to his little redheaded friend.

"Taichi, dude, call me Koushirou." Izzy said back, mimicking Tai's tone.

"God, don't be such an ass, Koushirou."

"God, don't be such a prick, Taichi." Izzy said back.

Tai rolled his eyes and left the bench he was sitting on to go blow off his steam playing soccer, like always. Izzy just made a "pfft" noise and then went back to typing on his laptop. Then he heard Mimi talking to Sora. He countinued typing on his laptop, thinking it was none of his business, when he heard them mention his name. He pretended to keep working on his laptop, but eavesdropped on them at the same time.

"Izzy? Hes a computer geek!" Mimi said to Sora.

Sora giggled and said, "and hes short. Shorter than you, and you both are the same age! Well, its always said that boys are shorter than girls."

"Yeah, but TK was almost as tall as him back in the digital world, and he had been 10 and TK had been 8! Thats really short." Mimi exclaimed.

"Not really. But hey, hes cute, right?" Sora inquired.

"Well, yeah. Hes got nice lips and beautiful red hair! But its always so... shaggy. He should let it grow out so I can play with it!" Mimi exclaimed.

"Are you insane, Mimi? He would snap your wrist off if you touched him." Sora replied seriously, but Mimi giggled.

"Yeah, I know. Hes anti-social or whatever its called. We need to get him out more, and get him out of the button of orange shirt he wears over that white t-shirt. I mean it does look good because he wears it unbottoned, but the yellow gloves brown shorts just... no. They so do not match." Mimi exclaimed, disgusted.

Sora giggled at her fashion-nonsense friend. Mimi had always been clothes crazy. She was spoiled, too. But Sora had always thought that her and Izzy would make a good couple, but she didn't exactly know why. Mimi didn't like the outdoors, and neither did Izzy, but she did like going out places like the mall and on dates, where as Izzy would rather be home with his computer.

Izzy was a real gentleman, though, and although he could put his foot down when it got to far out of line for him, he never resorted to violence, even when Tai had offered him a free punch to his face because he had hit Izzy. Izzy basically said hell no, and Tai still remembers that day. Izzy wasn't very active either, but because of all the computer sutff he carried around, he was strong. He was pretty skinny, too. And short. You could never forget short.

Mimi was of average height and was very pretty. She had carmel colored eyes and long brown hair. She usually kept it up in a pony tail, but she planned on getting it cut short and dyed pink. Pink. Every single thing in her room was pink. That girl. She was pink. You couldn't breath there was so much pink following her around. It was like a big fucking cloud. It swallowed you whole. And for the rest of your life, the pink would haunt you. But, on the bright side, she didn't always wear pink. At the moment she was wearing a red sweat shirt with a white mini skirt and white tennis shoes. And she really knew how to cheer up her friends.

Sora smiled. She believed with all her heart they should be together, they're both just what they need from each other. Yes, there was the possibility that Mimi could drive Koushirou insane, I mean, come on, she could drive god insane. When she dies and goes to heaven you might see pictures of god with his hair dyed pink and his finger nails painted pink. Who knows?

But Sora knew one thing for certain. She had to try to get Mimi Tachikawa and Koushirou Izumi together.