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Love Fulfilled

Phase 01: The New Bodyguard

No matter how tough she acted, her girlish charms would always come out. She hated the idea of wearing dresses, but she absolutely looks gorgeous in one. She was one feisty blonde, who could be so selfless and understanding to others. Not only was she a soldier, but she was a princess as well. And this hot-tempered girl was the girl of Athrun's dream.

Athrun Zala, a military soldier of ORB, always had a deep crush on Cagalli Yula Athha. Viewing her from a distance and through the television weren't enough to complete his life. He wanted to be closer to her, to watch her and to admire her as much as he can. With high hopes, he joined the ORB Military and became a great soldier. Striving hard, he managed to reach the rank of Lieutenant. But his rank didn't put him anywhere near the princess. He had to keep trying his best in order to become a bodyguard of Cagalli.

One day, Athrun was summoned by the Head Representative of ORB and brother of the princess, Kira Yamato. He got pretty nervous when he arrived at the ORB Parliament House where Kira was at. He wondered what Kira wanted from him. Surely he didn't do anything to upset him... or maybe it was because of...

Am I going to be reassigned? The question popped into his mind as soon as he entered the Parliament House. He had to say that the place was huge- literally. It seemed more like a labyrinth to him.

"Where should I go next?" He glanced around, trying to figure out where he was. Eventually, he realized that he was lost. "Oh man, this is not good. I bet Representative Yamato will kill me for being late." He began imagining Kira as a stern old man, and his imagination gave him the shivers.

Putting that awful thought aside, Athrun decided to ask someone to direct him to Kira's office. But there was a tiny problem... Nobody was even around to help him! Just his luck!

Suddenly he heard footsteps. The sound was getting nearer and nearer. It sounded like someone was running.

Athrun slowly turned at one corner and before he knew it, he was bumped by somebody. He managed to keep himself from falling, but the other person landed straight on her butt.

"Ah... Hey!" he uttered, turning to the person. "Watch where you're going—" He stopped when he recognized the person. It's Cagalli Yula Athha! Athrun screamed in his mind.

"I'm sorry," said Cagalli, staring at the floor, "I was in a hurry." She slowly turned to Athrun with a smile.

Athrun immediately blushed and froze like a statue. What should I do? His hands turned cold the minute she tugged his pants. "Um...eh?" He managed to spit out.

Cagalli looked curiously at him. "Are you all right?" she asked him.

Voice stiff, he said, "Yes, I'm all right." Then he reached out his hand, offering to help her up.

And Cagalli gladly took his hand.

Athrun swore that his face was as red as a tomato. Pull yourself together, Athrun! He told himself twice. He took a deep breath and smiled at the princess. He didn't know that she was as light as a feather, so he hastily pulled her up.

Due to Athrun's force, Cagalli wasn't able to maintain her balance when she was back on her feet, so she ended up leaning on Athrun's chest!

I can't believe this is happening, he thought as he felt the thundering sound of his heart. And he was sure that Cagalli was listening to sound of his heartbeat. Gently, he pushed Cagalli away from him and said, "I'm so sorry."

"That's okay," told Cagalli. "I'm sure you didn't mean it."

"Huh?" murmured Athrun, looking straightly at her golden-brown orbs. He had to admit, Cagalli had wonderful eyes. He wanted to look at them a little more until he realized something. Eyes wide, he saluted and said, "I'm sorry for my rudeness!"

Cagalli giggled at his actions. She lifted her hand and also gave a salute. "I'm also a soldier so it's only proper to do this."

"You don't have to since you're superior to me," Athrun said knowingly.

"Please," stated Cagalli, "don't be so formal. It's just the two of us here."

"You're right but still I should..." Cagalli cut him off by placing a finger on his lips. Athrun could feel his cheeks heating up again.

"No buts, okay?" said Cagalli. Athrun nodded silently.

"Princess Cagalli! Princess Cagalli!" Mana called as she strolled through the other side of the hallways looking for the princess.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Cagalli. "It's her. I have to go hide."

Athrun knew that it was one of the maids, but he wondered why Cagalli became restless when she heard the maid's voice. "Princess, what's wrong?" asked Athrun. But before he could here any answers, he was pulled away by Cagalli.

They ran down the halls and into a room. Then she closed the doors and locked it. Cagalli sighed as she seated herself on a couch. "That was close!"

"Princess, why did you bring me here?" Athrun asked.

"Eh?" Cagalli stood and looked straight at Athrun. "Hey, sorry about that... I kinda panicked back there, so I ended up dragging you along." Cagalli bowed her head at him, showing how sorry she was.

"No, it's quite alright," Athrun said, feeling a bit happy being with the princess. Who wouldn't be happy? You get to see and talk to the girl you admire so much! It was a great opportunity for him to know more about her.

But he just remembered that he still has an appointment with Kira. Oh man, I'm so late. What will Representative Yamato say? I'm sure this will ruin my good record. He scratched his head in frustration as he leaned his back against the wall. "What will I say to Representative Yamato?" he managed to say it out loud.

"So you're the soldier that my brother summoned..." Cagalli approached him, held his hands, and squeezed them gently. "Aren't you a bit late for your meeting?"

Athrun blinked several times as he stared puzzlingly at the blonde. "The truth is," he groaned, "I am."

Cagalli let out a smile that made Athrun felt warm inside. "Don't worry," said Cagalli, "I'll make sure you won't be punished."

Hearing those words urged Athrun to hug her, but he had to control himself. He was just a soldier and she was a princess. She was willing to help him but the question was why? Yet, he didn't dare to question her decision, so he simply nodded and said, "Thank you."

"No problem!" Cagalli said as she released his hands. "By the way, what's your name? I'm sure you already know me."

"My name is Athrun Zala and it's a pleasure to meet you." Athrun politely bowed at her.

"Didn't I tell you that there is no need of formalities?" Cagalli reminded him.

"I forgot," replied Athrun scratching his head. "I'm sorry."

Cagalli grabbed his hand, making Athrun blush again. He tried to avoid eye contact with her, but he felt like being in a trance just by looking at her golden-brown eyes.

"Come on!" exclaimed Cagalli, pulling Athrun to the door. "I'll take you to my brother." She opened the door and went outside without letting go of the blue-haired soldier. She dragged him all the way to Kira's office. "Here we are!"

Athrun could feel a big lump in his throat. He was about to face the Head Representative of ORB, the supreme leader of the Neutral Country. I have a bad feeling about this... he thought, staring nervously at the big oak door. He didn't want to enter, because he couldn't think up of any excuses. He was so sure that he's going to be yelled at.

Cagalli placed her hand on his shoulder, telling Athrun to face her. "I'll explain to Kira why you're late," she said. She had the face that was telling him that everything will be okay.

Without a doubt in his mind, he bestowed his trust to the princess. He swallowed his fear and entered the office. Inside, he saw Kira Yamato standing by the window, obviously staring at the deep blue sky.

"Hey there Kira!" greeted Cagalli, walking up to her twin.

Kira smiled at his sister and greeted her as well. But his smile instantly disappeared when he saw the blue-haired soldier.

Athrun gave him a proper salute. "Good Morning sir, I'm Athrun Zala of..." Before he could finish, Kira immediately butted in. "Do you have any idea what time it is!" Athrun expected that, but he didn't know what to answer. "Well, what's your excuse for your tardiness!" Kira demanded, tapping his fingers on his desk.

"Hold up Kira!" uttered Cagalli, hitting the table with her fist. "It's my fault why he's late."

"What do you mean?" Kira asked curiously.

"I kind of bumped into him in the hallways since I was trying to get away from Mana again, because she wanted me to go to a stupid party again held by that bastard Yuuna. I dragged him with me to a room to hide from Mana," Cagalli explained.

"Wait!" Kira bolted up. "You were alone with him in a room!" Kira got furious.

"I am not yet finished Kira!" added Cagalli. "So there we were in a room and we talked for a while and got acquainted... You know me, I'm the friendly type. Basically all I'm saying is that I'm to blame so don't get mad at him, Kira."

Kira sighed, "Okay I won't..." He placed his hand on her head. Kira started rubbing her head as if she was a little pup. "You're so adorable you know that."

Cagalli immediately backed away from him. She made a fist and glared at him. "Stop that! I'm not some pet!" she yelled. Nobody can ever yell at the Head Representative except for his sister.

Athrun stared at them in amazement. He could sense that Kira cared for Cagalli very much. Their brother-sister relationship reminded him of his younger sister who was also an ORB soldier, a military nurse to be exact.

"Athrun was it?" Kira called out as he turned to Athrun.

"Ye... yes sir!" Athrun replied nervously.

"I summoned you here because I'm appointing you to a new position." Kira intentionally placed his hand on the blonde's head.

Cagalli blinked twice before getting pissed again.

"I'm assigning you to be the bodyguard of my sister," Kira continued as he removed his hand off of her head.

Cagalli's face lightened. "Isn't that great? I'm sure we're going to be great friends!"

Athrun was so surprised that he couldn't even move a muscle. At long last, he was going to be the bodyguard of his beloved princess. He never felt so lucky in his life.

Cagalli pulled his sleeves to get his attention.

Eventually, Athrun snapped back and turned to her. He smiled and said, "I feel honored to be your bodyguard, princess."

"Wait a minute... I have to talk to you in private, Lieutenant Zala." The Representative spoke in a deep voice. He clasped his hands together as he laid his elbows on the desk.

"Why can't I stay and listen!" Cagalli asked.

"Because I said so." He didn't mean to sound cruel, but it was the only way to get the privacy he needed with Athrun. "We won't be long."

She shrugged. "Okay, fine!" she groaned in frustration as she glared at her only brother. "Just call me if you need anything." She spun on her heels and walked out of the room with haste.

Somehow, Athrun felt uneasy with Cagalli gone. I'm alone with the Representative now, he thought, wishing he wasn't strict.

"Are you willing to guard my sister with your life?" Kira asked Athrun all of the sudden.

Athrun nodded slowly. "Of course I am. I know how important she is to ORB and to you."

"Cagalli is the only family I have left, so please protect her at all cost." Kira's face gave a hint of concern and love.

"You have nothing to worry about. I promise you that she will be safe under my care."

Kira leaned his head on his hand and smiled at Athrun. "Oh, by the way, I've noticed that Cagalli is fairly interested in you. That's odd."

Athrun couldn't help but wonder why.

"Do you know Kisaka?" asked Kira.

The blue-haired coordinator nodded for he knew Kisaka very well. He was one of his superiors in the military. He was a man with great vigor and strength. He had the skills of a great leader, making him a dependable commander.

"Well," Kira went on, "Kisaka was once the bodyguard of Cagalli. I don't know how he managed to put up with her every single day." Kira's face darkened.

"What do you mean, sir?" Athrun asked curiously.

"You see, Cagalli thinks she doesn't need a bodyguard. She thinks she can handle herself pretty well." Kira crossed his arms, looking seriously. "As a result she would always ditch Kisaka."

Athrun swallowed hard as he imagined himself in Kisaka's place. The thought of the princess ditching her own bodyguard was rather insane. He hoped his job would go smoothly with Cagalli. I really hope so, he thought.

"When Kisaka got fed up, he resigned from his duty. I can't blame him for that."

"I agree, sir."

"After that, I hired Ensign Asagi Caldwell," Kira continued. "Ensign Caldwell was a smart and organized soldier. I really had faith in her." He let out a deep sigh.

Athrun figured that things didn't go well between Cagalli and Ensign Caldwell.

"Ensign Caldwell gave up her job after a week," he murmured, covering a part of his face with his hand. "She told me that Cagalli was too much for her." Again, he let out a deep sigh.

Athrun was beginning to feel nervous. From what he heard, Cagalli doesn't really get along with her bodyguards. But he made up his mind to protect Cagalli as her bodyguard—even if it means enduring her for all eternity.

Kira rose from his chair and approached the blue-haired coordinator. He placed a palm on his left shoulder and said, "Since she considers you as a friend and she seems to like you, I think there won't be any problems."

"She likes me?" Athrun asked softly, his eyes growing wide.

"So good luck," said Kira, "Lieutenant Zala."

Athrun once again saluted the representative. "Thank you sir!" replied Athrun.

Cagalli was waiting patiently outside... Okay she was losing her patience fast. She marched towards the door and planned to knock it down.

"Princess Cagalli?" muttered Athrun whose eyes widened at the sight of the blonde.

"Finally, you're done! I'm tired of waiting!" Cagalli said. "Come on! We have to get to know each other some more." She tightened her arms around his right arm. Again, she dragged Athrun off in a hurry.

Athrun didn't care if he was being drag around like that just as long he could be with Cagalli, he would do anything.

"Wait till I tell my sister about this..." Athrun thought.

To be continued...

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