This idea popped into my head while listening to the song, "Helena". I basically wanted a story that made me have to think outside the box. Anyway, enjoy my newest fic. I don't want to give anything away.

Just a warning: Please do not judge the story right on this chapter. Keep your minds open and get ready for a Titans fanfic like you've never read before. I thank you.

Praise the Darkness


Garfield Logan was dressed in a midnight black suit which seemed too out of character for him. His emerald eyes were lifeless and the sparkle that once illuminated his handsome features was gone. His mind had no clear thought or reason; the world around him was unnoticed. Just days ago, he had been thinking about traveling to New York to see some old friends, and catch up on some personal news. That want was pointless now.

The changeling was carried over to the cathedral entrance and put down with honored care. This wasn't supposed to be happening, not like this…

His teammates, and friends for what seemed like decades, stood on the platform, feeling numb and still in shock. Their world had been turned upside-down and it was just…wrong. They started walking slowly, the feeling in their legs vacant. Like marionettes on strings, they walked down the crimson-colored carpet of stairs, silent in speech, as well as thought.

When the entrance was reached, they waited for the priest to lead the group outside. Heads bowed Robin, Cyborg, Starfire and other mourning strangers lifted up the marble casket from the cold, stone ground and followed the aging clergymen down into the chilling, pouring rain. By now, the tears and rain had mixed, and emotions held high into the gray, swirling clouds.

The walk to the graveyard lasted an eternity. Tired and full of hatred for the higher powers that took their friend, the two men and one woman set down the casket. Away from the crowd stood Raven Roth, a girl who stopped believing in justice and prevailing goodness. Her tears were unseen and her cloak covered her completely. Regret kept popping into her mind and she knew exactly why.

The empath had loved Garfield for years, but could never declare it, because she had always thought her emotions would hurt them both. Now she would never know.

The teammates by the grave watched as the casket holding their friend descended into the blacking hole of dirt. Never would they have seen this, never would they have believed.

It would be hours until they finally were able to leave the rows of graves. Only two indigo eyes remained in the darkness, along with an electric-like aurora striking into the ground…

Life had just begun.

Why was Raven still at the gravesite? What was she planning? Chapter 1 (2) will knock your socks off. Thanks for reading and reviewing.