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Three Years Later, sometime in the summer

Harry heard a crash coming from the kitchen and he hastily set the screaming infant down in her crib and ran down the stairs, pausing as he passed the picture at the end of the staircase.

It was one of his favorite pictures, with the entire family standing in a row with Draco and Ginny in the middle. All of the girls were in pale green satin dresses holding bouquets of flowers and all of the men were in black tuxedo-dress robes next to their wives. Draco was also in a tux, but he held Ginny in his arms and she was wearing a gorgeous white dress that seemed to come straight from a fairy-tale picture book. The two of them were grinning madly, waving out at him, though sometimes Draco would pull Ginny in for a kiss and sometimes Ginny would whisper in Draco's ear. Harry knew what she was whispering, 'I love you'.

Harry continued onto the kitchen, his mind going back to the events that took place three years ago. Draco had nearly died from his bastard of a father due to some curse. Harry didn't know the exact reason why Draco was alive even though Dumbledore had tried to explain it.

"The curse was originally used to kill family members -usually sons- who had betrayed the family's belief. Even though the fathers still loved the sons, they still killed them, and that is why the curse was unbreakable."

"Like Harry's mother," said Hermione, immediately understanding, though there was precious little she didn't understand. "Except opposite."

"Exactly," said Dumbledore, nodding. "Love can protect from death, but it can also cause it. Because Lucius didn't love Draco, he didn't cast the curse in Love, and so the curse was breakable."

"So all we had to do was pass forgiveness through the ritual, and even though we aren't Draco's real family, it worked because our love was stronger than Lucius' hate," said Hermione. She noticed Harry's expressions. "It's really quite simple."

Harry shook his head at that memory, but smiled. Draco and Ginny had gotten married that June, their wedding was the largest the wizarding world had seen in a hundred years. Dumbledore had led the ceremony, the entire family was involved in some way, and as Arthur Weasley was dead, Ginny had Severus walk her down the aisle, much to Draco's delight.

After the wedding, Draco had given Ginny a wedding gift, well, a lot of them, but the one that had her in tears was the large house on a hill. Harry didn't get it; Draco already had a house, but if it made Ginny happy enough to cry, then he wouldn't begrudge her the home. They had then gone on a month long honeymoon that was cut short because of company problems and a merger Draco had to oversee.

Harry passed another picture in the hall, this one of him and Padma and their three kids. The picture was only taken a week ago. Their eldest was Arthur Remus, who was almost three. He had Padma's dark brown hair and dark green eyes. Their second oldest was Sirius James; he really couldn't have any other name. His hair was black and constantly tussled and his eyes were a bright blue. He was one and a half and their youngest, Regina Lily, was only a couple of months old with no real hair yet, but she had his bright green eyes.

He passed the bay windows in the living room, and stopped to watch those outside. Padma, Ginny, Pansy, Faye, Fleur and Hermione were all sipping lemonade and basking in the sunshine watching the others play Quidditch though Hermione had her nose in the book. Mrs. Weasley and Severus were once again referee's of the game while the men were making sure none of the children were going to fall off their brooms. Both Fred and George were watching Zak who was whipping around like a madman and Draco was teaching Dragon how to do a barrel roll.

Harry watched Dragon for a while; the boy was pretty good, though he didn't fly that often. He tended more towards the arts and Blaise and Pansy had enrolled him in painting class. Dragon also spoke now, though he was five before he said a word, and when he did speak it was to the art teacher to tell him that he needed brown paint to tone down the yellow because it was a sunny yellow when he needed to have a darker color.

Harry quickly counted the people outside and discovered two missing children.

That meant the crash must be caused by Sirius James and his favorite playmate.

Sure enough, as he entered the kitchen he saw the tussled black hair of his son, and also the white-blond head of the little boy, only one month younger than Sirius. He also saw the smashed dishes and the squirming red ball in Sirius' grasp.

"Sirius James Potter," said Harry. "What did you do this time?"

Sirius wordlessly pointed to his friend who turned large, innocent amber eyes onto Harry.

"So it's Aidan's fault?" asked Harry.

The kitchen door opened and Ginny came in get another pitcher of lemonade. She stopped when she saw the mess and rounded on the blond child.

"Aidan Delano Malfoy!" she said. "I though I told you to play outside?"

"Too hot," said the child. Harry looked at the kid and figured it was probably the truth. Aidan had inherited his father's pale skin and his cheeks were burned pink and the back of his neck was red.

"I forgot the sunscreen charm," realized Ginny, squatting next to her son and kissing him on the forehead to see if he was over heated. "Next time tell me, okay kiddo?" She pulled out her wand and said the spell. "Now go back outside to play, alright?" Ginny grabbed the pitcher of lemonade and turned to Harry. "Regina up for a nap?"

"Yeah," said Harry, "she really gets cranky."

"Tell me about it," said Ginny. "Can you clean up the mess alright?"

"It's fine," said Harry waving her off. Ginny went back outside and Harry turned to the two toddlers. "I won't yell at you this time because you got too hot outside, but next time let us know instead of just running off, okay?"

The boys nodded.

"Now go take your ball outside where it won't break anything."

Sirius turned to Aidan with a grin, and Aidan smirked. Harry stared, then snatched up the child and ran outside onto the porch.

"Draco!" he yelled to his friend. "Draco, come and see this!"

Draco zoomed over on his broom while the rest of the family gathered around as well, all looking at the child in Harry's arms. Aidan was a cross between Draco and Ginny. He had Ginny's amber eyes, a few freckles across his nose and her smile, but he had Draco's white skin and white-blond hair.

"What is it?" asked Draco landing and looking at his son with a smile. Harry remembered a time when Draco had been afraid to be alone in the same room with Aidan. Ginny told Harry that Draco had an insane fear that he was going to haul off and hit his son, but a blind man could see the absolute devotion Draco had for the boy and Harry knew that Draco would never do that. Draco's love for his son finally over rode his fear and Aidan was on his way to be the most spoiled child in all of England, if he wasn't already.

"Aidan, do it again," said Harry.

Aidan merely raised an eyebrow, one of the more annoying traits he had picked up from his father.

"No, not that," said Harry. "What you did in the kitchen."

"Break a glass?" the boy asked.

"No," said Harry getting frustrated as Draco was also raising an eyebrow at Harry with a condescending air.

Aidan looked at his father with a confused expression on his face, but then looked back at Harry with Ginny's mischievous grin on his lips.

"You're doing this to annoy me, aren't you?" asked Harry.

Aidan smirked. The group of gathered people stared until Draco let out a completely un-Malfoy like whoop, grabbed Aidan from Harry's arms, and spun him around.

"Yes, you are now an official Malfoy," Draco told his son when he stopped spinning. "Give me another smirk."

Aidan did and was immediately 'aww'ed over by all of the women.

"He's an official Malfoy because he smirks?" asked Harry.

"Of course," said Draco, as if this was one of the most obvious things ever. "Your kids will be official Potters when they survive the unsurvivable and rid the world of evil."

The family laughed. Ginny came forward to give Aidan a kiss on the cheek, and then Draco a kiss on the lips.

"I like the smirk," she said.

"Me too," said Padma, coming forward and wrapping her arms around Harry. "It is kinda sexy," she said at Harry's betrayed expression.

"Gonna have to agree with Padma," said Faye. "There's just something about a smirking man."

"It's the truth," said Fleur.

Harry looked at them all in horror. Ginny whispered something in Draco's ear, which Harry knew was 'I love you'. Harry caught his eye and just shook his head; Draco and Aidan smirked.



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