Authors' notes: Hi to all! This is the first time I wrote a Naruto fan fiction, as I was trying to entertain a plot that formed in my silly head. No, really. I haven't watched at least two episodes of Naruto (the sole episode I was able to watch was one where Sakura and Ino were fighting…talk about bad luck)so forgive me if you'd see something out of the norm. Characters here may get a bit OOC and some points may just confuse readers.

So to reiterate, this fic will be an AU. Same setting and time, but uh…I'd try to deviate from the norm. Please understand the OOCness so I can entertain my muse.

Pairings: This is supposed to be a SasuNaru fic, but that will just arrive maybe in the end. The more blatant pairings here are OrochiNaru and Sasu/OrochiNaru. Intrigued by the second pairing? You'll know why later on. I really don't like Orochimaru very much, but I needed to so that, as I said, I can entertain…the PLOT!

Disclaimer: I'm tired writing the same thing over and over again, so I'll just say this once in this story. I don't own Naruto (him, the anime and the manga, along with other merchandises). If I did, I'd have listed a thousand ways of doing wicked things to him. But because I don't, I'm listing the thousand ways of doing wicked things to him here.

Last notes, there might be some M rating stuff that's going to happen. You can't skip it, because its only minor but nay, let's live and love M rating stuff!

This will be version 2 of Kitsune Mask. So sorry to the new readers, but don't worry. All I did was improve on my wordings and fixed some grammatical errors. If I changed something in the plot, you will be notified.

Bah, enough of me! On with the story…


Chapter 1: April Fool's Joke


Naruto was, so, in a crap-pissy mood.

He spent half the day playing pranks on his friends, hoping that it'll take away his boredom. From Sasuke's brightly-pink dyed underwear, to Kakashi's ruined copy of Icha Icha Paradaisu, and even filling Jiraiya-sensei's house with blatant copies of shounen-ai (Naruto still remembered the horror Ero-sennin displayed upon seeing the so-markedly called "unholy" materials).

He had quite a laugh.

A few snickers passed through his lips.

But the day still seemed too dull for him. No mission, no war at all (he wasn't really asking for one…), anything at all that could convince him the day wasn't supposed to be normal! Hell, he wished an alien spacecraft would come and abduct him just for the heck of it all.

And why was it that no one came to clamor to him about what he did to them?

He was almost expecting Sakura to come rushing out of the trees, brandishing her kunai at him because he drew frown lines on her forehead (the location of the face lines made it funnier in his opinion).

Or maybe Kakashi-sensei appearing in a puff of smoke and attempting a chidori-charged Hidden Leaf Ancient Taijutsu Supreme Skill, A Thousand Years of Pain on him, which would be quite understandable.

Or maybe just Sasuke confronting him over what he did to his boxers that he'd spar with him on just this occasion (which was what I was hoping for…hmm, did Sasuke appreciate me dyeing his boxers pink?).

None of what Uzumaki Naruto was thinking happened.

The afternoon was gently descending to a close, the bleeding sun dipping on the horizon. Naruto decided to pass up the opportunity of treating himself at Ichiraku's. Half of playing a prank is seeing the victim's reaction as what he'd say to Konohamaru.

So far, half of his efforts went down the drain.

He went inside his apartment, the darkness somewhat unnerving him a bit. Fumbling around for the light switch, his fingers felt something else.

Something warm.

Something soft, and pale to the feeling.

Naruto withdrew his hold almost suddenly, stifling a gasp at the surprise.


Naruto squinted a bit, as the figure became clearer in the semi-darkness of his room. The lights turned on, Sasuke's hand on the switch.

"Teme…" Naruto growled a bit, finding his energy drained to retort more effectively. "Go away, I need to rest. This day absolutely sucks…" He snarled a bit, passing by Sasuke's waiting form.

"Ch…" Sasuke grunted a bit, as he extended an arm to halt the blonde's movement.

"Yarou…are you here to complain about your underwear?" Naruto glanced downwards, noticing the pink boxer peeking out of Sasuke's short.

Sasuke kept a straight face, unnerving the smug look on Naruto. He hasn't shown any sign of indignation…unlike before…

"I'd understand…what you did earlier…" Sasuke seemed to speak, breathing each word luxuriously out of his mouth.

Naruto found himself slammed on the wall of his own room, shock and confusion written across his face. Sasuke was leaning just too close for his comfort. Tension evidently formed between the inches left between the boy's faces.

"You're lonely…aren't you? You need someone to turn to…" Sasuke's glazed look was now starting to scare the blonde.

"Sasuke…s…stop this now. You're not remotely half-funny…" Naruto spoke, trembling on his own accord. He hadn't expected this type of attack.

"No one's trying to be funny here…idiot…" Sasuke unconsciously licked his lips, his breath hitting the blonde's whiskered cheeks and slightly parched lips.

"Please…stop…" Naruto whimpered.

"Naruto…" Sasuke seemed to enjoy the panic exuding from the blond.

Naruto was paralyzed in his own fear. Sasuke had suddenly removed his riotous orange jacket, appreciating the sight of Naruto's lean and well-toned chest.

The blonde visibly shivered as pale hands skimmed on the features of his chest. Naruto had to fight back a whimper and a growl from escaping. Sasuke was doing maddening things to him.

"I…" Naruto's lips began speaking on its own accord. "If this is a dream, please…stop this! I love Sasuke, and it hurts every time I wake up and find myself alone!"

Sasuke momentarily stopped, his eyes fixed on the blonde before him.

And at that, he licked Naruto's cheeks, tongue running up his whiskered features. The blond could do nothing but cry and surrender.


"Wha…" Naruto recovered from his stupor when he saw a flash of light from his closet. From out of it, Sakura, Ino and others came out, shock visible in their faces.

The wall beside them peeled off, revealing Kakashi and Iruka, bearing surprised looks on their faces.

"I…" Naruto was close in tears, the sudden humiliation and embarrassment hitting him hard. "Kimi tachi…everyone…what are you guys doing here?"

Can it be…a set-up?

"Enjoying yourself, Naruto-kun?" A rather familiar voice, not unlike Sasuke's, rumbled beneath Naruto, and followed by a bark from a puppy.

"No…it can't be…"Naruto found himself covering his mouth, utterly degraded.

Sasuke disappeared from in front of him, to be replaced by Kiba, with Akamaru perched on his head. The dog dutifully continued to lick Naruto's bewildered face. Kiba only continued to regard him with serious eyes, unable to say or do something.

"Henge no Jutsu…" Naruto realized the trick that had been done. Why hadn't he recognized Sasuke's different scent?

"This is for pulling those pranks earlier, Naruto." Sakura scolded, waving a Polaroid picture, her tone almost indifferent of the tense atmosphere surrounding the room. Sakura wanted to say more, for the boy that continued chasing after her for so many years…but found not the will or idea to say anything.

"Ah…Sasuke…" Ino looked worriedly over Naruto's left side. Naruto followed her gaze, hoping she was wrong.

The door slowly closed on his side, revealing Sasuke behind it. He was stricken with shock, gritting his teeth at what he heard was the closest confession of Naruto's sexuality.

Both boys locked eyes, one shooting piercing glares and the other, shrinking back in humiliation.

"Naruto…" Sasuke spoke, his voice dead calm. The sense of familiarity disappeared behind the single word. "Omae…"

Naruto fell back, still edging away from the people he called "friends".

"No…" He was on his edge.


"NO! Don't! Please! Don't ask me anything! Don't say anything!" Naruto knew that look. He knew it, and it scared him the most.

Sasuke's dark orbs had been replaced with the spinning crimson sharingan wheels. The four tomoe symbols embedded themselves on Sasuke's irises.

Naruto felt his senses fogging around, his hearing now becoming dull. His vision seemed to start to fail him, his muscles going numb. There was only the dull thud of his heartbeat and the heated glare Sasuke was giving him.

"Don't look at me like that, teme!" Naruto yelled at Sasuke in particular.

Turning around, he lunged for the open window and jumped through it, performing a few seals he knew by heart.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

This is version 2 of 'Kitsune Mask'. For those looking for version one of this story, sorry, but I threw it away. I don't look backwards. XD

For the people confused with some words:

Kimi tachi – literally means "you guys" or "everybody (you)". This refers to everyone around, excepting you that is.

Omae – translates to 'you'. The more ruder or cruder version is teme, which Naruto always uses on Sasuke.

Yarou – I don't know if this is a legal slang or not, but I use this myself in preceding an expression of distaste to someone or something. Like…"Yarou, this soup tastes like stale socks." Or "Yarou, can't you do anything right?" And yes, I can be cruel if I want to.