Chapter 2

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(Cagalli's POV)

As much as I hate to admit it, but my face was as red as a tomato after what Kira had did. I quickly rushed upstairs to find him, so I could demand for an explanation. "Ah Cagalli, what brings you here?" He smiled.
"What the heck was that for!"

"What was what for?"

"You know what I'm talking about! Stop playing around and tell me already!" Not even a minute has gone by and I was already annoyed at him.

"I thought I told you what it ment."

"How can you just say it so casually! Did it ever occur to you that I had someone I like?"

Kira started laughing," Well I guess I'll just have to snatch you away." he said as he toke a step closer towards me and gave me a wink, turned around and left.


Another month passed by and no words from Athrun, I was growing restless waiting for him. I would cry myself to sleep every night.


I turned around to see who it was and it was non other then Kira. I wiped my tears with the sleeves from my shirt. "What?" I said trying to hide the sadness in my voice.

"Were you crying...?" He asked as he toke a spot beside me on my bed.

Sniff "So what if I was?"

"What's wrong?"

"K-K-Kiraaaaaa" I cried and wrapped my arms around his waist, and buried my face on his chest. He smiled and gently strokes my back as I continued crying on him.

I cried in his arms for hours, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep. And when I woke up the next morning, guess who I saw beside me? Yup, Kira. I blushed as I noticed my arms still around him. I slowly got out of the bed quietly, trying my hardest not to wake him up, but I ended up failing in the end.

"Mmm, Cagalli?" He called with one eye slightly opened while rubbing the other one with the back of his hand. "Sorry, Did I wake you?"

"It's ok" He smiled,"You felling better?"

"Much better." I answered as I returned the smile.


A few more months has gone by, in a blink of an eye. And I had already turned 16. Kira and I had grown alot closer during those months. And tomorrow, we were finally going to get adopted. We, as in Kira, Meer and I.

"Cagalli? Are you all packed?" Kira asked.

"Yup, just about. You?"

He smiled," Of course, you don't think I'd be that slow did you?"

"Hey, are you implying that I'm slow?" I asked as I slightly raised my left eyebrow.

"Kiraaa! Cagalli! Aren't you glad, we're going to be brothers and sisters tomorrow!" Came a way too cheerful Meer.

Meer and I don't really speak that often. Heck we've never even had a conversation that lasted a minute. But I know for sure, there's something about her that makes me want to strangle her. And now we have to be "Siblings" tomorrow.

"I heard our new mother is going to be THE Fllay Attha! Can you believe it? We're going to be the new children of the most famous actress that has ever lived!" Meer sighed with happiness. She was so happy; I swear you could see stars in her eyes.

"Ok everyone return to your beds. It's time to go to sleep you guys." Sister Kate announced and guided everyone back to their beds.

"See you tomorrow Cagalli." Kira said and gave her a lil kiss on the cheek and ran off to his bed.

I can't believe he got me again! I thought as I touched the spot where his kiss had landed. Then my thoughts slowly drifted to Athrun. We're getting adopted tomorrow, so that means he wouldn't be able to find me. Geez Cagalli, what makes you think he's looking for you. He did had a whole year to come and visit. "I guess it's finally time to say goodbye..." I whispered to myself and climbed in to my bed.


(Next morning)

Kira and I bid our farewells to the Sisters and their friends before they left, while Meer was too excited she just went straight to the Limo.
Starting today, we'll be living with the Atthas.

"Ok kids were here." The driver announced. He seems like a pretty nice guy, very sophisticated. His English accent was to die for.

"Ahh my new babies are here." A Red headed lady with a personality that seems Way to much like Meers. I'm guessing that she's Fllay Attha.

"OMG its Fllay!" Meer practically screamed when she saw her. Me? I could care less if she was a circus clown. Hmm but a circus clown wouldn't be a bad look for her, I though as I started to laugh.

Kira gave me a weird look, "Umm Cagalli, let's go inside."

"Ok." I said as Kira and I followed behind Fllay.


"These must be the children's, I'm Uzumi Yula Attha your new Father, of course you can call me whatever you want for now. Until you get comfortable." He smiled.

'He seemed really nice. Way to nice to be married to someone like Flay. He seems too old for her. Flay, I'm guessing she's in her 30's, and Uzumi looks like he's in his 50's. I wonder how this relationship started...?'

"And I'm sure you guys know who this is. This is Fllay Attha, my wife. I do hope you guys will get along."

"Why silly of course we will, I'll show you guys to your room and after that we can go shopping for clothes and such."

Fllay led us upstairs, She showed us to our (Cagalli and Meer) room, for a rich family they sure don't have much rooms. 'Lucky Kira, I wish I had my own room.'


"You know, just because were Sisters now doesn't mean you can go snooping through my stuff, so if I see you anywhere near my desk or my closet, I'll have to mess you up a bit." Meer threatens.

"Pshh Same goes for you."

'Hmph, I was right, I guess Meer is finally showing her true self.'

After we unpacked all our stuff, we headed downstairs where Fllay and Kira were already waiting for us.



'This was my first time in such a big mall. The mall has at least 6 floors. Who ever owns this mall must be filthy rich.'
"Kira look!" I said as I punched his arm to get his attention.


Ipointed to the gigantic water fountain that was shooting out 5 different colors of water.

"Isn't that cool!"

Kira smiled, 'Cagalli sure looks like a kid at a candy store right now. I'm surprised at how such a little thing can make her so happy.'

As Fllay and her new "Kids" were browsing from store to store, for clothes, school supplies, and anything else they needed. But little does Cagalli know, a special someone was also in the same mall as her.


"After one whole year, I can finally go and see Cagalli again." A blue headed boy around 16 years old said as him and his butler, Eddie, walked out of Chairman Zala's office in Affluent Mall.

"I'm sure, this Cagalli girl would be rejoiced to see you. Sir."

Athrun laughed, "You think so? I think she'll kill me for not visiting her sooner."

"Well you did had to leave for Japan for a year to learn how to carry on your father's business. I'm sure she'll forgive you after hearing that."

"I hope you're right, but I guess I should get her a gift just in case." as he walked inside "Frosted Jewelry's".

"How 'bout we go look at some Jewelries kids?" Fllay asked as she danced her way into "Frosted Jewelry's."

Athrun on the other hand had JUST left the store when, Cagalli and them had entered.


(St.Mitchell Church)

"Sir, we've arrived."

"Ahh Athrun-sama."

Athrun turned around to see who it was, and it was non-other then sister Kate.
He smiled," Please just call me Athrun like you use too sister Kate."

"Oh, but your the Chairman's son now, I'll get scold at if I don't." She joked.

"Sister Kate, do you mind if I go visit Cagalli for a while?"

"Oh dear, didn't you hear? Cagalli got adopted."

"Oh..."Athrun said sadly as he stare at the ground, "Could you tell me the address of where she's staying?"

"I'm sorry Athrun, I can't let out that information, and you know that right?"

Athrun smiled sadly, "I understand. It's ok"

"But I'll give you a hint. If you look for someone under the name Attha, you might find her." She winked and went back inside.

'Attha? You've got to be kidding me, do you know how many people here are named Attha.' Athrun thought, 'but it wouldn't hurt to try.'

"Eddie, could you do a little research on Cagalli Attha for me?"

"Of course, I'll get right on it when we get back to the mansion."


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