The Death Eaters attacked a week and a half before NEWTS, which Harry decided- thinking about it afterwards-really was bad form. It was suppertime when the attack came, and, by some fluke, Harry was not in the Great Hall as the Death Eaters intended him to be. He was in the library studying with Hermione and Ron for the upcoming exams when Ginny came running in with the news that the wards, which had been weakening since the beginning of that year, had finally fallen. Harry immediately rounded up what DA members he could find and headed down to the dining hall.

There were at least fifty of the hooded followers and they were casting hexes and curses left and right in anger that the Boy-Who-Lived had evaded them once again. Students were lying wounded, unconscious, and worse across the floor and four house tables. Dumbledore and the teachers were fighting from the Head Table, which had been flipped on its side, protecting the students that managed to escape the initial onslaught. Harry rushed into the fray, Ron, Hermione and the others hot on his heels.

"There he is!" bellowed one of the Death Eaters, spotting Harry. "Cruci-"

"Stupefy!" cried Harry, his voice drowned out by Hermione's, Ron's, and Ginny's identical shouts. The Death Eater was flung backwards onto the Slytherin table, knocking over the cutlery and dishes as he landed unconscious. Harry noticed with a surge of hatred that none of the Slytherins seemed to be present. The green and silver table was empty, and the few bodies sprawled along the area belonged to those who had tried to flee. No doubt they had been warned of the attack and had either joined Voldemort or were hiding.

"Mr. Potter!" came McGonagall's sharp voice. "Back here now!"

Harry retreated to the Head Table and the relative safety of having the most powerful wizard of his time fighting by his side. But there were fifty Death Eaters, and they weren't relenting in any way.

"Harry, run," said Dumbledore. His voice was quiet and even though he was speaking in Harry's ear, Harry could barely hear him.

"Wha- sir?" he asked, thinking he had not heard him correctly.

"Run. Live to fight Voldemort another day. You are the only one who can defeat him. You are the wizarding world's only hope."

Harry gaped at him, then set his jaw firmly.

"Bullshit, sir. If I can't defeat him now, then I'll never be able to. And there is no way I'm leaving my friends. None what-so-ever."


"Expelliarmus!" he shouted at a Death Eater, ignoring the Headmaster. He was not going to leave. He glanced around. Flitwick had fallen, as had Professor Sinistra and Halloway, the new DADA teacher for this year. The Death Eaters were advancing.

CRASH! The door to the Great Hall burst open. The Death Eaters whirled around to see Aurors pouring through led by the giant form of Hagrid. Harry cheered along with the rest and he returned to the fight with renewed vigor. The Death Eaters were now on the defensive and falling fast. Emboldened by their success, Harry followed the teachers out into the midst of the battle.

"Stupefy!" he hollered, catching a Death Eater by surprise.

"Oooo, it's ittle wittle Potter!" screeched a mocking baby voice.

Harry whirled around and froze. It was her, Bellatrix, the one who had killed Sirius.

"Cruci-" she started.

"Avada Kedavra," hissed a voice from behind Harry. Bellatrix made an odd gurgling sound and then fell. Harry whipped around again to see another hooded figure. "Stupefy."

The spell whizzed straight past Harry's ear and a grunt made him turn to see another Death Eater topple. Harry turned back to the first Death Eater who was killing off his allies.

"Come now Potter," the figure hissed. "At least make it look like you're fighting me."

"Professor Snape?" Harry asked.

"How astute, Potter. Incendio!"

Again the curse did not hit Harry, but a Death Eater to his right and the man's robes were engulfed in flames.

"Expelliarmus!" he called, pointing his wand over Snape's shoulder and causing the Death Eater behind his Potions Professor to loose his wand. Harry grinned; Snape stopped short and pulled Harry back behind the Head Table.

"Professor, wha-"

"Hush, Potter," Snape commanded in a whisper. He pulled off his mask and Harry could see fear on his face. Snape risked a glance from behind the table and swore. "Potter, run," he said, his voice cool but urgent.


"Now, Potter!"

"Why does everyone keep telling me that?" Harry demanded, then stopped as the room went quiet. He peeked out from the edge.

Voldemort was in the room, standing on the far side, a black cloak hiding his features and holding what looked like a statue of a rearing horse in his hand. The horse was emitting a blue light and it slowly rose into the air, rotating around and around on its axis. Harry watched in confusion as the rays of light expanded, lengthening into long indigo tendrils. The confusion turned to horror as the strands wrapped themselves around the nearest Auror and after binding him fast, lifted him into the air.

The Aurors and Order members leapt into action, throwing curse after curse at the blue statue and light, but to no avail. The tendrils were multiplying and lifting Auror after Order member into the air where they were held fast, slowly spinning around the room.

"Professor, what is it?" Harry asked, turning to Snape.

"The weapon he was looking for in the Department of Mysteries this year," said Snape, then "Damn!"

A ray of the blue light had found the spy and knotted itself around him. He was lifted up, still struggling to join those into the air. Harry could see Kingsley and Tonks, then also Ron and Hermione and Ginny, and the entire DA. All of the students that were still alive, even those who had been unconscious were bound and floating. Moody was finally subdued and rose into the air with the rest of the Aurors, McGonagall and Lupin as well, and then finally Dumbledore.

Harry gazed at the scene absolutely terrified, he was alone. Only the Death Eaters and Voldemort were left. Slowly, the statue of the horse descended into Voldemort's open palm, although it still glowed with the blue light.

"Do you know what this is, Dumbledore?" asked Voldemort in his harsh, mocking voice as he watched the Headmaster slowly revolving. "This is the Trojan Horse, given to Odysseus by the goddess Athena, who was actually not a goddess, but a very powerful witch. You didn't realize what it was until it was too late, and now," he laughed, "there is no one left to interfere when I kill Harry Potter." He laughed again, then stopped short. "Severas!" he hissed, spotting the Potions Master revolving around the room next to Dumbledore. "You are in league with him!" It wasn't a question, it was outrage. "Don't lie to me Severas, the Trojan Horse sees the heart, it sees who is loyal to who. But tell me, how long have you been a traitor?"

Snape gave a tight-lipped smile. "Six months after I joined."

There were screams of outrage from the Death Eaters below and Voldemort's face contracted in fury.

"Crucio!" he thundered. Snape jerked violently on his bonds of blue light, but he did not scream. Voldemort ended the curse then addressed the room. "I know you are here Potter! Give your self up, or I will kill off your friends one by one."

"Don't do it Harry!" yelled Hermione, her voice joined by others.

"Silence, Mudblood!" Voldemort commanded. "Well, what is it Potter? Do you need a demonstration?"

Harry took a breath and stood up. "Don't harm them," he said, "and I'll give myself up."

"Harry, mate, no," said Ron.

"Crucio!" barked Voldemort. Ron screamed as he thrashed about in mid air.

"Stop it!" Harry yelled. "I'll give up I said."

Voldemort ended the curse. "Wise choice, Potter. Now put down your wand." Harry dropped it. "And come down here."


The wall to Harry's left was blasted open and the Death Eaters jumped in front of their lord, forming a line of black robes. Three figures emerged, their emerald green, silk robes visible before their faces were. Harry glared as Draco Malfoy idly brushed the dust off his clothing and stopped in front of the line of Death Eaters, his two companions, Blaise Zabini and a sixth year named Warrington, flanked him.

"Sorry we're late," said Malfoy, sounding completely unrepentant. "But we had to get changed." He gestured to the emerald robes the trio was sporting. Voldemort stepped past the line of his followers, the blue statue still in his hand.

"Is this how you serve your lord, Draco? With lateness? I expect prompt obedience."

"I'm sorry," said Malfoy, bowing his head. "It won't happen again."

"Good. Now bring me Potter."

Malfoy turned and looked at Harry. Their gazes met though Harry could not read the expression in Malfoy's grey eyes. Malfoy turned back to Voldemort.


Harry blinked. It was a simple statement, made with out anger or hatred. It was simply a 'No'.

"What?" hissed Voldemort. "Lucius, explain your son!"

The Death Eater to his right pulled off his mask in unveiled rage.

"Draco, what is the meaning of this?"

Malfoy-the younger-took a breath. Harry had a funny feeling that this confrontation was scaring him more than the one with Voldemort.

"I said 'no', father. It is a word used for refusal and disagreement."

"You are refusing your lord?"

"Your lord, father, not mine."

"I did not raise my son to be disobedient. You know what the punishment is for disobedience."

"Of course I do," said the younger Malfoy, rather hotly. "Starts with a 'C', is one of the Unforgivables, you've been using it on me since I was four. How could I forget?"

"Will you, or will you not, obey your lord?" asked Lucius, his voice deadly quiet.

"I will not," said Draco defiantly.

"Crucio!" roared Lucius.

"Protego!" shouted Draco, whipping out his wand. His shield charm was the strongest Harry had ever seen, the curse was merely absorbed into it. Lucius stared at his son.

"Very well then Draco." He turned to Voldemort who was glaring at the boy. "My lord, I would be honored if you would teach my son a lesson."

"It would be my pleasure," said Voldemort, grinning evilly. Draco glanced at his two friends and nodded. "Cru-"

Draco's two friends Disaparated to the sides of the room, Draco leveled his wand and yelled "Avada Kedavra!" But his wand was not aimed at the Dark Lord, it was pointed at the statue. The horse exploded in a shock of blue light and Voldemort screamed, staggering backwards. The ropes of blue light holding the Order members and Aurors disappeared and they fell to the ground. The Death Eaters turned on their released prisoners, intending to pick them off while they were still recovering, but then twenty students in emerald green robes poured through the door and began throwing hexes at the Death Eaters, who were forced to turn their attention on the new army that arrived.

Harry grabbed his wand from the ground and joined in. He ducked back behind the table as curses were sent his way. Draco Apparated at his side.

"Please tell me you know how to kill him, Potter."