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Lyrics from the Underoath song, "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door"

Praise the Darkness

Chapter 3

In the graveyard…

Raven was still standing in that cold, dark cemetery, her mind frozen in shock. What could have Garfield meant about the whole "revenge" thing?

"What have I done?" she asked herself , falling onto the muddy, murky ground. She had never believed this could ever happened; her powers were supposed to be controlled. Things were falling apart, and the realization was truly unbearable. Raven got up slowly, hovered into the air, then took off in the direction Beast Boy had flown, tears threatening to overcome her broken heart…

Time is running, its running on empty and the gas is running out
I've decided that tonight is the night
That I let love aside
Full speed ahead this seems to be the place
I've seen this once before
Planned perfection sought in my dreams

Beast Boy morphed back into his human form…or what resembled of it. He walked with kind of arrogance that only revenge could power.

"Good, everyone's asleep," he said aloud, grinning that inhuman, malicious grin. He easily broke the security system; after all, he spent many nights studying the Tower blueprints while others thought he was goofing off, playing video games or playing pranks.

The hallways were silent and unthreatened. The changeling quietly made his way to the bedroom hall and found a lump rising in his throat. This was just too easy; revenge had never been so sweet…

Around this turn where the cross will cast your shadow
The people will all gather
To remember such a day
Where the flames grew as high as trees
And the world stopped for you and me

Raven had time to think while she flew over the towering buildings and midnight streets. Something was driven inside the boy she thought she loved; he would not have this kind of determination for nothing. She knew her role was now that of a detective's…if she could survive all of this hell. The Tower finally came into her view, and Raven forced herself to fly a little faster…

Garfield Logan pushed the door to his killer's room open slowly, making sure nothing would ruin this moment. He entered the bedroom and found of Robin's belongings neatly arranged on a small wooden table, no trace of poisons or even a weapon for that matter. "And so he pretends it never happened," the changeling thought angrily, making Robin's death even more desirable. He walked further into the room and came to the Boy Wonder's bed, watching Robin's chest rise and fall with each sleep-stricken breath. Beast Boy would tear Robin's heart out of his chest and cease the breathing of that betraying, murdering coward…

Raven ran down the hallway, her steps animated in what seemed like slow motion. She suddenly stopped in front of Robin's room when she heard a mad cackling. The empath threw herself at the door and crashed into the room, disturbing the eerie peace of silent killers…

Glass shatters and comes to a halt
I thought we'd be there by now
I thought it would be so much quicker than this

Pain has never been so brilliant
I made sure you were buckled in
Now you can walk hand in hand with him
Hand in hand with him

Robin jolted awake in a flash and immediately saw the thing that had once been Garfield Logan stand above him. Beast Boy lunged for the teen's throat and Robin managed to throw himself off the bed just in time. The two immediately went into battle, throwing punches and ready to kill. Raven screamed at the top of her lungs and launched a black auora at them both, sending the two men flying in opposite directions.

Garfield knew things were turning to shit, and the thought enraged him to the core. "You got lucky this time, coward!" he screamed at Robin, his voice so evil that it seemed able suck any goodness left in the world. He turned to Raven and gave her a smile that made her shudder uncontrollably. "I'll let you figure things out for yourself, Raven, my love. For now, I think it's time to make my exit."

The changeling morphed into a bald eagle and flew out Robin's window with bullet-like speed. Robin made no attempt to chase the changeling; consequence was eating him alive…

My knuckles have turned to white
There's no turning back tonight
Kiss me one last time

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