I realize that there was big jump in the chapter Fate Sinking In to Leiko VS. Zhao. One minute it talks about her hanging and the next she is looking for a wedding dress. The reason is because…I don't have a clue. I don't know what happened to the chapter in between and I just realized it! So I'm going to edit the chapter Fate Sinking In and add the last bit so it makes sense. Be sure to check it out, because it's a major chapter.

Also, about a sequel…I HAVE ONE! Aren't you all excited! It's called Daddy's Little Girl 2-The Heist. It's really good and full of drama and all sorts of stuff you guys like. And get this, you have all been such a wonderful audience that I am going to have you…YES YOU…tell me what you want to happen between Zuko and Leiko and I will do my best to include it! Okay, the thing is, I have been emailed a few times about including a sex scene, or a hint of one. Now, the question is-should I do that? Or will it gross everyone out?

Okay so sum up! Email me about a sex scene,-yes or no- and what you would like to see happen in the story. K? Much love.