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It had been almost a week since Cyborg came to Wayne manor. He had decided to call and check in with Changeling and Terra at the tower. He instead of calling them over or even telling them why he was ultimately at the estate simply told them to pass the word to star to get her butt back to earth ASAP, he'd tell them what was up in another week. With that he was out his team mates were a bit stunned but shrugged it off as nothing.

The three teens in residence were all sitting around the coffee table in the den, each up to his or her own thing. Terry was complaining about his math homework. He had really let his grades slip this year. All things considered no one blamed him, but he was doing his best to get back on track. Bruce was very proud of his young protégé. Terry was taking enough time between equations to tease Mary.

Richard was likewise doing his homework and throwing his two cents in here and there as a commercial would come on the TV. "What people don't know how to flip pancakes anymore they have to make a device to do it for them?" "Nice car" "clowns are evil" he was also enjoying the near fight that was slowly developing between terry and his sister. That boy would never learn he thought wistfully.

Mary was busying herself painting her toes. Pink of all colors she finished the last toe and wiggled them in satisfaction. She would never NEVER dare paint her fingernails that color. She had a reputation to uphold after all. Ace lay beside her. Finished with her toes and nothing else to do she picked up one of her magazines Gotham Teen Weekly. She was quite glad there weren't security cameras at home oh her poor reputation if she were found out

"Oh what if I tell all of Gotham high that the resident queen of goth is a girlie girl at home" Terry threatened after a remark about his hair looking like the weed eater was his barber

"If you do I'll tell them that the great fearless terry McGinnis is afraid of heights" Cyborg couldn't help but notice from his seat on a nearby sofa how very much like her mother the girl sounded just then

"I am not afraid of …… hey put me down" Terry was now suddenly floating a good 5 feet off the ground

"You give up?" Richard questioned the wildly flailing boy in the air amusement apparent from his smirking face to his voice.

"Yea you win AM now let me go!" he half demanded half pleaded

"K" marry shrugged her shoulders and the dark energy that had surrounded Terry disappeared in a flash leaving the now flightless bat to fall unceremoniously on his butt

"No fair" The undignified bat complained

The laughter in the room was cut short by the newscast. The blue CGI mans' voice took on a serious tone

"Tomorrow marks one year since Gotham teen Dana Tan Was killed when popular dance club lava lamp was attacked by the Jokers. The popular hang out re-opens its doors tomorrow. The owner of the club Mr. Marman had this to say"

"It took a lot longer than expected to rebuild, I dunno mishaps here and there. The track lighting kept falling or had to be re-wired darndest thing really" the night club owner began but his voice was lost on the occupants of the room

Cyborg felt the gravity in the room suddenly increase ten fold he watched as the teens eyes took on a distant quality Terrys most of all. Bruce bowed his head.

"Man that's rough, I take it you knew her" Victor felt he had to break the deafening silence. Terry simply got up and walked out of the room head held low eyes never leaving the ground. Hands balled into fists.

"She was our friend, and more than that to Terry. He loved her." Richard supplied

"Loves her," corrected Marry

The four people remaining in the room heads jerked around as the sound of an explosion came from the way of the television. The news cast had been live and now all that was apparent was the night club was on fire people were running like scared rabbits in all directions and they had a job to do. With a nod the twins were up they grabbed Terry and within moments they were in the batcave dressing. Cyborg and Bruce followed behind as quickly as they could. And what Cyborg saw shook him to his core there in front of him hurrying to battle were Batman. Raven and Robin he couldn't hide the shock on his face.

Richard had forgotten some key gadget, or more so forgotten the key to his gadget a custom motor cycle, not that he needed it he could fly after all but he enjoyed hearing the engine rev to life the feel of the wind on his body, his sister chided him more than once about boys and their toys but in his mad dash to grab the keys he saw Cyborgs pale shocked face.

"Mom and dad left them with us, we'll explain later"

"Richard I'm coming with you! wait up" Cyborg shouted

"Stay with Bruce we can handle this" Mary shouted climbing in behind Terry in the Batmobile.

"Yea help the old man at the controls Vic." The lack of emotion in Terrys voice was evident he was being professional his own feelings set aside for the moment

"But" Cyborg sighed a little and was visibly deflated. He looked over as a hand was placed on his shoulder

"They'll be fine they always are" Bruce's voice was even as ever

"I still don't get why you let them fight crime. Couldn't you I dunno ground them or something?" Vic questioned

"Knowing their parents do you think they would actually stay?" Bruce chuckled

"You have a point I guess but still" the mechanical man rubbed his head

" I know you want to protect them. Just like I do" the older man added

The Nightclub

The three heroes were already in the building searching for anyone that might be inside trapped or anyone that may have caused the trouble, they all hated this place wit a passion but they had a duty to the city. One which no matter what the emotional toll they would have to take on. They had split up Raven was searching the many catwalks when the DD's did their best to ambush her. They were caught off guard when they were both surrounded by black energy then flung together effectively knocking them out. Raven made her way with the two unconscious girls trailing behind her to the front of the building where the police saluted her as they cuffed the twin villianesses. Raven went back inside rolling her eyes

"That was too easy" she thought to herself

"Help me" a faint voice caught her attention and she turned to find the source

Batman was having a time fighting Bonk. They were trading blow for blow their fight gave no sign of letting up any time soon. Batman was focusing his rage on the over grown brute it was all Bonks fault Dana was gone as far as he was concerned. Bonk was well scared wouldn't be the right word. But off kilter, Batman usually chatted during the fight. Taunting provoking but tonight he was quiet, dileberate, like the batman of legend. It was just not natural

Robin was extremely busy fighting both ghoul and wolf he hurled several freeze disks in wolfs general direction causing him to slip in his attempted pounce on the boy wonder. Ghoul was busy dodging the attacks of robins Bo staff and several well aimed bird-a-rangs. Not to mention the occasional blast of dark energy. Wolf recovered from his slide into the large lava lamp and launched at Robin again this time connecting with his cape, wolf was given a kick to the mid section in return and he howled in pain as ghoul landed a punch on the young crime fighter

Raven was searching for the voice she could sense the person but they were being evasive, elusive, she had her guard up just incase it was a trap

"Come on out I'm here to help, I'll get you to safety" she pleaded with the unseen person

"help me" it pleaded again "I've been all alone so long, so very long"

"I'll help you but come on out" she spoke carefully as if to a wounded animal

Ghoul had noticed the Female crime fighter not paying attention to the battle and with a smirk he pulled out a patented joker bomb lit the fuse and threw it her way. The other boys were too busy to notice

"LOOK OUT" Cried the voice raven had been searching for as the bomb hurtled her way and with out thinking the holder of the voice launched herself at the girl. Only to her horror she didn't manage to move the hero in front of her at all she absorbed into her? The shocked empath had been looking for a ghost. She barely registered this fact when the bomb went off at her back she managed a scream and didn't manage to shield herself with her energy in the split second everything happened

"Raven" both heroes shouted and ran in her direction. Not bothering with the criminals who had taken the time to begin retreating. Batman managed to catch the falling girl before she collided with the floor. His eyes widened as he noticed she was unconscious and bits of her hair were charred from the explosion

"Forget the jokers get her home NOW" Bruce all but shouted over his comm. Link with Terry

without a second thought he ran her to the car and robin jumped on his own vehicle they were home in less than 10 minutes and only a few minutes later the girl was lain out on the med table all sorts of machines checking her vitals, to their relief she was fine physically anyway nothing more than a minor burn and a few bruises. But she was not conscious and that was a concern

"I can't sense her" Richards worried voice cut through the silence

Hours passed and it was 3 am Mary awoke with a start and placed her hand to the side of her head "Oww" she complained then blinked when had she gotten here? And why on earth was she wearing a cloak? Of all things

"Glad your awake" a male voice startled her

"Terry?" her voice and face showed confusion this worried terry, she may have a concussion or maybe worse

"How'd I get here? What happened?" her head was spinning

"Easy there. You took a fall at the nightclub. Don't you remember?"

Her face scrunched up as she began piecing things together her eyes widened

"The nightclub……… I fell and I…….. I died" she blinked Terry froze this wasn't sounding good she must have had a bump on the head

"I died, I died I shouldn't be here what happened I died why didn't I cross over I was stuck all alone for so long so very long" Her eyes had grown wide and it was then that Terry noticed them fully while trying to search within them for signs of damage from a concussion dilated pupils or something he wasn't sure what he was looking for but he gasped when he found something. Her eyes were not their usual shade of mystical lavender. They were brown. And familiar. His eyes widened even farther if it was possible, disbelief written all over his face


He didn't receive an answer instead the girl on the medical bed jumped off and began running. She ran past terry up the stairs and past the kitchen where the rest of the household were sitting eating a small diner Richard and Cyborg cave chase after a muttled help from terry as he chased the girl. she ran and ran and ran until she reached a clearing at the edge of the woods that surrounded the manor. the moonlight reflected off of a small pond and she froze tears streaming down her cheeks

Terry signaled the other two to stay where they were and he cautiously approached the crying girl

"D…Dana, is it really you?" he didn't receive an answer so carefully he circled around to meet her gaze he looked into her eyes and he began to cry

"Dana I missed you so much, but this isn't right you have to get out of AM's body. I love you but you need to leave go to heaven where you belong" it was whispered between sobs

"Oh Am I'm sorry. I didn't mean to terry I didn't mean to don't be ad at me" she pleaded

"I could never be mad at you" he reassured

"Never forget me? Us?" she questioned

"Never" he reassured

"Terry? Kiss me good bye?" she asked

"yea" he nodded and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply he felt her leave through him and Mary collapsed in his arms unconscious but unharmed. Lifting her easily he walked over to Richard and Victor

"lets get her home" he said nothing more and the two followed him feeling awfully out of place

A few days later Mary finally got around to speaking to Terry about the incident

"About what happened" terry began

"Forgotten" she honestly told him, she couldn't remember anyways

"Well the thing is" he scratched his head unsure of himself "I don't want to forget it. I was so worried about you when Dana well went all invasions of the body snatchers on you. it made me realize I'm ready to move on, maybe with my best friend in the entire world"

she blinked mulling it over in her head

"One step at a time captain spandex, you'll pick me up at 8:30 tomorrow night and we'll have a burger and see a movie, got it?"

"Yea" he found himself dumbstruck

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