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The Other Way Around by Sakura4Life

Chapter 1: Love of My Life

She looked at herself one last time in the mirror. Making sure that every strand of hair was in the right place. Checking if her clothes had no wrinkles on it. Her forehead protector was placed on her head acting as a headband for her long pink hair. Her green eyes and her pink hair just adds up to her beauty, though her large forehead may catch more attention that any of her other aspects. But at least it wasn't as big as it was when she was just a child. All those years of being teased by other kids because of her large forehead still taunted her. Like hell! As if she would let anybody tease her about it again. If anybody with guts would do they'll instantly get one big black eye if they're lucky enough that is.

Finally satisfied by the way she looked, she had left her apartment. She had to go to the ninja academy. Today she was finally gonna meet her team. She was very excited. She greatly hoped that she would belong to the same team with the 'love of her life'. She blushed at the though of it. How wonderful would it be to have him in the same team. Always together day by day; training together and maybe personally teaching her some techniques. Then maybe he would develop some feelings towards her and then he would admit his undying love to her. And on that day they would have their first kiss. It would be perfect. Her blush intensifies. It would be a dream come true.

She continued her walk. Up ahead she saw a blonde her girl in a blue (or was it purple?) dress coming out of a flower shop. Knowing perfectly well who the girl is her good mood suddenly vanished. Her composure still stayed, this was not gonna ruin her day.

The blonde girl saw her and had a grin plastered on her face. "Well, good morning there Sa-ku-ra." The girl said with a smug. Her voice not exactly into the greeting.

"Good morning to you too I-no." Sakura said in the same matter. They walk side by side, they were both calm but words still flowed between the two. The kind that seems innocent enough but still held venom in them. Ino was the first to speak. "Good thing you were able to pass the exam, Sakura. Now you're a Genin. Luck must have really been on your side." She said in a somewhat mocking voice, another smug smile was on her lips. Of course Sakura wasn't gonna stand for it. "It wasn't luck Ino. I'm really just good at this thing." She said in her calm but firm voice. She had remained her composure. This was not gonna ruin her day. They still walk side by side. No other words came from them as they continued there walk. They were slow at first but each step became faster and faster and faster, until they were literally running straight to the ninja academy; dust trailing after them.



The door snapped open revealing two panting female ninjas. "I came first!" They both cried out at the same time. The two glared at each other before going in their separate ways in their class room. Sakura was turning her head from side to side seemingly looking for somebody. Her face brightened and a smile was placed on her face. She hurried to a seat were a certain boy was seating. What luck, the seat beside him was empty. She guessed this wasn't such a bad day after all.

She was about to sit but when suddenly her 'love of her life' stood up and stared at the boy who was seating at the seat at his back. He was staring at the other boy intently. The other boy was somewhat annoyed by his actions told him to get lost.

It looks like they were gonna stay at that position for the whole day. Sakura herself was getting irritated by this. She was going to stop this nonsense herself, she wanted to sit beside her 'love', she had no time for this.

"Ops…sorry." A boy front the front desk of her 'love' had pushed him into the other boy he had been staring at and thus causing them to kiss each other! Both boys were shock as hell!

All of Sasuke's fangirls were screaming in horror! As their Sasuke-kun had been violated. Sakura was also horror struck not because of Sasuke but because of Naruto! The love of her life A.K.A. Naruto had his first kiss and it wasn't her. It was to a boy. For God sakes TO A BOY! 'MY FIRST KISS!' She was screaming in her mind, not just her but also Inner Sakura. 'What the hell TO A BOY?' There goes one of her dreams shattered like glass.

"Naruto! You Baka! Im gonna KILL YOU!" Scream the raven haired boy in shock and anger. But the blonde boy didn't notice him. He was too busy in trying to wipe away whatever poison that kiss could have brought him.

Sakura was too depressed to notice that Sasuke's fangirls were trying to beat Naruto to the pulp. Good thing that Iruka, their class now ex-teacher, came just in time. "Alright class, settle down." All of Sasuke's fan girls had went to their seat but not before giving Naruto death glares.

As much as Naruto didn't wanted to, he had to sit next to Sasuke, considering there were no other seats left. When Sakura heard Iruka talk she had snapped out of her depress stance. She was still lucky at least the seat next to her 'love' is still vacant. So she had seated herself next to him. Sakura tried to concentrate on other things to ward off what had happened earlier. So she had lost one part of her dream, there were still others right? But that was one of the best parts! Oh how she hated this! Why does this have to happen? Maybe it would be better if he had kissed a girl. Now that would be a lot more normal! But to a boy! A boy? A boy? A boy? The love of her life had kissed a boy! At least it was not intentional.

And of all boys it just had to be Uchiha Sasuke A.K.A the human ice cube. That boy doesn't have any emotions! At least that what she thinks. She had known what the Uchiha had gone through. The death of the Uchiha clan because of his brother. She knows that's reason why his like what he is now. She somewhat understands him. Her parents had died when she was only 6 because of a mission given to them by the Hokage. She was all alone since then. She had no friends and the only friend that she had at that time was Ino. But the said girl had broken there friendship all because of a certain raven haired boy. Ino had thought that Sakura had a crush on Sasuke. She had told Ino back then that she had a crush on somebody, but she didn't tell her who it was. Ino was pursuing Sakura to tell her who the guy is. And so…..

Flash back:

"Come on Sakura tell me! Who is he? Who is he?" Ino asked this to Sakura for the 100th time today. Ever since she had told her this morning that she had a crush on somebody she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Ino had been asking all day long.

"Ino-chan, I'm not sure if I should be telling this to you." The girl with pink hair that was probably 7 years old was fidgeting with the hem of her black dress. 'Should I tell her? What if she doesn't like him?'

"Come on Sakura! What are you hesitating about! I'm your friend, promise I won't tell this to anybody." Lifting her right at the level of her head, she had made a promise of friendship to the girl.

Sakura sigh in defeat. Ino was good at this 'making her tell everything' thing. They were in the field of the of the ninja academy. Classes just ended. Sakura looked around if anybody else was there, she wanted to make sure no one else would know. Seeing it was only the two of them in the area, she gathered all her courage. She opened her mouth but no words came out. She was too nervous. She tried again, but still no words came out. Ino was getting frustrated. "Well come on! Tell me! Tell me!"

She tried to think up of a way to let her friend know without making it come out of her mouth. She couldn't use the damn thing. Then it hit her. She knew that her crush would always go to a certain place after class every day, so surely he would be there today.

"I-Ino-chan. I…I can't tell it to you. But there is one way you could find out." She inhaled deeply. "Remember that swing in front of the academy?" Ino nodded her head but she was confused. "You will be able to see him there." With that Sakura ran off to her Apartment. Leaving a confused Ino behind her.

End of Flashback:

By the next day Ino had officially ended their friendship and had deemed them rivals. Sakura was shock to at her friend's decision. What had happened? Well it turns out that it wasn't Naruto that was on the swing that day. Guess who it was? No other than the Uchiha prodigy himself. Ino had thought that her crush was Sasuke and broke their friendship because of it. She knew that Ino had a major crush on the boy. But what on earth had made her think that she would have a crush on him as well. Just because 80 percent of the female population in Konoha is swooning over the Uchiha doesn't mean that she would too. True the boy is very handsome; with his hot onyx eyes and his cool composure any girl would drool all over him. But not her. He was too cold, too impassive and it seems like he doesn't care for anybody at all. He was too self-centered. She didn't like the boy at all. And the incident with Ino just added to her dislike towards the boy.

"Team 7- Uzumaki Naruto-" The said boy cheered as his name was being called. Making Sakura come back to reality. It was Naruto that she likes because of so many reasons.

"Haruno Sakura-" By the said of her name after Naruto's she was at the peek of ultimate happiness. She couldn't hide the smile on her face. Alright! Her dream came true! She was now daydreaming of the possibilities that could occur between the two of them, now that they were in the same team. Her happiness could last forever but-

"And Uchiha Sasuke." Their ex-sensei had had concluded. Sakura's eyes shot open at the name their sensei had said.

"WHAT?" Both Naruto and Sakura screamed in union. This could not be! Being in the same team with the human ice cube! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! This could not be happening! Not the human ice cube! Sakura's mind went haywire. She sat down to her seat trying to consume what just happened.

On the other hand Naruto went wild. He would not put up with this. He will not allow himself to be with the same team with the Uchiha bastard. "What? With that human ice cube! No way, take him to another team!" He demanded pointing his finger accusingly at the Uchiha but looking at his ex-sensei with intense fury.

But Iruka just sighed and remained calm as if he knew this was going to happen. "Naruto, you know I can't do that. Each one of you had been sorted out into each of your team to fit with each other. This decision has been made with the help of the Hokage himself, so you have no right to complain." His ex-sensei said in a voice half filled with authority and half filled with annoyance.

Naruto went back to his seat but not exactly admitting defeat. Sakura looked over at Naruto. She was glad he too didn't want the Uchiha to be in their team. She sighed 'OK Sakura just look on the bright side. You have Naruto in the same team, you should be very happy.' She smiled. 'That's right. I have Naruto, just ignore Sasuke.'

Sasuke was annoyed as always. As if he wanted to be in the same team with that Baka. 'This is gonna be annoying.' Hethought over the situation. He looked over at his only female teammate. His right eyebrow slightly quirked. So this girl didn't want him to be in the same team as him. Weird, this girl would have been screaming in over happiness; giggling with glee, and dancing like an idiot just to know that she would be in the same team as him. Is she a lesbian or something! Sasuke shook that thought out of his head. No way! It couldn't be! She's too pretty to be a lesbo- WTF! What the hell is he thinking about! Like he would care if she's a lesbian. So what if she isn't screaming in glee to know that she's in the same team as he is. Like he cares, it would be better this way. She wouldn't bother him during his training.

Iruka had assigned all of the students to their respective teams. "OK then, your senseis will come to you after a few minutes. By then you will be introduced to each other."

Minutes had passed and all of the other team's senseis came to take them, except for team 7. An hour had passed but their sensei hasn't arrived yet. Another hour but still nothing. And another. "What the hell! Where the heck is that sensei of ours, he should be here by now." Naruto complained loudly. "Shut up dobe." Sasuke hasn't move from his position since Iruka had left. He doesn't seem annoyed at the fact that their sensei is 3 hours late. But the truth is he was screaming like hell in his head because of it, but still remained his cool outer shell. "What did you say bastard!" Naruto screamed at him in reply.

Sakura was making up her mind whether she should break the discussion between the two boys or just sit there and watch the two bicker endlessly. Ok she should stop these two. She didn't want their Jounin sensei to see them at this kind of situation. After all first impressions last, this was not the impression she want their sensei to have in mind for the rest of their lives. "Neh… Naruto-kun maybe we shouldn't be quarreling like this what if jounin-sensei might see us. What would he think of us?" Sakura said in the most calmest voice that he had. She didn't want Naruto to think that she was siding with Sasuke.

Naruto looked at her and then smiled a cheeky smile. Which made Sakura blush madly. 'Oh , my gosh he smiled at me' She screamed in her head.

Inner Sakura: 'What the hell are you talking about! He smiles like that at everybody!' 'But still' Sakura was trying to contradict with her innerself had said. True, Naruto smiles at almost everybody but to her every smile from him was like an escape from the harsh world they were all living in.


Sakura looked to her side and found a tall man with silver hair; wearing a black mask on his face and his forehead protector covering his left eye. The man was covered with chalk. It turned out that while she was thinking over Naruto's smile the said boy had placed a chalk board eraser between the door and the door way. So when the man opened the door the easer had dropped on his head.

"Ha…Capital Punishment for being late. Ha ha can't believe you'd fallen for that." With an immature glint in his eyes Naruto mock the tall man in front of him. "Let me say what's my first impression– I hate you guys." The tall man said casually. Naruto looked at him in disbelieve while Sakura held a worried look on her first. She was afraid that this would happen.




The three rookie Genins were seating on cemented staircase somewhere outside the ninja academy. Sakura tried to sit as close to Naruto as possible which is unfortunately is still 2 meters apart. On the other hand Sasuke seems uninterested of his surroundings. The man with silver hair spoke. "Alright let's introduce ourselves."

At Sakura's left she saw Sasuke just looked at the Jounin with a bored face. She wondered if the boy will ever get interested anything or if there is something his interested in right now. She continued staring at him in her curiosity.

Sasuke felt a pair of eyes staring at him; he looked at his right and caught his only female teammate observing him closely. He saw her look away when he caught her red handed. He snorted. 'Girls, they're all the same.' He thought and went back to listening to the tall silver haired man.

'Damn he caught me. He probably thinks I'm just like any other girl, just drooling over him.' Sakura sighed. She did not want Sasuke to think that she just like his fangirls. Her face slightly frowns at that thought. She saw how Sasuke's fangirls would chase the boy all day just to ask him to either go out on a date with them or to accept their undying love for him. SHE WAS NOT ANYTHING LIKE THOSE GIRLS. Never never never will she be anything like those girls. And most of all she will never ever fall in love with the Uchiha boy. Yep! She will not fall in love with him even though his hot onyx eyes could make you faint, even if his cool composure and widely known smirk can make any girl go gaga in love with him, even if- Sakura shook her head violently. What the heck was she thinking about? Was she mocking him or was it the opposite of that? 'Snapped out of it Sakura! Naruto's the one that you like not Sasuke! It's Naruto Naruto Naruto!' She only stopped in her chanting when she heard their sensei talk.

"Ok then, my name is Hatake Kakashi, I like a lot of things and that's about it. Now it's your turn, you boy with blonde hair." Pointing at Naruto the said boy stood up from the steps.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto, 12 years old. I love to eat ramen and miso's my favorite. My ambition is to be the next Hokage of the village." Naruto said in a laud and proud voice. Kakashi just nodded. "Ok, you boy with black hair. Your next."

Sasuke didn't even stand up like what Naruto did. He just stayed where he was in his introduction. "Uchiha Sasuke, I don't like anything. There are a lot of things I dislike. My goal is to kill a certain man and to revive my clan." He said as he glared coldly at their sensei. 'Mmmmm… as expected.' Kakashi thought. "Now you girl with pink hair, what's your name?" he pointed at Sakura.

"Uh… My name is Haruno Sakura. My ambition is to be a good shinobi to make my parents proud. Uhh…" she blushed intently before continuing. "There's a certain somebody that I like and I love him with all my heart." She finished. Naruto and Kakashi stared at the girl by what she said. Sakura turned at Sasuke to avoid their gaze, but not actually looking at the boy. Sakura saw Sasuke snorted at her. What the- did he thought that he was the guy she was talking about just because she had looked at him! The nerve of him! Who does he think he is to think of such a ridiculous thing! Sasuke turned back to Kakashi after giving her a disgusted glare. 'Fine think of whatever you wanna think. I don't care anymore.' Now she was sure than ever. She does not like the Uchiha at all.

"Now we're done for the day. Meet me at training area number 5. At 5 in the morning and don't eat breakfast, that's an order." With that Kakashi disappeared with a puff of smoke.

"What that's it! He made us wait for three hours for that!" Naruto stood up from the steps and had a deep frown on his face. He was not happy. "Shut up, dobe." Sasuke said again to him. Naruto was about to retort Sasuke by what is said. He opened his mouth ready to call the Uchiha a bastard like before.

"Naruto-kun is not a dobe!"

The two boys instantly turned their heads to the source of the sound and found their only female teammate standing on the spot. They were in disbelieve, was she really the one who said that!

Sakura herself was surprise by her action, but decided to stand up for it. She was not going to let that Uchiha talk to her 'love' like that especially in front of her.

Was Sasuke's ears deceiving him. Did a girl just retort against him by what he had said! Unbelievable, no way, impossible. The Uchiha was a bit surprise- ok so he really was surprise by this, but he didn't show it. There was a first in everything and this was the first time a girl had retorted against him. The great Uchiha prodigy. He thought that this girl had a crush on him, wasn't he the one she was referring to earlier? Then why is she defending the dobe like that? What the? Why is he so bothered by this? He shouldn't care less. Sasuke still remained impassive; he showed that he was not affected by this at all. He placed his hands in his pockets and continued to stare at Sakura.

Naruto was shock for a moment but then a huge foxy grin was plastered on his face. "Did you hear that Sasuke-teme? I'm not a dobe! Sakura-chan said it herself! Isn't that right Sakura-chan?" After facing Sasuke with his newly gain triumph he then faced Sakura. Sakura was again surprise, Naruto just called her with the suffix –chan. That only means one thing he's now thinking of her as someone close to him. She smiled shyly before replying. "H-Hai, Naruto-kun." She said reassuringly. Naruto turned back to Sasuke with another triumphant grin on his face. 'Ha! In your face bastard.'

"Hmp… Whatever dobe. I'm leaving." Sasuke turned and left the two behind.

"Ha! Can't admit defeat huh?" Naruto was still grinning over his victory over the Uchiha but then turned to Sakura who was still surprise on the situation. "Neh Sakura-chan thanks for standing up for me on that bastard." He said still smiling at her. Sakura looked down, not able to face him and fidgeted with her dress she then faced Naruto directly. "It was nothing Naruto-kun, he had no right to talk to you that way any how." She said and smiled her sweetest smile. Things were going perfectly. She was right. She should just ignore Sasuke, Naruto was now noticing her. "Neh… Sakura-chan do you wanna eat ramen with me!" Naruto invited all of the suddenly.

Sakura stared at him with wide eyes. Did he just ask her out on a date? 'Inner Sakura: Hell yeah!' "Su-sure thing Naruto-kun, I would love to!" She said very happily, she could believe how great this day was turning out. "Let's go then." Naruto said in a more enthusiastic voice. So they walk side by side to Ichiraku.

They were just too occupied with each other to notice a pair of onyx eyes that were glaring at them somewhere amongst the trees.


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I made Sakura an orphan in this fic so she would understand what the things Naruto and Sasuke went through in being an orphan. I also gave Sakura an advantage in being a ninja. No she has no bloodline, she is still an ordinary Konoichi but not as weak as she was in the series. You'll find out latter on. Oh yeah, one more thing was the swing at the back of the academy or at the front, please tell cant quiet remember.

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