Title: Wherever you go, I'll follow.

Author: KagomeKissez

Chapter: One

Summery: Inuyasha is a prince and in arranged to marry princess Kikyo. However, Inuyasha hides his identity and goes to Kagome's public school. Eventually they become best friends and fall in love. Although Kagome's Step dad and Inuyasha's brother and mother forbid them to see each other. Inuyasha must go through with the arranged marriage to create peace between the two lands. Kagome has constant problems with her step dad, causing her to run away in search of Inuysaha. Although everything goes terribly wrong when she is kidnappedandInuyasha has to find a way to escape his prison in the palace and finally be with Kagome.

"Uuuuuuggggggghhhhhh, five more minutes…" Kagome stuffed her head under her pillow and waved away her mother.

"Kagome Higurashi!"

Kagome spoke to herself, 'oh no, she used the full name…'

"Kagome, it's the first day of school, your going to be late."

Kagome's mom walked to the window and opened the blind, causing Kagome to flinch from the bright sun. She then stole the pillow from Kagome and headed back downstairs to finish preparing the lunches, leaving the door open behind her. Souta was already downstairs eating some breakfast consisting of his usual sugar filled corn flakes. Kagome eventually dragged herself out of bed and sluggishly walked to the bathroom with a large yawn. When she was finished she lazily walked to her bedroom with a toothbrush in her mouth and dug through her closed for her new school uniform. She walked back to the bathroom with her uniform and came out dressed and ready.

"Bye mom!" Souta yelled leaving through the front door.

Kagome paid no attention to her little brother and went right past him in the front door and walked into her kitchen. Her lunch was sitting on kitchen table, as always it was nicely packaged in front of her stepfather. She gave a glare without him noticing and swiftly grabbed her lunch before he looked up from the business section of the newspaper. She gave her mom a quick kiss goodbye and she wished her a good first day at school. She paced towards the front door and had her hand on the knob when she sensed someone approaching her.

Coldly Kagome said, "Goodbye, Takashi."

Kagome never even turned around to look at him but he did say something.

"Have a nice day Kagome, don't get into any trouble."

Kagome left without giving an answer and ran down the shrine steps. When she got to the bottom he was at the top waving her goodbye.

'He is such a creep."

She walked out of his sights and ran most of the way to school. She didn't want to slow down because of the fear that her stepfather could, although highly unlikely, was following her. When she finally got to school she slowed down and caught her breath only to loose in on what she saw next. She noticed a boy in a red sports car pull up in the school parking lot. He was defiantly a senior like her. When the boy exited with his backpark from the passenger seat and locked his car she noticed he had unusual silver hair. She looked away not wanting her gaze to meet his and perhaps cause and awkward situation. Unfortunately she wasn't watching where she was going and tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. She lit the ground pretty hard and could feel that the skin broke from her knee that then started to sting.

"Hey are you okay?" a voice asked.

"Umm." Kagome looked up to see who was standing over her. "Sure."

She couldn't really make out or recognize whom it was that stood before her. The sun was too bright and shining against their back that caused it to look like a shadow and leave her practically blind. She squinted to get a better point of view but still nothing, until the boy helped her up and smiled, it was then that she knew exactly who it was… Hojo. Kagome sighed in disappointment and looked past completely ignoring his concern. She was watching the boy she was hoping for.

The Boy casually walked away from his car and towards her with the top buttons of his shirt undone and his backpack slung over one shoulder. He was wearing dark sunglasses to hide his mysterious eyes and had the funniest, most adorable dog-ears on his head for some very odd reason. He turned his head slowly to check out some girls who were watching him but he just ignored them and turned back to his business. But as he walked his sharp sense of smell was intrigued by a sweet smell of blood. He looked where it was coming from and looked at Kagome's knee. He lowered his glasses and raised his gaze up the body from the knee, to the thighs, to the bottom of the skirt, the waist, to the bottom of the blouse, to the chest, to the neck, to the chin, to the luscious lips, to the nose, to some freckles, until finally he saw her deep chocolate brown eyes. He smiled to himself and raised his sunglasses again walking slowly towards her.

Kagome had seen that the boy watched her up her body and became at bit more nervous as he got closer. When their paths finally crossed she noticed he whispered something past her ear.


Kagome was startled and just watched him walk past her and step up the front steps, open the door, and watch as he disappeared into the halls until the door finally closed.

"Kagome, are you listening to me?"

Hojo finally caught Kagome's attention and startled her out of her daydream.

"Huhm what is it?"

"Your alright, right?"

"Oh yah, it's not a big deal, it's just a scratch."

Hojo was rummaging through his backpack trying to find a bandage and when he did he pulled it out, ripped it out of its package and knelt down to stick onto her knee.

"There, that should do the trick."

Kagome watched him stand back up and gave a nervous smile.

"Thank you again Hojo. But I have to go register and get my books."

With that said she left to register and sign out her schoolbooks. She put the ones she didn't need into her locker and walked to her homeroom and first class. When she entered she noticed her friends surrounding a new girl and asking her questions. Yuka finally turned around and called Kagome over.

"Kagome, over here!" She yelled.

Kagome smiled and rushed over to her friends. Then she was introduced to Sango.

"Kagome, this is Sango, she is from Nagasaki."

Kagome stuck out her hand to shake Sango's and greeted her

"Hey Sango, my name is Kagome, it's nice to meet you." Kagome said with a smile.

Sango smiled back very shy just as the teacher walked in.

"Settle down class, we have a lot to get started on." Mrs. Umatta lectured on.

Kagome walked to her seat near the back noticing the strange, yet mysterious boy again she sort of met earlier. He was pulling out his earphones and stuffing them in his pocket along with his latest and greatest MP3 player. His sunglasses were rested on the top of his head and he sat very casually in his desk fiddling with his pen, taping his foot and starring blankly out the window. Kagome tried not to star and think about how hot he looked, but that was behind her and she couldn't help herself. She placed her books down on top of her desk, only looking away for a second to sit down comfortably but then looked to the front of the class, casually glancing back at him.

"We have a few new students in out class again this year." Mrs. Umatta began, "Please rise and tell us a bit about yourself. Lets start with you." She pointed to a boy with a small ponytail that sat purposely surrounded by girls. He gladly stood and began introducing himself.

"My name is Miroku, I was training at a temple until my guardians said I should be more exposed to the world, so here I am."

Mrs. Umatta smiled and said, "Nice to meet you." Then she pointed to Sango, "Your next."

Well my name is Sango and I am from Nagasaki. I grew up there learning about and studying about the ancient profession of my ancestors, demon slaying."

"Wow, I am sure u will have plenty of stories too tell the class."

Sango just shrugged. Kagome gave her a quick smile and Sango blushed. When she looked at Miroku across the class, he was also smiling, but it was a perverted smile. She turned away kind of scared. It was finally time for Kagome's mystery man to explain himself. Mrs. Umatta pointed to him and Kagome turned to look. She listened very intently and watched him stand and lean against his desk. He slowly opened his eyes and began his speech.

"My name is Inuyasha, I'm from the coast. And he said nothing more he just sat down.

Kagome was a little disappointed that he didn't say anything else so she looked away unpleased. Inuyasha didn't notice.

Although Inuysaha had a lot he could have said, but he was forbid too. Inuyasha was better known at the coast as Prince Inuyasha Takahashi, heir to the thrown after his brother Lord Sesshomaru.

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